I wrote this as if it were during the time that Eren was staying with them in the castle, and of course, before Levi's squad's death *sadface*. I absolutely love LevixPetra and the idea of them being parental figures to Eren is, like... awwwww :3


Eren's tanned skin was grazed with flecks of black dust from wiping over the same window ledge for hours. He had been on his feet too long to carry on any longer, and the repeated swiping sound coming from Petra's broom behind was beginning to make him feel dizzy.

Stumbling back ajar, he dropped slowly to his knees, gritting his teeth.

Bastard, he'd thought. Some Captain. Kicking the shit out of him then expecting an immaculately clean castle? His thoughts were interrupted.


Two emeralds gazed up to the sound of a soothing tone, the motherly sound pulling at the young boy's heart strings. Petra smiled, her honey locks neatly tucked behind one ear, her perfectly straight teeth gleaming a friendly smile down at him. No wonder the corporal seemed to favour her - she was absolutely efficient in every way.

"Uh?" He muttered, a little lost in her sweet demenour.

"Don't think him unkind for this, believe me. He cares for you,"

Eren raised an eyebrow slightly, confused by her words, although he was aware she was referring to Captain Levi. He looked down at his dirtied knees and for a moment wondered how bruised the skin underneath would be later that night.

"Cares for me?" He pondered.

Petra stood up straight and leant both her petite hands against the broom she was sweeping with. She was still smiling, though it was more of a thoughtful smile now, her voice hushed to a gentle whisper.

"Think of it as raising a child, and needing to teach that child disciplinary and the house rules." Her hazelnut eyes sparkled with something then Eren had noticed, but he wasn't quite sure. In his mind, he thought Petra seemed almost a little too fond of her captain. However, her words left a soft touch somewhere deep inside.

He looked down again at nothing in particular, then smiled. A genuine one.

"Thank you, Petra..."

"Oi!" Came an authorative voice.

Petra giggled to herself, quickly turning her back to the door and began to sweep the floor again, pretending she had never even spoke. She was well aware her captain had most likely heard everything.

"Slacking off, are we? Get off your knees," Levi ordered as he strode into the dusty room, pulling the cloth around his mouth down.

"Y-Yes, sir!" Eren rose, his knees aching as the muscles stretched out and the bones popped.

Levi pushed himself further into the room so that he was fully facing the younger man. "Don't just stand there. Go and clean the dungeon. You'll be sleeping there tonight," his grey eyes pierced into Eren's soul, no sign of a joke on his face.

The young brunette obeyed then with a firm nod, his eyes falling to the ground to avoid the corporal's harsh stare. He left the dusty room hurriedly and headed for the dungeon in hopes if he did a good enough job, he wouldn't have to sleep there. All the way, Eren began thinking over Petra's words.

Raising a child... Like father and son...

Levi stayed alert until Eren's footsteps were no longer heard in the distance. He turned his attention to the lady beside him, happily sweeping away, a mischevious smile on her face.

"You'd make a wonderful mother," he had input, sound enough for her to hear quite clearly. As she stopped sweeping, Levi turned and left the room just as calmly as he had entered. Petra smiled, a flush of pink tinting the bridge of her nose and cheekbones. Under her breath, she replied to herself.

"And you're a kind man..."