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Love has a voice of it's own

Amemiya Taiyou

You had just woken up and walked downstairs to have breakfast, you hadn't said anything yet but when you came downstairs you said: ''Ohayou!'' to greet your mother, your father had already left for work.

Oww, you noticed that your throat hurt a lot when you talked, it was so painful. Maybe it'd be better if you wouldn't talk anymore for the rest of the day, so that the pain might go away.

''Ohayou [F/n], have you slept well?''

You nodded and said to your mother: ''My throat hurts a lot.''

That was the last thing you would say today, unless destiny would play some cruel trick on you.

''Maybe it's best if you don't talk anymore for the rest of the day.''

You rolled your eyes, like you hadn't thought of that yourself.

''Try communicating with your phone if it's necessary.''

That was one thing you hadn't thought of yet and now you didn't have to think of it anymore, because your mother had thought of it for you.

You sat down and started to prepare a bowl of cereal for your breakfast. After preparing you started eating, you loved the taste of the sugared cereal and the milk together, it made the milk very sweet.

After you finished your breakfast, you took your bag and headed out of the door without saying a word to your mother. As soon as you had walked out of your front garden and reached the street, you heard someone call out to you.

''Ohayou [F/n]-chan!''

You knew who it was, Amemiya Taiyou, the boy who always accompanied you to school and your best friend. You liked Taiyou a lot because of the nice, warm aura he radiated, whenever you were down he always managed to cheer you up.

You turned your head to see him running up to you, his was face a mixture of worry and anger and you were pretty sure you knew the reason for that expression.

Every morning you would greet Taiyou back, after he called out to you, but today you didn't. It must've made him think you were mad at him.

''Aren't you going to say anything back to me?''

You simply shook your head at this, you couldn't explain. Taiyou wouldn't settle for you just shaking your head, so you took out your phone and started to type.

''Have I done something wrong?'' Taiyou asked. You shook your head again while typing.

''Then what is it?''

You were done typing and showed Taiyou your phone.

My throat hurts, talking hurts, you've done nothing wrong Taiyou-kun.

''Phew, sore throat, you can't talk, huh?'' You nodded.

''And you're going to communicate with your phone all day?''

You started typing again.

Well, that was the idea, unless you have some different genius idea.

''As a matter of fact, I do. How about letting me talk for you?''

I'm not sure if that's such a good idea.

''Aw, c'mon, we're best friends right? Who would know better what's going on inside your head than me?'' You knew you couldn't argue with his logic, why was he always right?!

I guess you're right, and it wouldn't hurt to try, right? You typed.

''That's the spirit'' Taiyou said with a big smile, ''now shall we go to school?''

You nodded, you couldn't be too late.

And so you and Taiyou started walking, but in silence. It had never been so quiet with the two of you together, it almost started to feel awkward.

You soon had reached Arakumo Gakuen and you and Taiyou went inside, only to be greeted there by Norishige Bando, the most popular boy in Arakumo.

''Ohayou [F/n]-chan!''

You couldn't believe Norishige was actually talking to you, he was very cool and popular and you were pretty average, not special, but a real sweetheart. Although he talked directly to you, it kind of annoyed you that he completely ignored the person who was standing right next to you, your best friend Taiyou. Despite this you produced a big smile.

''Ehm… [F/n], there's something I've been wanting to tell you for a long time.'' Norishige seemed more nervous than you had ever seen him, but you wouldn't really know, because you never actually saw him nervous.

But did you hear this right? It almost sounded like he was going to confess to you, but that was impossible right? You were just regular and he was very popular, there was no way he saw something in someone like you.

You cocked your head to the side, apparently this encouraged Norishige to go on.

''I like you, a lot, but I didn't have to courage to say it to you before. [F/n], will you go out with me?''

You couldn't believe what you just heard, were your ears playing some sort of trick on you? Did Norishige really ask you out? You, of all the girls in the school, he chose you. You were flattered, really, and as you looked in Norishige's eyes a dream formed in your head. A dream of you becoming his girlfriend. But that dream was easily shattered by one word.


You heard the sound of someone saying no, was that you? Did you really say no to Norishige? You realized it wasn't your voice you heard, your throat hurt, so you couldn't talk. You realized this as Taiyou suddenly stood protective in front of you.

''I didn't ask you something orange-head!'' Norishige snarled at Taiyou, ''I was talking to the lovely lady who is standing behind your back, I'm sure she can answer for herself.''

''And I'm sure she can't, she has lost her voice you know.'' You froze at Taiyou's words, because his response was pretty accurate, you couldn't talk so you couldn't answer Norishige's question.

Norishige seemed surprised by this, but didn't back down, he tried to get past Taiyou, but it didn't work, everywhere he tried to get past, Taiyou was there.

Taiyou started talking again; ''Now go away, [F/n]-chan obviously doesn't want to go out with you, otherwise she would've tried to get past me by now.''

With Taiyou standing in front of you like this, you hadn't realized it actually was an option to get past him, but just as you unfroze and wanted to get past Taiyou, Norishige gave up.

