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Here it finally is! My 9174 words Namikawa x Reader. I hope the length makes up a little for the while it took me to write it, this is probably my longest story so far and OMG O.o Originally this wasn't meant to be this long, I just got super excited for it and new ideas just kept coming, so well that's what happened. Anyway, on the the disclaimer, Namikawa, you're up!

Namikawa: Akane-chan doesn't own Inazuma Eleven, otherwise Konoho would never have rejected Kusaka, and she obviously doesn't own you either.

Please enjoy!

Conquer and Protect

Namikawa Rensuke

''Pass! Pass!''

Etsuya Umehara, the team captain, shouted his directions to the rest of his teammates while you were preparing everyone's drinks.

''Minna! Let's have a break!'' Etsuya shouted again and everyone came to the bench, you handed everyone their drinks.

''Arigatou [F/n]!'' Tadayoshi Watanabe, your strongest defender, said.

You felt really happy you could help out, the team was training really hard to beat their next opponent, Kaiou Gakuen. The Dowa Eleven were really strong though, but it's always good to practice.

Suddenly you felt a dark presence coming from the field and a shiver went down your spine. You turned around to look at whatever or whoever was on the field of Dowa Chugakko.

On the field stood a boy with steel-blue hair and a thin dark blue headband. He had a scar that ran across his left eye. The boy wore a slightly tannish white shirt, lined with red stripes and navy blue shorts, around his waist he wore a red sash. With his attire he looked a lot like a pirate, but the yellow captain's band gave away that he was part of a soccer team. You couldn't understand why, but the boy looked somehow familiar.

''Who are you?'' Etsuya shouted out towards the person standing on the field.

''Heh'' the boy on the field said, ''if you're asking who I am, that obviously means you haven't studied your enemies well enough.''

''What do you mean by that?'' Tadayoshi said.

Then it hit you, the boy on the field looked so familiar, because he was the captain of the team you would be playing against next.

''You're Namikawa Rensuke, the captain from Kaiou Gakuen aren't you?'' You said to the boy standing on the field.

''Heh, so the girl knows who I am, guess not everyone on your team is so ignorant'' He replied, obviously stating he was really Kaiou Gakuen's captain.

''You know him?!'' Etsuya exclaimed.

''Of course I do, I researched Kaiou Gakuen yesterday, I was going to tell you about them after practice.'' You replied to your captain.

''Well there's no need to do that now'' Namikawa said as he walked up to us.

''Why are you here?'' Etsuya said.

''I'm here to tell you to forfeit the match, because there's no way you'll win from us!'' Namikawa said.

''Don't get so full of yourself!'' Etsuya shouted, ''we of Dowa Eleven won't be easily beaten, we're very strong!''

''I'm well aware of your strength, but it just isn't enough. Why do you think you haven't gotten a score order yet? Because we will crush you!'' Namikawa said, full of confidence.

You clenched your fists, it was true that you hadn't gotten a score order yet, but you hadn't sought anything behind it and now this pirate comes here, telling you that you are not strong enough.

''Heh, the girl's looking pretty angry, wonder what's gotten into her?'' Namikawa said as he walked over to you.

''Don't you dare touch [F/n]!'' Etsuya said as he went to stand protectively in front of you.

''Don't stand in my way!'' Namikawa said as he shoved Etsuya aside, he was now standing right in front of you. He reached out his hand towards your face and he forcefully grabbed your chin.

''Upset because I made fun of your little captain and his weak team?'' Namikawa said while peering into your face. You clenched your jaw and turned your head to get away from his grip.

''Feisty huh? I like strong-willed girls'' he seductively said.

''You will never get [F/n]!'' Etsuya shouted, ''she wouldn't want to be with a guy like you even if you were the last person on earth.''

You stiffened, what Etsuya said was true, but he shouldn't have said it like he owned you. It was true that Etsuya liked you a lot, he saw you every day since you were neighbors and you went to the same school, but sometimes Etsuya really acted like he owned you, even though he always was a nice guy.

''Is that really true?'' Namikawa said as he turned his face to you again.

''Yes'' you said, ''it's true, you are the kind of guy I despise.'' You almost spat out the last words.

''Well in that case,'' Namikawa said as he turned his head to Etsuya again, ''I guess we can make a deal. If you really are as strong as you claim to be and you will beat us in the upcoming match, then I'll let you have the girl. But… if you lose, the girl is all mine. So do we have a deal?''

Etsuya swallowed as he was taking this all in and considering Namikawa's offer, before saying: ''We have nothing to gain from that deal, so I'll decline.''

''But I forgot to mention'' Namikawa said, ''if you decline, I will tell Fifth Sector that you're forfeiting the match.''

You clenched your fists again, this guy was just pure evil and you loathed him.

''And why would they believe you?'' Etsuya said.

''They don't have to believe what I tell them, quite the contrary'' Namikawa replied, ''they will know I'm lying, but they will still make your forfeiting the match official, because I'm a Seed.''

You clenched your fists even tighter, because if Namikawa put it like that, there really was no way to decline the offer if you didn't want to lose before the match even started. You hated it, because Namikawa and Etsuya were actually making a deal as if it didn't involve a human being, as if it didn't involve you. You knew Etsuya wouldn't decline anymore, because he wouldn't make the team lose before they even got a chance to play.

