Story 4

He cannot take it. No, he refuses to take it. That peasant keeps bothering and annoying him! That evil marshmallow man, that evil marshmallow man that needs to be roasted and burned.

He sent his pathetic right hand, Kikyo, to the prince and for what? To kill him. The prince laughed bitterly and what a failure that became. Did the overly sugary man suspect that since he was well acquaintance with Kikyo going as far as to think the prince would be too soft? Ushishishi. The prince is never soft; he waits for the perfect moment.

He cut and sliced Kikyo up a few times. He couldn't properly dismantle him...yet. He still needed a "gift" for Byakuran, god, he hates that name. He will kill that disgusting man when he gets the chance. The prince tolerated him for this long but...with the recent reminder of that, let's not go into it. Dreams are nothing but memories disrupted and are not a repeat of the future, a future that will never, under any circumstances, repeat.

Belphegor wants him dead and wants him gone. Byakuran is evil and scary...he will admit that. That day when he was upset about something else and over "taught" the prince. He shuddered in fear, it was good that he stopped, that knife was too close to comfort. He could...he could have... No! No, he didn't and he will never. Byakuran is an insane man that needs to be dealt with but...with recent events, that wasn't possible. Damn it! He took a deep and rushed breath, taking it in and forcing it out.

'The prince will be fine...' He gasped out between breaths of air. He just needed to...tolerate the fucking man. He hates him. He hates him. He hates him. Boiling with frustration he banged the concrete wall in agonizing pain that went ignored not being able to compare to the pain his memories were giving him.


The bruised fist shook against the unscratched wall, he couldn't take it. He slid down the wall in defeat, a defeat for the prince alone. "The prince...w-will be...f-fine..." He sobbed as if choking on the very oxygen he breathes in.

He will never forget what Byakuran did in the future even if it no longer applies in the present.