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"What's the plan?" Sarah asks.

"Okay, so I'm going to kick the door down." Six looks at me. "You'll grab a gun, there should be one around somewhere. Sarah, stick with Mark. I'll find Setrakus."

"Got it." I say, and Sarah nods, her blonde hair in her face.

"Okay. You ready?"

We both nod and Six kicks the door as hard as she can. It dents but it doesn't go down.

She hits the wall in frustration. "It's going to take a few tries."

She kicks it again and again until finally it collapses. "Let's go."

Sarah and I turn left, down a corridor and hide behind a wall. Sirens have started to go off and people are running around with guns. I hit one in the back of the head and grab their gun. It's a Mog cannon.

I hear a noise and I turn. Sarah is unconscious on the ground and an FBI agent is picking her up.

"Hey!" I yell, and shoot him in the face.

He yells and drops her. Sarah's head makes a cracking sound on the hard concrete and I wince. It's probably going to damage her brain.

"Oh, shit." I run over to here and sigh in relief when I realise that she's breathing. But that relief leaves me almost instantly when I see her head. It doesn't look too bad, but that cracking sound can only mean one thing. If she doesn't get help soon, she'll die. Maybe she'll die anyway.

I pick her up and throw her over my shoulder. I don't know what I'm going to do, but I can't let her die.

I hear a noise so I take the opposite corridor, this one on the right. It's dark and I can't see much, but maybe I can hide here.

I'm about to sit down when I pause. I'm sure I heard something.

I hear it again. It sounds like a disturbance or something. It sounds like a fight.

That can only really mean one thing. The Garde are here. I sigh in relief. Maybe they can help Sarah, who's still unconscious.

I follow the sound until I come to another dark corridor. I hear whispers and then, when my eyes begin to adjust, I see silhouettes of people.

"It's two humans." I hear a girl say.

"FBI?" A guy growls.

"I don't think so. One of them is unconscious, I think."

"Hello?" I say hesitantly.

"Mark?" Another guy says, and turns a flashlight on.

It's John.

"John?" I step forward. He sees Sarah, and the colour drains from his face.

"Marina, I need you to heal her." He says, and lifts Sarah from my shoulders.

Marina, the girl who talked before, glances at me. "What's the injury?"

"Uh, she hit her head. Hard. On the concrete." I pause. "I heard a crack."

She sighs. "John, it's not going to work straight away. She'll be healed but she won't wake up immediately."

John nods. "I know." He kisses Sarah on the forehead.

My stomach twists with jealousy and I fight the urge to walk away.

Marina places her hands on Sarah's head and concentrates. I can see something happening, and then Marina sits back up. Sarah doesn't move.

"That's all I can do." She says, looking tired. "It takes a lot of energy."

A guy with dark curly hair grins. "Nice job, Marina."

She blushes, I think. Just a little. "Thanks, Eight."

"This is Nine." John says, pointing to a guy with long-ish black hair. "Nine, meet Mark."

"So this is Mark." Nine says, grinning.

"And this is Marina, who's Number Seven, Eight, and Ella, who's Number Ten."

"Ten?" I ask. "I thought there were nine of you guys?"

"Long story. Actually, we're looking for Six. Have you seen her?" Marina says worriedly.

"Yeah, she went off to fight Setrakus a while ago." I say.

"What? That's my fight!" Nine says indignantly.

John laughs. "Maybe you can get a piece of him for yourself if we hurry."

He picks up Sarah and nods to me. "Thanks, Mark."

"Can you guys find her?"

"I can." Ella says. She closes her eyes for a second. "Follow me."


Ella weaves through the corridors, down another one and stops in front of a door. By this time Sarah's opened her eyes and she blinks, confused.

John pulls her aside and starts talking to her gently.

"So Six is in here?" I ask.

Ella nods. "I can feel it. I don't know why it's so quiet though."

I shrug. "Maybe it's soundproof."

"Come on, guys. Let's get this party started!" Nine kicks the door open and bursts into the room.

"It's over." Six says, standing in the middle of the room with a sword.

"You mean you did it?" Marina asks, amazed.

"Setrakus Ra is dead." Six grins, but it doesn't reach her eyes.

Something's wrong. I can see Ella senses it too.

Eight runs forward and hugs Six.

"Eight – wait!" Ella screams as Six draws her sword.

She stabs him in the stomach. The sword protrudes from his back.

Marina screams and runs towards him. "Six? Why would you do that?"

Six starts shaking, as if she's having a seizure, and all of a sudden, she's not Six anymore.

She's Setrakus Ra.