''Fine'' Etsuya sighed, ''we'll accept the deal and if we lose, [F/n] is all yours.''

''See you on Saturday then'' Namikawa said to Etsuya before turning his head in your direction once more and saying: ''And I'll be seeing you all the days after that as well.''

And after saying that, Namikawa turned around and walked of the Dowa Eleven grounds without saying another word.

''I hate that guy!'' Tadayoshi said, ''how can he just do something like this?!''

''It will be alright guys'' you said, ''I believe in you, there's no way you would lose to him right! You are the Dowa Eleven and you will beat Kaiou Gakuen and that obnoxious captain of them!''

''That's right'' Etsuya shouted, ''we won't lose [F/n] and so we will win the match! Let's get back to practice!''

Etsuya's cheer got the whole team enthusiastic again and they all went back to practice. You wished them the best of luck and you hoped they would win Saturday's upcoming match.

The Dowa Eleven put everything they had into practice that week, with as reason not losing you and winning against Kaiou Gakuen. You were happy to see everyone trying so hard and doing their best, it got you fired up as well.

On Friday, during afternoon practice, Etsuya walked up to you and you handed him his drink.

''We will win tomorrow's match [F/n], I will win tomorrow's match, for you.''

You were taken aback by Etsuya's words, he was talking like he owned you again. You had heard from some people around school that Etsuya liked you, as in liked-liked you, but you wouldn't believe it, but his way of speaking was pointing in that direction.

You still managed to produce a smile, even though you were actually pretty upset with Etsuya. You had been thinking the last couple of days, how you ended up in a situation like this and it only led you to believing that this all was Etsuya's fault. He was the one who challenged Namikawa by saying you would never go out with a guy like Namikawa, you might have admitted that was true, but it was Etsuya who had begun. So you couldn't help but blame him for this and you suddenly felt like you had to let this frustration out so you said to Etsuya: ''Yeah, you'd better win.''

This time it was Etsuya's turn to be taken aback.

''Why would you say such a thing?'' He said.

''Why, why?!'' you exclaimed, ''this is all your fault to begin with, you're the one who just had to challenge Namikawa!'' You were actually shouting now, so that everyone on the field could hear you.

''Well you're the one who admitted what I said!'' Etsuya was now shouting as well.

''At least I didn't start it!'' You shouted back and after saying that you angrily walked past Etsuya and off the field. You didn't want to talk to him anymore right now.

''You know what'' Etsuya shouted in your direction, ''maybe we should just lose tomorrow's match, so that that pirate dude can have you, at least I'll be rid of you then!'' You turned around after hearing this, he should not have said that.

''Nothing would make me happier!'' You shouted back, ''because it would mean I didn't have to look at your face anymore!'' You saw a glint of hurt on Etsuya's face before you turned around again, but you didn't care, you didn't want to see any part of him at the moment, so you walked straight home.

As soon as you reached your home you went straight to your room to lay on your bed. You started to think, what you had said to Etsuya wasn't nice and not even all of it was true, but sometimes he could be such a jerk. You've had fights before, but none as serious as this one. You started to feel guilty about what you had said to Etsuya, especially about saying that it would make you happy if they lost. You thought everything over and over before deciding you should be the one to apologize before tomorrow's match.

On the day of the match you walked through the hallways of the stadium, towards the boys changing room, you hadn't talked to Etsuya yet, since he wouldn't sit next to you during the bus ride to Kaiou Gakuen.

You were now looking for him, letting your eyes slide across the walls, looking for the way to the changing room. You weren't paying attention to where you were walking until you bumped into someone.

You thought you finally had found Etsuya, until you turned your eyes to the person who just bumped into you and found that it wasn't Etsuya at all. It was Namikawa. ''Great'' you thought sarcastically, ''I could really use this.''

Namikawa took hold of your wrists and said: ''Do you want to see me so badly?''

Before you could react to this, you heard a voice call out from behind you.

''Let go of [F/n]!''

You were relieved to hear it was Etsuya who had said this, you had finally found him, or rather he had found you.

''Tch'' Namikawa said and he let go of you, Etsuya quickly grabbed your wrist and pulled you towards him.

''Anyway'' Namikawa said, ''prepare to lose!''

''We'll see about that!'' Etsuya shouted after Namikawa as he walked away.

Etsuya looked into your eyes and he started to talk at the same time you did.

''I'm sorry-''

''You were right-''

You both laughed and then Etsuya said: ''You go first''.

''I'm sorry about what I said yesterday, I didn't mean it and much of what I said wasn't even true, I was just upset with myself and that dude and I took it out on you. I shouldn't have done that, so I'm sorry.''

''Don't be sorry'' Etsuya said, surprising you, ''I was wrong as well, you were right, it was actually my fault, because I was the one who challenged Namikawa. If I hadn't challenged him, you wouldn't be in this situation right now.''

''Hey!'' you shouted in Etsuya's face, ''I just said it wasn't all your fault, so don't go around blaming yourself for it! Now go out there and win this match!''

You were trying to encourage him and it seemed to work, a big smile spread across Etsuya's face.

''Okay [F/n], we'll definitely win this match!'' After saying this, Etsuya walked back in the direction he probably came from, but you wouldn't really know, because at the time you weren't exactly able to see where he came from, but you were guessing it was the changing room.

You decided you had to go as well, you had to do your best for everyone so you went out to the field.

