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Chapter 12:

In the months since his friends' arrival in his home dimension, they had all settled quite nicely. At first they had constantly made their way into the closest town, in which Hylas had purchased a quaint store for Nigel to set up his tailor shop at. They had all worked to fix it to Nigel's specifications -though to be perfectly honest Hylas had mostly supervised at Nigel's demand for 'Cutie-pie is still recovering, so don't let him overexert himself.' A command that the twins had no compunctions in following.

Hylas had not been pleased, but he mostly sat and watched as Nigel, George, and Fred, rearranged, organized, and planned out ever little detail to the tailor's desire. Colorful fabrics hung from the walls on display, drawings of some of Nigel's designs - which the man had hastily drawn to be more in line with the times - were framed and hung in the small sitting foyer at the front of the shop. There was a pedestal near the back surrounded by mirrors and hidden from the rest of the shop by rice-paper room dividers that Nigel had come across in some abandoned room in Potter Manor - that was set up so that patrons could have privacy while having their measurements taken, but other patrons would still be able to scan the fabrics and designs. There were two door on the back wall of the shop. The right was nearest to the pedestal and all its trapping and lead to a dressing room. The left lead to a sewing room.

It had taken almost two weeks to set up. And by the time Hylas and the twins were to depart for Weston College, Nigel was quite well set up in town. The tailor had made several friends of the women of the town, and had been invited to quite a few social gatherings. Business was also going well, and with all of these factors combined Hylas felt much better about leaving Nigel.

Around the latter part of August Hylas, Fred, and George began preparing for their departure to Weston College.

Weston College was a strange place, and considering he had attended Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, that was saying something indeed. After the very first day, Fred and George had pulled him aside and questioned him if all muggle schools were like this - they found the fag system, and the for prefects quite peculiar. They were quite relieved that his response was the negative and that Weston College was an oddity.

The twins looked at each other and shrugged, informing Hylas that they were going to 'roll with it'. Apparently, 'rolling with it' meant - to the twins at least - that they were going to prank anyone who tried to take them - or Hylas - on as their fag, and prank anyone who seemed to enjoy the system too much.

During the first few months of school the twins developed quite the reputation. Not only were they known troublemakers - of the non-bullying variety, thank you very much -, they were outgoing charismatic - which led to them making many acquaintances among the student population - it had also spread that they were the only ones who were able to approach Earl Potter. This last fact coupled with the revelation that had gotten out that Fred and George Weasley had no notable heritage, lead to the rumor that Earl Potter had brought them along a servants - a rumor that was quickly squashed, because: What Earl would let servants be so friendly towards them?

In those same months, Hylas had also made himself quite the reputation, however, it wasn't nearly as amiable as the twin's. Word had spread about the school that Earl Potter was quiet, almost always had his head in a book, never ate in the dining hall, and, most definitely, was extremely difficult to approach. Some had tried, after all, who wouldn't want to have an Earl as a connection? and everyone had, without fail, failed miserably. Yes, Earl Potter would respond in class if asked something, but if a classmate were to approach him, he would glance disdainfully at them until they left him alone. The Weasley twins were the only ones he would speak to, and after awhile others stopped trying.

However, it was very well known that the young Earl was not in very good health, once a month without fail, a young doctor with blond curls would come to check up on the Earl, who would become bed ridden almost immediately afterwards. The Weasley twins had been seen glaring at the doctor as he left, leading to some conspiracy theories that the doctor was poisoning the Earl, but no one really believed those, as they were said in jest.

And so, time passed.

May, 1889

Hylas was fifteen and in his second year at Weston College. He had managed to maintain his reputation over the years as the unapproachable and ill Earl of Weston College. Yet somehow he had managed to gain a fan base among some of the younger years for some reason that was far beyond his comprehension. Not that it really mattered. He had only heard of such from Fred and George, no one approached him over it so he couldn't bother himself to care that younger students had come to idolize him for whatever reason.

As his reputation had, thankfully, endured, so had the twins'. They had become quite popular, and whenever someone had raised a fuss over their bloodlines - or lack thereof - said person always found themselves regretting it not too soon after - with strangely absolutely no proof as to the culprit(s) of their misfortune.

Unfortunately, however, for Hylas, this was the Twin's final year at Weston College. After graduation, they were going to return to Potter Manor for a few years to fine tune some of their inventions that they had been working on for a few years. Hylas knew they one day hoped to reinvent cars and motorcycles in this dimension, but they wished to wait a few years to do so. And even though Hylas, Nigel, Mr. Yamamoto, and Mrs. Reece, had all encouraged them to attend University upon graduation, the twins had been quite bullheaded upon the subject, and were very adamant that they were done with school when this school year concluded. And that was that.

"QT, guess what -" started Fred, as he threw himself upon the ground next to where Hylas was propped with a book under a shade tree, George following suit on Hylas's other side.

" - We're getting a new student. It's rather -" George continued, laying his head on Hylas's thigh.

"- Peculiar, you know, what with them coming so late in the school year." Fred concluded.

Hylas raised a eyebrow. "You're telling me this, because I should be bothered to care, why?"

They shared a devilish smile, something Hylas swore had gotten even more hellish since they had met Marcus almost two and a half years ago now.

"Well," they began in unison.

"You probably don't particularly care, however, - "

"- You may be interested to know that the new student is -"

" - Earl Ciel Phantomhive." They finished together looking towards Hylas for his reaction. They were disappointed because Hylas merely raised his eyebrows and nodded, not looking like he cared much at all that they had just told him that his last blood relation - Angela Duress had died the previous year - was going to attend the same institute as him.

"Oh, come on QT. Aren't you even the slightest bit excited?" George questioned gently.