''Fine, I'll leave'', but before he left, he turned his gaze to you and said ''I never knew you're friend was this protective, it almost looks like you two are dating.''

After saying this Norishige left, leaving you Taiyou standing in the hallways, Taiyou still in front of you.

You were mad at Taiyou, really mad, you wanted to scold him for turning down Norishige without your permission. And so you did, you didn't care that you could actually lose your voice if you scolded him, all you wanted was to let him know how you felt at the moment.

''Taiyou!'' You shouted at him, hurting your throat a lot.

''[F/n], why are you talking?!'' Taiyou turned around, surprised.

You ignored his question and went on with your scolding. ''How can you say such a thing to Norishige! I thought you knew me, I thought you knew I would say yes. You can't just decide something like this, you can't decide who I want to date!''

You were glad that was out, even thought it had hurt a lot, but there was one last thing you had to say to Taiyou.

''You betrayed me Tai-''

You couldn't finish your sentence, because no sound left your throat, you had truly lost your voice at this point. Taiyou's eyes widened at noticing you couldn't say anything, while trying very hard to do so. But it didn't matter to you, his concern wouldn't change your feelings.

You felt betrayed by Taiyou, you were betrayed by your best friend, the one person you knew best and who should've known you best betrayed you. You felt yourself sadden at this thought, you were sinking deeper in deeper in this feeling and you were at the verge of crying.

So you ran away, you wouldn't let this traitor see you crying, Taiyou's trying to comfort you would only make things worse. You knew this, you also knew that Taiyou would come after you, so you went to the only place in school where he couldn't follow you.

As soon as you reached this place you hurriedly opened up the door and walked inside, there you opened the door closest to you and locked it. You put the toilet seat down to sit on it and the tears started running down your cheeks and then to your chin and eventually they fell on your skirt, leaving dark spots behind.

You didn't measure the time you were in there, the only thing you felt was betrayal, but one thing you knew for sure, you wouldn't forgive that Taiyou that easily.

By the time you stopped crying, you still felt hurt, but the tears had stopped coming, so you decided to leave the toilet and go to class. You weren't in much of a hurry, you'd be late anyway, so you took your time to examine yourself in the mirror. Your eyes were all red from crying and there were red streams across your face, the traces of your tears, but you didn't care.

You stepped out of the toilet only to be greeted by a very familiar person. Amemiya Taiyou.

''[F/n], please let me explain''

You tried to get past Taiyou to get to class, you didn't want to hear his explanation. But you couldn't get past, Taiyou grabbed your wrist and pulled you towards him. Your face was inches from his, if you leaned in, your lips would touch.

You struggled, tried to break free, but instead of being able to free your wrist, Taiyou grabbed your other wrist as well and pinned you against the wall, his face was inches from yours. You tried to break free again, but Taiyou was too strong for you. In the position you were in you had no choice but to listen to what Taiyou had to say.

''[F/n], I'm sorry, you were right, I do know you and I know you would've said yes, so I'm sorry I said no to Norishige for you.'' Taiyou's grip on your wrists weakened a little as he said this.

''I guess I said that because… when it comes to you [F/n], I'm very selfish and possessive! I didn't want to lose you to a guy like Norishige!''

Taiyou's hands had let go of your wrists, but you didn't move, you were overwhelmed by Taiyou's words and feelings. You stood frozen as you tried to figure everything out in your head.

''I give up'' Taiyou muttered.

Suddenly Taiyou's face inched closer to yours and before you knew it, Taiyou's lips were on yours. His lips felt warm as they heated your lips, it was a nice warmth, like the sun warming your skin on a summer day. The warmth of Taiyou's lips melted al your feelings of betrayal like the sun melted snow.

You instinctively kissed Taiyou back and you felt Taiyou's warmth spread through your body, making your skin tingle. His lips tasted like the sun, you didn't know how this was possible, but it was the only way you could describe it.

As your lips moved along with Taiyou's, you noticed you liked the feeling of Taiyou's lips on yours, it was like you had been waiting for this all along and now you finally had it. If you were waiting for something like this, did that mean you...? You knew the answer immediately, yes, you loved Taiyou, your best friend. In fact you had known it all along, you were just to ignorant to see it.

Taiyou's lips moved from yours and you felt like you wanted more, but you were unable to voice your desire.

''I'm sorry [F/n], I was caught up in the moment and-''

You wouldn't let Taiyou make excuses for loving you, so you silenced him with a kiss, once again tasting his lips. This time, it was you who pulled back, knowing that if you went on, you wouldn't have been able to stop kissing Taiyou.

''I love you [F/n]'' Taiyou sounded very serious and you could see in his eyes that he meant it. You felt so happy.

''And judging by that kiss, I'd say you love me as well.'' You could see that his eyes were serious, but a smile was playing on his lips. You wished you could tell Taiyou how much you really loved him, but being unable to do so, you kissed him again.

You kissed him knowing that, no matter what would be coming your way, with Taiyou by your side as a sun to brighten up your day, you knew you could face anything. And the first thing you had to face was your sensei, because you were definitely too late for class.


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