The match had begun and within the first ten minutes, one goal was already scored, not by the Dowa Eleven, but by Kaiou Gakuen. This got the spirit of the team down, but it only made you cheer them on even more.

It didn't help though, the first half ended a lot sooner than you had expected, with Kaiou Gakuen at an advantage of 3 vs. 0. In half time you tried to lift everyone's spirits up again. Etsuya backed you up by saying: ''We must win this match for [F/n]! I know we can do it!'' Apparently your pep talk really worked because during second half, the Dowa Eleven got the score to 3-2. They struggled through the last couple of minutes, trying to score one last point, to make it a tie. But their efforts were futile, they weren't able to score a goal and in the end Kaiou Gakuen won the match.

You gulped, you had so hoped for the Dowa Eleven to win, so you wouldn't have to go with that pirate dude, but now you had no choice. The deal had already been struck and Kaiou Gakuen won.

The first person who came walking up to you was Etsuya, he was looking very down and apologetic.

''I'm sorry [F/n], I couldn't win. I am so sorry…''

''Don't be'' you were trying to be strong, ''you did everything you could. Don't worry about me, I'll be fine.''

''How can you say that while-'' Etsuya was cut off as Namikawa came walking up to you and started talking.

''Are you already excited to be going with me?'' he said as he took your wrist and yanked you towards him. Your blood started to boil, you weren't just going to go willingly.

''Don't even think for a second that I'm glad to have to spend time with you!'' You sneered at his face.

''That's too bad then'' Namikawa said as he leant forward to look into your eyes, ''because I'll surely enjoy your company.''

And so without wasting another word Namikawa dragged you with him towards the dressing room. He wasn't going to force you to go in there right? It was a boys dressing room and you didn't actually want to think about what you would see there. Namikawa opened a door somewhere along the hallway and pulled you with him inside the room. The room was completely empty, except for the two of you and a bag that stood on a bench in the middle of the room. On the wall on the other side of the room were a couple of showers.

Namikawa guided you to the bench and made you sit down, he practically had to push you down, because you didn't want to sit down. You really didn't like where this was going.

''Sit'' Namikawa ordered you ''stay.'' He pulled his hands of your shoulders.

OK, now you were getting angry with him, he had started to treat you like a dog. You wanted to say something but before you had the chance to, Namikawa pulled off his shirt. You were astonished, because he had a gorgeous upper body, he had perfect abs, but a scar was running across his chest, in the same direction as the scar that ran over his left eye. Somehow you felt drawn to touch the scar, to glide your finger over it. But then you remembered your situation and how highly inappropriate that would be. Why was he even standing in front of you like that?!

You averted your gaze to the ground, you were sure that staring at him wouldn't make any of this any better for you. When your gaze was upon the ground you saw Namikawa's feet walking away, in the direction of the shower. Oh no, he wasn't planning on showering in front of you, was he? You turned your gaze to the door and intended to keep it there for the next ten minutes. You kept staring at the door as you heard the water running and clattering against tiles and a body.

The clattering of water had stopped and you turned your head a little at the same moment Namikawa said ''Pass me my towel will ya?'' Your head snapped back to look at the door again. Namikawa's tone didn't really imply a question, more an order, so you carefully slit backwards across the bench until your back hit his bag. You rummaged through the bag, with your hands behind your back and still looking at the door. You had found the towel and pulled it out, but in order to give it to him you had to turn around. You turned your upper body a bit and held out your hand with the towel while looking at the floor. Namikawa took the towel out of your hand and you turned again.

''You can look now you know'' Namikawa said.

''No thanks'' you sneered ''I'd rather be staring at the door.''

''Well, then you can do just that. But someday you'll be too tempted to look at me and you will look, just like you did before I took a shower.''

''Don't flatter yourself'' you said, ''as if I'd ever want to look at you.''

You listened to wait for an answer from Namikawa, but there was none. Instead your wrist was grabbed and you were pulled along out of the door. You were now standing in the hallway with Namikawa holding your wrist in one hand and his bag flung over his shoulder. He had changed his attire, he now wore a normal pair of jeans, a dark blue shirt and a white jacket with three thin red lines in the length of his sleeves and the collar was standing up. You had to admit he looked a lot less like a pirate and he actually looked quite good in it.

Wait what, did you just really think that?! You mentally slapped yourself, but you had no time to think any further, since Namikawa dragged you away again. Through the hallways again.

''Where are you taking me?!'' you asked.

''Outside of course, to the bus'' Namikawa answered.

''Bus? What do you mean?'' You couldn't follow his thoughts anymore, why were you going to a bus?

''You want to go home don't you?''

Right, the bus was to go home, of course. You felt so stupid you had to ask that.

''You may be pretty, but you're not all that smart are you now?'' Namikawa grumbled.

Did you hear that correctly? Namikawa was insulting you and that was just downright rude. You gave a big tug and your arm came loose from Namikawa's grip. You stopped walking, as did Namikawa. He turned around and he had quite a scary look on his face, it was rather intimidating.

''Why did you pull your arm away from me?'' Namikawa said in an almost threatening tone. You gulped a little.

''Because… you insulted me and I don't like that. Some girls would just let you say that, but I'm not one of those girls.''

