"Jason please listen to me, I swear I didn't mean it!" Piper laughed to herself as she watched a girl with long blonde hair and a sparkly pink shirt chasing after Jason Grace. "Give us another chance babe!" She yelled and Piper watched smirking, she leaned back against her locker with her messenger bag slung messily over her shoulder, this was gonna be good, well it would be if the new boy had any back bone at all.

"Drew, when was there ever, an us?" Jason asked slowly, trying not to be mean because, from what Piper could tell, that's just what he does. Jason spends way too much time trying not to hurt anyone. Piper on the other hand hoped he would break her half-sister's heart into 8 billion pieces.

Drew turned on the water-works and Piper could practically feel the silence that enveloped the hall way. Well it was silent until suddenly Drew was bawling her eyes out on the floor and Jason was standing there confused, not sure what to do. Idiot, he really should just walk away.

It was bad enough that Drew and herself both were forced to live with their scum bag of a mom who had dated half the country, and their other 15 half-siblings, but of course most her half-sister's, including Drew we're turning out just like their mother.

Piper pushed herself off the locker and started walking away, past the frozen people and her sobbing half-sister, she just couldn't watch this part. The part where Drew cries and whichever idiot she was focused on that day bent down and asked her to lunch. Puh-lease, she did not need to lose whatever she had eaten for breakfast that day.

"Hey- Piper right?" She heard from behind her, and she slowly turned around. She caught sight of Drew's glare and decided to have some fun and see how worked up she could make Drew. Though the fact that Jason was talking to her and not Drew was enough that Piper knew she'd already gotten on Drew's nerves.

"Maybe, depends on why you're asking." She smirked and half the hall way laughed at Jason's face. It so wasn't like any girl to speak to him like that Piper guessed.

"She's your half-sister right? Well listen, I don't really know what I did but can you please talk to her?" Jason asked and Drew made a face and slowly stood up.

"Piper wishes she could be my half-sister, maybe then someone would tell her not to dress like a boy." Drew snickered and the whole hall way laughed, expecting Piper to just bow down to Drew like she always had before.

"Yeah, Drew's my half-sister, though it seems she really isn't all that upset anymore." Piper said.

"Don't worry Jason we don't have to talk to her or anything, she's kind of likeā€¦furniture in our house, so mommy doesn't expect me to be nice to her. We can just hang out and stuff, like tonight after school maybe?" Drew bat her eye lashes and Piper waited for Jason to say yes and just get on with letting Drew push her out of the way.

"Um, I don't think so Drew. I've got plans." Jason said and Drew pouted, lower lip quivering and big eyes watering yet again.

"See what you did Piper! You ruin everything." Drew said as Jason walked away, he then turned around as Drew was ready to spit more insults in Piper's face, quite literally.

"So Piper, want to grab some lunch by any chance?"

"Thought you had plans." Piper asked curiously.

"I was hoping you'd come with me." Jason said, doubt starting to cloud his face as Drew cut in front of Piper and spoke.

"I would love to Jason, you obviously meant to ask me, our names sound so much alike, let me grab my stuff." She ranted as she grabbed her bag and started to follow, Jason cut her off.

"Nah I was hoping Piper would come."

"Oh I get it, you just need someone to treat like furniture for when I come over, and that's so sweet, you trying to make it homier for me!" Drew exclaimed before running towards him.

"Actually I was looking to hang out with someone who had a soul, if I wanted furniture, I would have asked you." Jason said and Piper smiled shyly, trying to hold back laughter.

She walked over and Jason took her hand leading her away. Piper couldn't help herself though, she quickly looked back and memorized the look on Drew's face before sticking her tongue out at her.

"Thanks." She whispered as they walked into the lunch room.

"Are you kidding? I think I owe you! Besides, I've been meaning to do that since I got here." Jason laughed and Piper looked over at him confused.

"Oh you mean turn down Drew, I was hoping someone would finally have the guts to reject the little she-devil." Jason cut her off smiling.

"No, I meant, ask out you."


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