The Prince's short stories

by Reinasaurus

Author Note: These are some old short stories I wrote during my belphegor roleplaying days.

Story 1

The prince has a problem. The genius that he is has an unfortunate problem. It frustrates him to no end. How can he, the genius prince, have a problem that he cannot solve? Well, this problem wasn't a logical problem, or a problem that required facts or analytically answers. No, this problem dealt with the emotional side of his heart. Okay, he knows that isn't true and is in fact the brain's fault for his ... feelings, but he would rather say the heart. It's easier to give fault to something he can't control. Now this emotional feeling he's experiencing is extremely confusing and unnecessarily bothersome. You see, these feelings are not something he is accustomed to as it wasn't vital for a ruthless assassin like himself, Prince the Ripper, to acquire.

But damn it! Does it bother him to the endless borders of the universe! How and why was it possible for him to feel such, such, unpleasant feelings? Only weak and cowardly peasants feel like this and he is not, god forbid, a peasant and most of all a coward, he was none of those. Yet… these feelings are here, inside him. These feeling that plunge his heart and create a crater in his mind to suffer in a masochistic sensation. The fact that he can admit to that appalls him greatly. It disgusts him how much he loves the pain it was causing him; it filled him with a warmth he never knew he was capable of. Yet! He hates what it does to him. He hates the way his stomach tightens and the way it flutters out of his control. Or the way his heart hammers against his chest threatening to burst out of his rib cage and break through the barrier of flesh only to fall dead to the floor. Maybe… the prince is sick? Which, to be honest, was his initial thoughts but he soon realized with the dreadful help of Luss-nee that...that wasn't the case. Luss-nee did in fact laugh at him because of that, but he managed to shut him up with a deal of shopping together. He was bothered about this and did thorough research, so thorough to make sure, he had to make sure, to make sure he wasn't going crazy or insane. His mind was screaming at him, 'It's impossible for the prince to be like this!' He was beginning to hate this tantalizing feeling that swelled his heart in the sweet buttery way it does. Yet...he needs out. He needs to leave! He needs to escape his heart and get rid of it! Belphegor would be a liar if he never admitted to almost stabbing his heart out but quickly remembered that it was his brain's fault...either way the prince isn't going to die because of some puny human emotion. No. No, he will not. No, instead he will fight against it because he is the prince and the prince of Varia doesn't