''But have you forgotten'' Namikawa said as he edged closer to you, causing you to back away. Your back touched the wall and you knew you had nowhere to go. You panicked a little as Namikawa dropped his bag and put his hands on either side of your head. Then he moved closer and his lips hovered inches before yours, then he moved forward and finished his sentence, whispering in your ear: ''You belong to me now.''

Namikawa backed away again, removed his hands from the wall and picked up his bag. Then he took your arm once more and walked through the hallways again, slower this time. Was he being considerate of you? Nah, he wasn't the kind of boy to be considerate of anyone, he probably just didn't feel like running anymore.

You made a couple of turns and soon you had reached a hallway with stairs and light outside, finally the way outside you thought. You were suffocating inside the hallways, so close to Namikawa. You went up the stairs and Namikawa finally let go of your arm. You were relieved you finally had your arm back, you didn't have much time to be relieved though, because Namikawa had sped up again. You quickly followed after him, towards the bus that stood on the parking lot of the stadium, the bus clearly belonged to Kaiou Gakuen, since it was brown and somebody had painted a pirate flag on it.

Namikawa waited in front of the bus door for you, he was probably waiting for you to get in, so you just stepped inside the bus. There you were met with many curious gazes from Namikawa's teammates, you felt uneasy under all those stares and looked to the ground. You felt something, or rather someone, pushing your back, indicating you to keep moving. You turned around, it was Namikawa, of course. He directed you to two empty seats in the back of the bus, he sat you down at the window and went to sit on the seat next to the pathway of the bus.

''Is everyone here?'' The coach of Kaiou Gakuen said, he had purple hair with a single white strand and yellow eyes. He seemed like a rather scary coach.

''Hai!'' Everyone shouted in unison.

You didn't quite feel like you belonged in this bus, so you just stared out the window, not wanting to make eye contact with anyone. But the tranquility didn't last for long, because one of Namikawa's team members turned around in his seat and asked Namikawa: ''Who is this cute girl?''

The boy who had turned around had pink hair with blue bangs and a blue ponytail, his eyes were black, but they weren't scary, instead they were a friendly kind of black. I had the feeling this boy would be very friendly.

''I'm [L/n] [F/n], but call me [F/n]!'' You said with a big smile.

''Yoroshiku!'' said the boy with the black eyes, ''I'm Kaizu Kouichirou!''Kaizu produced a smile as well.

''Ne ne, [F/n] why are you here?'' This was the point where Namikawa butted into your conversation.

''She belongs to me.'' That was all Namikawa said before he turned his head the other way again, but you were taken aback by those four words. You had heard them before, but this time it sounded defensive? Or was it… protective? Nah, you must be hearing things that weren't really there.

''My team lost a deal and apparently I was part of that deal'' you said pretending not to know you were a part of it and giving Namikawa a death glare.

''That sucks'' Kaizu's eyebrows knitted together, ''I hope we can make your stay at Kaiou as pleasant as possible!''

''Arigatou'' you said and then Kaizu turned around again and you stared out of the window again, you didn't say another word to Namikawa or Kaizu for the whole ride.

You had arrived at Kaiou Gakuen, you weren't really sure but the school building you were standing in front of was made completely out of wood and there was a port with a big pirate ship and several other smaller ships. On the other side of the terrain stood a soccer stadium, also made of wood.

''Are you going to stand there all day or are you going to get your uniform and transfer papers?'' ([A/n]: I have no idea how transferring schools goes, so let's just assume it takes only a weekend :P)

''I'm going, I'm going!'' I told Namikawa, who was leaning against the bus, ''but where is it exactly that I'm supposed to go?''

Namikawa sighed, ''just walk up to the school building and go inside, you'll see a door at your right side, enter that door and you'll be at the secretary.''

''I take it you're not coming with me then?'' You said, a little annoyed he had stopped dragging you around at this time, of all possible times he could've stopped.

''Nah, I've seen that room too many times already.''

''Fine'' you said and brusquely walked towards the immense school building in front of you. You opened the door and walked inside, the inside looked just like the outside, made of wood. You looked to your right and saw the door Namikawa was talking about, you opened it and walked inside.

Behind the counter inside the secretary sat a boy, one maybe two years older than you. He was blond and not exactly bad looking. He sat with his feet on the counter, reading a cleared your threat and said ''Konnichiwa'' to the boy.

''Well helloooo…'' the boy said as he looked up from his magazine, ''I'm Norishige Bando, and who are you?''

''I'm [L/n] [F/n] and I'll be attending this school starting Monday.''

''Really now?'' Norishige remarked quasi-interested, ''and what is it that you're doing here?'' he said as he flung his legs off the counter and put the magazine down.

''I was told I could get my school uniform and transfer papers here.''

''Right, of course, wait just a minute.'' Norishige stood up from the chair he was sitting in and walked to a door behind the counter and went in. You heard a lot of rummaging after the door had closed, as if Norishige was really looking for something.

Norishige returned with a bag in one hand and several papers in the other. The bag looked quite feminine so you assumed it was your schoolbag, you were right since Norishige handed it to you.

''Here you go, your uniform is inside the bag and here are your new class schedule, a list of all students in your class and the transfer papers. All you have to do is fill these in and return them here on Monday and then everything will be arranged.''

You heaved a sigh of relief, you were expecting this to be a lot more trouble. ''Arigatou'' you said and you made an attempt to leave the room.

