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"Why is it that every time I try to return things to normal one of you pops up out of nowhere and sends all of New Rome into turmoil?!" Reyna tucked an annoying strand of her black hair behind her ear as she based around her office. "I mean honestly you appear like mushrooms! MUSHROOMS!"

The boy in front of her just laughed.

"If I wasn't used to you saying those kinds of things to me Rey, I might just be offended."

"Gods of Olympus, be serious for once in your life Valdez! You have got Lares in a panic and more than half the fauns are running about telling stories of the graceus who parted the Little Tiber with fire." Reyna spoke with her hands, Leo noticed, leaning back in his chair and smiling as she continued to yell at him, "I mean what am I supposed to do huh? Every time one of you shows up my camp is confused for weeks. I told Percy no more surprise visitors and-"

"Are you about done?" Leo finally interrupted with a grin.

"What do you want?" Reyna said with clenched teeth as she stopped pacing and turned to face Leo.

"I actually here on behalf of Jason you know, that guy who happens to be your friend? Well anyway Percy and Jason decided that for some reason I should be the one to ask you a favor." Leo made everything into a joke, even what was supposed to be a diplomatic meeting, Reyna noticed with a large amount of annoyance.

"Well." She asked in frustration ringing her hands. If Jason didn't want to be the one to ask and Leo was the only one crazy enough to come than clearly this was something she did not want to hear.

"PartofCampHalf-Bloodmayhaveburntdownandwemightneedhelp" Leo said, rushed and in one breath before looking down at his shoes as if they were the most interesting thing in the world.

"Let me guess, this accidental burn started in your forges?"

"How'd ya know?" Leo said sarcastically.

"How many?"

"What?" Leo asked in confusion, Reyna looked up from where she had put her head in her hands.

"How many cabins?" Reyna explained, glancing out the window of her office and into New Rome, as if already calculating how many spare beds they had.

"Um let's see… my cabin, Ares cabin that one was not pretty, Apollo and Dionysus. Luckily for everyone, especially you, I got back from the Big House in time to stop it before it hit the Hermes cabin. Then we would have a serious problem on our hands. Can you imagine the number of people?" Leo laughed at his own joke. Reyna continued to look out the window, a frown plastered across his face.

"You didn't start it?" She asked turning back to Leo who automatically frowned.

"No. Why? Did you assume I had? Do you know how much was destroyed in that fire? It wasn't me, it was some newbie who I let Nessa give the tour. She got distracted, he set fire to my desk. My desk." Leo ranted frustration evident on his face. He looked up at her once more and hurt flashed across his face before his usual impish grin replaced it. "You know, you're lack of faith is hurtful."

"I'm sorry Leo it's just that's kind of…" She trailed off looking over at him. Leo ran a hand through his curls before finishing her thought.

"Something I would do?"

"Exactly. Sorry." She looked down at her marble floors, it being her turn now to be embarrassed.

"You think maybe you could give me a tour? Show me New Rome, I'm supposed to see where they'll be staying until the cabins can be repaired." Leo asked and reached out for Reyna's hand. He caught her wide eyed stare and dropped his hand.

"Yeah sure," Reyna said grabbing his hand from where it had fallen at his side and opening the door.

"Really?" Leo asked in surprise and she laughed at him before responding.

"Did you think I'd refuse?"

"Well it does sound like something…"

"I would do?" She finished a smile across her face.

"Exactly," Leo laughed as she began to pull him through the streets of New Rome. Reyna laughed before responding, pulling him into what looked like an apartment building.

"Your lack of faith hurts, Leo!"


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