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Beryl and Maria were at it again.

Honestly the two Queens of Sparta fought more than they agreed on anything. The one thing they agreed on though was Nico and Thalia, Jason and Bianca. Ever since they were little kids that had been the plan. But with Jason making puppy-dog eyes at the runaway daughter of Tristan McLean and Bianca in a rebellious stage, the later couple didn't seem to be happening in the near future. Of course Beryl was convinced that Bianca was the problem, running around after members of the Spartan army. All Maria could see was Jason sneaking off with Piper McLean, daughter of the most famous of Athens military generals, utterly in love. Whichever of the Queens was right didn't actually matter. They still had Nico and Thalia. Not that either was too fond of that plan.

All Nico wanted to do was follow after Perseus Jackson. He was famous at this point- battling monsters, saving damsels and all the while not getting caught by the Spartan and Athenian armies that were after him for 'kidnapping' and 'destruction of property'. Annabeth Chase was the luckiest girl in the world in Nico's mind. She not only got to escape the over powerful Athenian man that was her father and travel all over Rome, she was with him. And that was all Nico wanted to do.

Thalia on the other hand was still getting over the death of her best friend. Luke had been killed in the explosion of the biggest military ship of Sparta. She had just gotten off the Andromeda just that day… her mother called it a miracle, she called it a tragedy. Now that Annabeth had escaped Luke had promised Thalia they would join her, but now she couldn't. She was trapped by her mother and in some ways her father who 'protected' her in his own unique ways.

She was trapped in the castle he was trapped in a day dream. Maria and Beryl loved it.

"Do you think we can get them together by the end of the year?" Maria whispered to Beryl as they watched each child stare out the window.

"Hon, the Duchess Aphrodite is coming to stay for a week, to have her servants search for that Piper girl who's stolen my baby Jason from me. She'll have Thalia and Nico together by the end of the week." Beryl responded quietly, and for once the two queens of Sparta agreed in silence.

"Nico!" Maria called in a sing-song voice to her son. He begrudgingly stood up from his window seat across the throne room and made is way towards his mother.

"Yes mother?" Quietly Maria shuffled Nico out of the room leaving Thalia alone with her own mother. That was one thing the two had learned since Bianca and Jason had left- stick together. It was far easier to deal with the two queens when you could turn them against each other and run. This time around it didn't seem as though that would be possible.

"Thalia? I've been meaning to speak with you" Beryl started and Thalia walked towards her mother from the window, "your Aunt Aphrodite will be arriving today. You know how I feel about her, Maria and I have agreed that you and Nico will entertain her while she is here. We will be very busy."

Thalia snorted and glanced up at her mother before responding, "Yes of course mother. I would love to entertain the most irritating of my relatives who is constantly trying to play match maker so that you can lick your wounds."

"You know what she has done to me Thalia! Don't you dare speak to me like that."

"Yes of course I recall when Aunt Aphrodite convinced father it would be best for him to leave Sparta for Athens. He's far richer and more powerful there isn't he? And of course he, unlike Jason and I, had escaped you."

"You will entertain you aunt and you will learn some respect!" Beryl was standing now, hands clenched into fists, glaring at her eldest child, the girl who, with any luck, would unite the two ruling families to one.

"Yes mother." With a mock curtsy and a flip of her hair Thalia was out the throne room doors and facing an angry Maria and a shocked Nico. Nico was gripping his tunic in one hand and covering his left cheek with the other.

"You hit him." Thalia said slightly stunned. Maria spun on her heel and stomped back to the throne room and Thalia ran to Nico's side. "You okay?"

"Yeah, fine I think." He muttered pulling away from Thalia.

"You should go ice that" she whispered seeing the bruise that was already forming.

"Nah, I'm sure it makes me look far tougher than normal." Thalia laughed and placed a hand on Nico's shoulder, leading him towards their rooms.

"I hate to tell you this Nico, but that's gonna take a lot more than a bruise."

"I just want this nonsense about Aunt Aphrodite to stop and I want them to stop trying to set us up together. You're basically my cousin, I grew up with you. It's weird to think about." Nico muttered and then whispered something under his breath that Thalia could swear sounded an awful lot like, "I'd like to marry for love."

"Me too." She whispered to herself before leaving Nico at his bedroom door and walking quickly towards her own. She ran for her desk once the door was closed and grabbed her parchment, quill and ink.

My Lady Artemis,

I think now is the best time.

Please, dear half-sister, save me from this prison.

I will be forever in you debt.


Princess Thalia of Sparta


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