''The pleasure is all mine'' Norishige said with a likeable smile, you started to get the feeling you might actually be able to get along with this boy. And with that thought fresh in your mind you walked out of the room and out of the building.

While walking away you went over the list with the students of your new class you had gotten. There were many unfamiliar names, but then you saw Kaizu's name. You were quite excited to be in a class with him, after you looked a little further your excitement died down since you saw a name you wished wasn't there. Namikawa Rensuke. Unconsciously you grumbled a little.

''What is so bad you had to grumble?''

You looked up from the list in your hand, you hadn't noticed how far you had walked and you stood right in front of Namikawa. You were actually surprised he was still there, but you were not going to lie to him.

''I'm in the same class as you are!'' You hissed.

''Isn't it wonderful!'' Namikawa said, ''I specifically asked for that.''

''You what?!'' you screamed.

''You belong to me now, so I figured I might as well keep you as close as possible at all times.''

You hated the way he said you belonged to him, but there was nothing you could do about it. The Dowa Eleven had lost the bet and you really did belong to Namikawa now. There was no way going round the fact he would do anything to keep you close, not because he liked you but because you belonged to him.

It was Monday, your first day at Kaiou Gakuen had started. You had put on your uniform and you were surprised and shocked by the Kaiou Gakuen uniform for girls. You were wearing a white sleeveless shirt with a chord just above chest level, keeping two parts together, your sleeves where two separate pieces of fabric around your arms, getting wider towards your hands. You wore a short red ruffled skirt and black knee-length boots with heels. But that wasn't the worst part yet, the worst part was the corset-like thing you were wearing, it went all the way up to you shoulders and had no sleeves but a high collar and it also went around the back of your skirt, like a cape. You looked like a pirate girl, you couldn't believe that this was what the girls at Kaiou Gakuen actually had to wear.

You didn't want anyone in your house to see you like this, so you sneaked out of the house and pretty much ran towards Kaiou Gakuen. Luckily for you, you even managed to get out of your house without meeting Etsuya.

At Kaiou Gakuen you got the shock of a lifetime, none of the girls around you wore the same clothing as you! All the girls around you wore white and blue sailor blouses with a regular beige corset and a plane brown puffed up skirt. Their shoes didn't look like yours either, they wore reddish brown calf length boots without heels. Their uniform didn't even remotely resemble yours, then yet why were you wearing this outfit? Was someone pulling a prank on you? It was the only conclusion you could come to and the only person you imagined who could've done it was Namikawa.

You turned around when you heard someone call your name, only to see it was Namikawa. You immediately started screaming at him.

''Do you think this is funny?! Well it's not, it's embarrassing and it's all your fault!''

''What're you talking about?'' Namikawa said right after you were done with your tirade. This confused you, he didn't seem like the kind of boy who would deny his deeds but claim them. But before you could say anything you heard laughing and you immediately saw who was laughing at you.

It was Norishige, along with some friends of his, they were laughing at you. You started to feel even more embarrassed and you just wanted to get out of here, but before you could run Namikawa grabbed your arm.

''Stay, I'll fix this.'' He didn't demand it, it sounded almost pleading and you had no strength in you to run away from that pleading voice. He let go of your arm and turned to face Norishige.

''Did you do this to [F/n]?!'' Namikawa sneered.

''And what if I did?'' Norishige said without a single care. That's when you knew for sure it was him who gave you this fake uniform, he had all the chance to do so last Saturday.

Namikawa lurched himself forward and took hold of Norishige's collar, his fist hovering in front of Norishige's face.

''You'll be very sorry for messing with her.'' Namikawa was hissing and he was about to hit Norishige but before he could hit Norishige's face with his fist a voice thundered across the school grounds.

''What is the meaning of this?!'' You saw the coach of the soccer club walk over to you, Namikawa let go of Norishige.

''Namikawa, to the secretary!'' The coach thundered and Namikawa walked away, towards the secretary, then the coach turned to you. ''And you, do you think it's funny to mock with our school uniform?'' You gulped.


''You can join Namikawa at the secretary, and make sure they get you a proper uniform!''

''H-hai'' you said while you bowed. Then you ran in the same direction as Namikawa, catching up with him. When you were walking next to him you looked at his face, it didn't look any different than it normally did.

''Thanks'' you said, you were truly grateful for Namikawa sticking up for you.

''I have no idea what you are talking about, all I did was protect my belongings.''

Really?! What was with this guy, couldn't he just be nice for once without emphasizing you belonged to him. God, you resented him, but still somewhere inside was a warm feeling.

''Yeah well thanks anyway.''

At the secretary you got a new uniform, the real one this time, and after explaining what had happened Saturday and today you managed to escape the situation without getting any punishment. Namikawa wasn't that lucky though, he got one week detention, since he already had other 'incidents' up his sleeve.

Dressed in the real Kaiou Gakuen uniform you came back to the secretary, after throwing away the fake one. You still had to hand in the transfer papers, so you did and after that Namikawa came walking into the room.

''Uniform suits you'' he said, ''but I liked the other one more.''

''Haha, very funny'' you said, ''shall we just get to morning practice?''

Namikawa shrugged and walked away, you guessed that was his way of saying you had to follow him. And so you followed him towards the soccer club.

Morning practice wasn't all too bad, apart from the fact where you were forced to be a manager. Namikawa was pretty impressive but nothing special happened and you weren't actually involved in the training like you were at your former school.

