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It's pandemonium. Everyone goes into defence mode at once, except Marina, who's frozen where she stands.

Nine runs towards Six – no, Setrakus Ra – and starts to battle him. Setrakus laughs as Nine whips out his Pipe staff.

Marina hasn't moved yet. "Marina, help Eight!" I yell, running towards her. "You can still save him!"

She blinks, and nods, hurrying over to Eight. I run with her, and kneel next to him. The wound is severe. Eight's breathing, but he hasn't got long. Marina places her hands on his chest.

"Eight?" She says softly. His green eyes find her dark brown ones, and he smiles slightly. "Listen to me. You're going to make it."

"Marina... Six tried to..." Eight shudders.

"Shh." She says. "That wasn't Six. It was Setrakus Ra."


"I'll explain later." She presses her hands harder into his wound, and he winces. "Mark, it's not working." Her voice becomes panicked.

"Breathe, Marina. You can do it. Relax." I say calmingly and she nods slowly, relaxing.

"I believe in you, Marina..." Eight coughs. "You can do it. I trust you."

She looks into his eyes, and kisses him. Right on the mouth. While Eight blinks in surprise, I see his wound start to disappear as Marina heals him.

She sits back, looking tired but ecstatic. I smile at her and stand.

"What was that for?" Eight says, still looking dumbfounded. I laugh at his surprise. I figure that this is their first kiss, but anyone paying attention can tell that they've liked – maybe even loved – each other for a while.

"Hey, there's no time like the present, right?" She says, pulling him up so they're both standing.

"That's true." He says and leans in, kissing her.

I move away so they can have their moment.

John is fighting his hardest against the Mogs. Six is nowhere to be found. Nine is a blur, fighting Setrakus, but still he's no match. Ella is missing; so is Sarah.

"Eight, Marina! We need your help!" John yells, but he's smiling.

Eight runs up to me, a little red in the face, but grinning widely. He nods at me. "Thanks. For calming her down."

"Dude, you did all that, and you were dying. Nice." I grin back at Eight and slap him on the back. "Are you guys a thing now, or...?"

Eight hands me a sword and I slice a Mog in half. "I don't know. I hope so." He smiles again, and transforms into a massive beast, roaring and ripping Mogs to pieces. And then, he returns to his normal self, looking confused.

"My Legacies. They're not working." He says. I turn, and realise John and Nine have experienced the same problem. Nine, who was on the roof a second before, is on the ground, but John seems to have caught him.

"Now you shall see what it is like to be powerless against your mortal enemy!" Setrakus yells triumphantly, and strikes Nine with his whip. It hits Nine right in the face, and he screams loudly.

"What's going on?" Marina yells, as she judo flips a Mog, before punching it so hard it turns to ash. Badass chick.

"Setrakus took our Legacies!" Eight yells back to her, while kicking some Mogs back. They're going to get overwhelmed soon without their powers. But there's no way to get them back.

Ella and Sarah run back inside. They're planning something, I can tell.

"Get back outside!" John yells frantically to Sarah.

She shakes her head. Ella sprints and throws a glowing red rock at Setrakus, who roars in pain and spurts black goo from where it hit him. Gross.

Suddenly, John's hands light up again. Their Legacies are back. Whatever Ella did, it worked.

The Garde begin to fight harder, knowing that they can win. Wherever the FBI were, they're not here now. Probably too scared to take all of the Garde on. Well, all of them with the exception of Five.

Setrakus Ra seems to realise that if he continues to fight the Garde right here, right now, he will lose. So, he disappears. Left in the dust, is Six, who looks furious.

"Six?" Marina says warily. Not wanting to get killed, I guess.

"I'm going to kill him." Six says furiously.

"You're okay!" Ella shouts, laughing. "What happened?"

"He trapped me in this black rock crap and then turned into me. He said 'for me to be you, you have to stay alive. But only for now.' And then, you guys came in, but I couldn't move to help you."

"Where did that shit face go?" Nine swears, and cracks his knuckles. "Coward!"

"We have to escape." I say. "Before they come back, and they will come back. They won't just abandon this base. It has all of their research, plus it takes time to build."

"Should we destroy it?" Marina asks.

"No." John says. "It'll only bring them back after us. Leave it all, we're going to escape while we can."

"I hate running." Nine growls. "But soon we won't have to. Let's get out of here."

"Okay. Mark?" Six asks.


"Come with us. You can learn to fight."


We run through different corridors and finally come close to the exit when I hear footsteps. Heavy footsteps – Mogadorian footsteps.

"Guys..." I say, and then I'm shot in the back. It's by a Mog cannon and this one has paralysed me, so that I can't move. I know it's only a temporary paralysis but I know that I'm not going to escape.

I'm shot again, and again, this time by bullets. I cry out as one hits my side, and the other my arm.

"Mark!" Marina screams and rushes towards me.

I think of Marina and Eight, about how they look at each other, about how they'll have a future together. Marina going to heal me will only put her and the others in danger. I know what I have to do.

"No! Go!" I yell. "Leave me! I'll only slow you down!"

"I can heal you!" Marina cries and Six puts a hand on her shoulder.

"It's harsh, but Mark's right. We can't fight here. We have to run."

"John." I cough out, who's standing with them. "Take care of Sarah. Don't let her get hurt."

He nods. "I will. Don't give up. Keep fighting them. We'll be back for you."

"Absolutely. Now, go!"

The Garde run through the doors and into the light while an FBI agent picks me up and drags me into another cell.

"Boy, you are in for a world of pain." He says, almost sympathetically, shutting the door.