Classes went by rather normally for a new girl, you were made fun of because of the whole new uniform and of course, just for being new. You were forced to sit next to Namikawa, the seat next to him was the only vacant one in the whole classroom and you were beginning to see why. Every time you were made fun of Namikawa would send someone a deadly glare and they would stop.

During lunch you sat with Kaizu, you chatted a bit, nothing special and then classes started again. It was the same as during the morning, sitting next to Namikawa, people making fun of you, Namikawa sending people deadly glares (the reason was still unknown) and people shutting up.

Finally classes had ended and it was time for afternoon practice, you were of course forced to be there, being a manager and all. Personally, you didn't mind, at least you didn't have to be around Namikawa for a while. You were starting to look at the other players like Kaizu and the keeper, he was super scary looking, and you started to see how amazing all of them were, even if they were SEEDs.

After practice had ended you went home, tired after a long day at Kaiou Gakuen, just to do it all over again tomorrow.

The week went by pretty fast, nothing special happened, the pestering eventually stopped, though you were not sure if people got bored or if Namikawa had threatened them. Namikawa had been very overprotective of you, but that only figured, since he considered you his property, you didn't mind the protectiveness though. Actually, the warm feeling inside your chest only started to grow at his protectiveness.

It was Friday afternoon, soccer practice had just ended and of course Namikawa had missed it, due to his detention. You were just finished with putting everything back in place. You took your bag and walked out of the clubroom, you looked one more time if everything was back in place before you closed the door.

You turned around and saw Wanda and Fukami walk towards you. ([A/n] Fukami is that scary looking keeper, I guess you can see where this is headed).

''Oh hi Wanda and Fukami'' you said and you wanted to walk away but your path was blocked by them.

''Is something wrong?'' you asked them.

''Oh, nothing's wrong [F/n]-chan'' Wanda said.

''We just thought we'd have some fun with this cute girl'' Fukami said.

The both of them started to get closer to you and you started to back away, you didn't had much room to do so sadly enough, since your back was already turned towards the wall of the clubroom. After taking one step backwards your back was already up against the wall. You started to panic, what could you do against them? You were absolutely no match for them.

The fear took complete control over you when Fukami raised his hand to touch your face, you shut your eyes and waited for his hand to touch you, but it didn't. Instead you heard a loud clapping sound and shocked you opened your eyes. You saw Fukami clutching his hand tightly and a soccer ball fell down right in front of your face. You looked to your side to see where the ball had come from.

A couple of meters away from you stood Namikawa, he was holding another soccer ball, you realized he was the one who had shot the ball. You were actually relieved to see him, you wanted to run to him and hug him, but your body still wouldn't move.

''What did you that for man?!'' Fukami screamed at Namikawa, still clutching his hand.

''That'' Namikawa said as he walked towards the three of you, ''was just a warning.''

''A warning for what?'' Wanda said.

''A warning for touching [F/n]'' Namikawa had reached you in the mean time and he took your arm and pulled you behind him as he said: ''She belongs to me and I swear if you ever dare touch her again I will not hesitate to shoot the ball into your faces.'' Your chest started to feel warm again, warmer than it had ever been before, because Namikawa's voice had betrayed him, he wasn't just protecting his belongings.

And with that Namikawa turned around, took your hand, dropped the soccer ball and walked away. He was walking towards the gates and when he had reached them he stopped and turned around to look at you.

''Are you okay?'' he asked, a slight hint of worry seeping into his words.

''Yeah I'm fine, they didn't touch me.'' You were really grateful for his actions and for once you would actually describe him with sweet.

''Thank you'' you said, ''for protecting me.'' You had expected Namikawa to whisk away your gratitude by saying he was protecting his property, but to your surprise he didn't. All he said was ''c'mon, I'll walk you home''.

He took your hand again and started to walk once again, and you didn't protest, happy with the change in Namikawa's behavior.

The next week went by pleasantly, what happened with Fukami and Wanda didn't happen again. Namikawa was joining for afternoon practice again, but he was even more overprotective than before after the whole Fukami-&-Wanda-thing. He always insisted on walking you home. You actually enjoyed his protectiveness, since it was always accompanied by that warm feeling in your chest that grew stronger with every day that passed.

On Saturday was the match against Aoba, it wasn't hard for Kaiou Gakuen, they had won the match easily and celebrated their victory afterwards. You were happy for them, for their win.

Of course, Namikawa insisted on walking you home and you let him do so, it hadn't brought you into trouble so far. But this time was different because when you arrived at your house, Etsuya sat in front of your house, probably waiting for you. He called out to you when he saw you arrive.


You didn't make any haste in getting to Etsuya, you just casually walked over. When you had reached Etsuya he stood up and he was about to say something, but then he shut his mouth again and he just stared at your right side. You looked down to see what he was looking at and you noticed your hand was still entwined with Namikawa's. You quickly let go of his hand and looked at Etsuya again.

''What do you want?'' You said, a little meaner than you intended.

''I'm here to talk to Namikawa'' Etsuya said, either not noticing or just ignoring your mean undertone.

''What's up, mate?'' Namikawa said in a pirate kind of voice, teasing Etsuya.

''I want to talk to you, just the two of us'' Etsuya turned to you again, ''so could you leave us alone for a minute?''

You couldn't comprehend why it was so important for Etsuya to talk to Namikawa alone, but you just went with the flow and said ''Sure, bye!''

''Bye'' said Etsuya. You looked at Namikawa, who had said nothing, this annoyed you so you turned around and went inside your house. Your bye was meant for Namikawa, not for Etsuya and yet Namikawa hadn't said anything in return and Etsuya did. You decided it was best to just don't care so you went to your room and started doing your homework.

On Sunday the doorbell rang, you sprinted down the stairs to open the door, just to beat everyone to it, like you always did. When you opened the door you saw Etsuya.

''Can I come in?'' he said.

''Sure'' you said and you stepped aside to let him in. Then you walked to your room, signing for him to follow you. When the both of you were in your room you shut the door and went to sit on your bed, Etsuya did the same.

''What's up?'' you asked.

''I wanted to tell you what it was that I and Namikawa talked about yesterday.'' You started to listen more carefully after Etsuya had said this, because you were actually curious about what it was that they had talked about.

''We…we made a deal.''

''A deal?''

''Yeah, the deal was that if Raimon would win the next match against Kaiou Gakuen, Namikawa would have to give you back.''

Another deal involving you as an object huh? Wait a second, you were not okay with that, you had enough of being treated like an object. And especially if you hadn't agreed to it.

''Why would you make such a deal?'' you shouted.

''What do you mean? I thought that was what you wanted, I mean, that's what I told Namikawa.''

''You thought that was what I wanted?! You didn't even discuss it with me! Maybe I don't want to go back to Dowa Chugakko!''

You didn't really know why, but you were absolutely not happy with this deal, because what if Kaiou Gakuen did lose that match? Would that mean you had to leave Namikawa behind and return to Dowa Chugakko?

''Why don't I have anything to say in whether I want to come back?!''

''I…I… I miss you [F/n], I want you back.'' Etsuya whispered softly. You were taken aback, but not enough to stop screaming, you just wanted Etsuya to get away from you.

''Get out!'' You shouted at his face as you stood up and pointed at the door.

''But [F/n]-''

''I don't want to hear your 'but [F/n]'s, I don't care, I don't want you making deals about me without asking me first and I definitely don't want you taking decisions for me! Now GET OUT!'' You said the last two words slowly, emphasizing each one of them.

Etsuya looked defeated at your outburst, but he didn't say another word and he just stood up from your bed and walked towards the door. Before he opened the door he looked back at you with sad eyes but you just glared at him, waiting for him to leave. He opened the door, walked out and closed it again, a moment later you could hear the front door slam shut and you knew he was gone.

You plopped down on your bed and heaved a big sigh. Why were you so bothered by the fact that Etsuya had made a deal with Namikawa about you coming back? Was it because you were left out of it? That was just part of the problem, there was more to your worries. Why had Namikawa agreed to it, did he really want to give you up if they lost? You didn't want to think about this, but you had to admit that the Raimon Eleven were strong and the thought of Kaiou Gakuen losing scared you, because… it meant you had to leave Namikawa behind.

That's when you realized it, you had been denying it for some time now, but there was no turning back now. You were undeniably and irrationally in love with Namikawa.

The week before the match with Raimon had been a little… weird. Namikawa was still hanging around you, he was still protective of you, you guessed he just wouldn't let that go. But he barely talked to you, and this pained you. You barely heard his voice that week and you longed to hear it. He didn't even talk to you when he was walking you home, after practice he just took your hand and walked you home without saying anything.

The silence between the two of you always felt awkward, you felt like you had to talk about the deal he made with Etsuya or at least let him know you knew, but you were too afraid to break the silence. You were afraid of what he might say, because what if he said you should go back to Dowa Chugakko? That would break your heart, because you didn't want to leave him, and that's why you didn't want to talk about the deal he made with Etsuya. And so you spent five days in awkward silence.

Thus your week had been weird all around.

It was finally Saturday, the day of the match with Raimon, you sat in the bus next to Kaizu. You had wanted to sit next to Namikawa, but he was already seated next to someone else so you just went to sit next to Kaizu. You didn't want to worry about Namikawa, as he was clearly not worried about you, so you chatted with Kaizu about all kinds of stuff.

Before you had realized it you were already at the Holy Road Stadium and everyone went inside, you walked behind them, Namikawa, as captain, was in the front of the group. You ran to catch up to him, but just when you had, he entered the changing room and you stopped dead in your tracks. Guess you still couldn't talk to him.

[A/N] This could be completely incorrect, since I don't know exactly how this game went and I'm writing this while in my school's computer room, so I can't exactly look it up, so please, bear with me.

The match had started and almost immediately Kaiou Gakuen was in the lead with a score of 0-1, you were starting to hope a little that Kaiou could win this match. You watched as Raimon and Kaiou Gakuen fought for the ball and within minutes Raimon's ace striker, Tsurugi Kyousuke, had scored the tying point. And that's when Namikawa and the others finally got serious, they were going to use their Keshins, the ball was passed to Wanda, and he used his Keshin Onsoku no Varius to make a goal, making the score 1-2. After that goal, Raimon desperately tried to defend and steal the ball, but to no avail. Namikawa got the ball and he brought out his Keshin Kaiou Poseidon, you cheered him on, and he scored another goal for Kaiou Gakuen, the score was now 1-3. The game went on for a bit, completely to Kaiou's pace and then the whistle blew, signaling the end of the first half.

You got up, taking out drinks for everyone walking to the bench. You happily handed them over to them with a big smile plastered and your face and you said ''You're doing great guys!''

''You're doing a great job at cheering for us too, [F/n]!''Kaizu said.

You just smiled and walked over to Namikawa, who stood a little away from everyone else, to give him his bottle and a towel. He mumbled a soft ''thanks''and turned his back towards you. This pained you, was he still ignoring you? You decided to speak up.

''Namikawa!'' he turned around at hearing your voice, ''why are you ignoring me? It has been like this all week, you barely talk to me, have you even considered what that's like to me?!''


''I'm not finished yet,'' you said, ''I get that you don't want to talk to me about what happened last Saturday, but don't shut me out, besides I already know what happened back then.''

Namikawa's eyes turned big, ''you-you know?!''

''Mmhm, Etsuya told me Sunday.''

''And you're okay with it?''

''Of course I'm not okay with it'' you could see a tiny form of shock on Namikawa's face, it was barely visible, if you hadn't known his features by know you wouldn't have noticed it. ''How could I be okay with being treated like an object that people can just claim whenever they want to?''

The tiny flash of shock you had seen on Namikawa's face disappeared and in its place came his normal facial expression. He looked at you and said ''I'm sorry.''

''It's okay'' you said,''I understand, but next time please don't shut me out.''

Namikawa nodded his head and then said: ''What do you mean, next time? Do you think this is going to happen another time?''

''Who knows? I mean, you have a score lead of two points, I'm sure you're going to win!''

Namikawa seemed like he wanted to say something, but then the whistle blew, signaling the end of half time, and he shut his mouth again.

''Ganbatte!'' you shouted out to the field, not sure if you were shouting it towards the whole team, or just Namikawa.

The second half was absolutely nerve-racking, one of Raimon's players, Matsukaze Tenma, had managed to bring out his Keshin and stop Wanda's shot. And that was the moment in the second half where the tables turned. The Raimon Eleven were starting to attack more fiercely and it didn't take long before they had scored the goal that made the score 2-3. After this it went completely downhill for Kaiou Gakuen, you kept cheering them on, but their spirits seemed to be down and the Raimon Eleven managed to score another two points, making the score 4-3. You wanted to shout a mega-cheer, but it was too late. The whistle had blown and the match was over, Kaiou Gakuen had lost.

You sank to your knees, you realized what this meant, Namikawa had lost the deal and you had to go back to Dowa Chugakko. You quivered at the thought of leaving Namikawa behind, you didn't want to, no you just couldn't, but what if…?

The team came walking over to the benches, their faces were disappointed and hurt and you stood up. You wanted to say something to cheer them up but you didn't know what you could say to possibly make them feel better. You found Namikawa among everybody else and you looked him in the face, his eyes were blank, void of any emotion.

''You're free to go'' was all he said and then he turned around. You were staring at his back, how could he be so cold to you at this moment? You just couldn't deal with this right now, you just wanted to cry.

''Okay'' and with that last word still hanging in the air you left the field, walked through the hallways and outside. Outside Etsuya was waiting for you, he greeted you with a big smile, but you walked right past him. You didn't want to talk to him right now, probably never anymore, you didn't even want him to see you like this. You walked to the train station and took the train back home.

It was Monday again and you were walking your usual route to school, you had left early this morning because there was something you had to say before morning practice started. When you reached school you immediately walked over to the soccer grounds. There you saw him, just like you expected, he was trying to shoot the ball into the goal as you watched him, unknowingly you were there. You saw how he failed to shoot the ball into the goal, you chuckled a little at this, because the sight of him missing a score chance seemed so unreal.

You leaned on the rail of the small fence surrounding the field, you called out to him and he came walking over to you, looking surprised, he climbed over the fence to stand on the same side as you.

''Why are you here? And why are you wearing that? Aren't you supposed to be at Dowa Chugakko?!''

''Nah, I didn't feel like it, I decided to stay here a little longer.'' This left him looking even more surprised than before, but he quickly regained his composure.

''That doesn't seem very real, you have to have a reason right?''

''You're right, I do have a reason.'' You grinned a cheeky grin.

After the match had ended on Saturday you had went home and there you laid crying in your bed. But then you realized it was no use crying over it, besides, it was just like you said. No one could decide for you, you were the only one who had the right to decide to which school you wanted to go. And so you decided, you would stay.

''Then what is it?'' Namikawa asked, hope and curiosity slipping through his normal composure.

Even though you had decided to stay at Kaiou Gakuen, you still weren't ready to confess to him so you whispered the answer so softly that you were sure he couldn't hear it.

''You're the reason, you made me want to stay.''

Namikawa was already really close to you, but now he came even closer and then his lips touched yours. They pressed against yours roughly, you liked the roughness of his kiss and you started to kiss him back. You parted your lips slightly and he saw an opportunity and took it, he slipped his tongue into your mouth and started to explore it. His hands found their way around your waist and pressed your body closer to his, your heartbeat started to quicken. Your tongue started exploring his mouth too and soon the both of you were fighting for dominance.

You kissed until you were out of breath and pulled away from him. You looked at his face, which, for the first time since you had met him, had a happy smile on it.

''If you decided to stay for me, then will you also stay by my side forever?''


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