"You did say you hadn't seen this cousin of yours since you were five, right? Aren't you curious to see how he's grown up?" Fred asked.

"After all he's the last one left." They stated softly.

Hylas looked off into the distance, not wanting to look at his closest friends at the moment. Finally, Hylas responded, "I might. No promises."

Even that vague answer, that really wasn't an answer at all, caused the twins to grin and give Hylas a Nigel-like-strangle-hug.

Hylas rolled his eyes. Typical.

Earl Ciel Phantomhive arrived in late May of 1889 to Weston College, which was the most reputable institution in Great Britain. It was located slightly outside of London proper on the River Thames. The only reason he was going to attend Weston College, which had been his father's Alma Mater, was at Queen Victoria's behest. She desired for him to find out why one of her relatives, a Derrick Arden, and other students besides, were refusing to return home.

Due to Weston's policy regarding not being able to bring servants to the school, Ciel had ordered Sebastian to find his own was to infiltrate the school as Ciel went in as a normal student. Sebastian's solution had been to go into Weston as a dorm supervisor..

Ciel was running, most unbecomingly, through the gates of Weston College on his first day. He was determined to make a impressive first impression, for Weston - despite the outrageous attendance fees - was the most prestigious school available. It was where countless children of nobility and status attended to get the highest education possible to become the future gentlemen of Britain. Ciel was determined to start this off on the right foot.

... A desire that was quickly rendered null and void, as a flurry of whispers sounded as his feet touched the school's green lawn.

After an encounter with - who Ciel was later informed were the P4, by a fellow Blue House first year named McMillian - who kindly explained who the P4 were and what 'y''s were. The P4 was the collective name for the four prefects, or dormitory leaders, from the four school houses at Weston - the Blue House, Green House, Red House, and Violet house. 'Y''s were apparently plenty points, where one would have to write a Latin poem one hundred times. Ciel was also informed that it was against school policy to walk on the lawn, a thing that he thought was very inefficient.

McMillan drug him to class, where Ciel's day got stranger by the hour, what with the strange traditions that the school enforced. Ciel personally found it all very ridiculous, annoying, and inconvenient. Especially when he was informed that regular students were unable to meet with the principal. He realized he would have to work towards becoming a fag of a prefect so that he would be able to meet with the principal at 'Midnight Tea'. The irritable traditions of Weston College once more arose when he asked about Derrick Arden - who was a student of the Violet House - only to be scolded and informed that with wasn't proper to be friendly with students from the other dormitories, due to the frequent competitions among the dorms.

"However..." McMillan said hesitantly, looking away in thought. "There is an exception to that rule with the Weasley twins."

"The Weasley twins? I'm not familiar with that name, nor can I think of any noble family with twins around this age." Ciel asked, trying to get a good grasp on the complexities of this school and its students. It was odd he hadn't at least heard of the surname 'Weasley'; it was necessity for him to be familiar with the ins-and-outs of Britain's nobility.

"Oh, you probably would not have, Phantomhive." McMillian, looked around, as if making sure no one was close enough to hear what he was about to impart. "They are not of a noble lineage."

Ciel allowed his eyes to widen in surprise, because truly that was surprising, considering how expensive, exclusive, and difficult for even nobility to attend Weston. "Truly? And you said that they are also the ones to befriend students from other house?" Ciel wanted confirmation, because if it was true it sounded like he would be needing to add befriending these twins to his to do list. There was no telling what these twins would know due to their ability to converse with different dorm's students.

"Yes! They are common folk and they are well regarded among all the houses, even though they belong to the Green House. They are particularly personable and quite charismatic." McMillan informed him. Ciel's classmate looked around once more to make sure no one was going to overhear what he was about to say. "However, they are particularly close to a upperclassman from our own dorm. Rumor has it that he's the one who's paying for them to attend Weston. It was going around at some point that he was getting around the no servant policy by getting them to attend, but no one really believes that due to how familiar they are with him."

Ciel was about to get McMillan to tell him who the student these twins were close to in the Blue House was, but the other freshman was called away by the upperclassman he was fag for, so Ciel was unable to learn it.

Ciel nearly groaned moments later when Clayton, fag to the Blue House's prefect, arrived and told him that he had been assigned to clean the dining hall. Once Clayton had left, Ciel summoned Sebastian, informed his butler what he had learned of Arden, and ordered him to clean the dining hall while he went to investigate.

Hylas was bringing his food back from the kitchens - he cooked his own meals, for he still refused to put anything made by anyone else in his mouth for fear of poison - to the Blue dorm's dining hall. He always arrived after everyone else had already departed for 'fag time' -after almost two years he still found this tradition absolutely ridiculous. Hylas was quite personally more than glad to just ignore the tradition, and never once had he turned in any of the lines that he was suppose to due for his accumulation of 'y''s for ignoring the ridiculous practice - he was also quite famous for ignoring the 'only members of the P4 were allowed on the lawn rule'.

Hylas found it absurd that he was to pay an exorbitant amount of money on Weston's tuition, and yet, he was to be a gofer for other students and forbidden to walk on the lawn - so he simply ignored the ridiculous traditions and their punishments - its not like they could write to his parents about his behavior, and he had made it quite clear that he would like nothing better than to be expelled. He hadn't wanted to attend this school in the first place after all - in fact he already planned to cease his enrollment when the twins graduated - it would be unbearable without them here, and even his attorney, Castle Marley, agreed that he had adjusted quite well in society, by this point, and found nothing wrong with employing tutors until his education was completed.

Anyway, as Hylas was just outside the Blue dorm dining hall - and as usual it was a complete mess as it normally was after meals - when he heard voices inside the hall. Quite peculiar, particularly because, generally only one student was assigned to clean the dining hall and 'fag time' had begun long enough ago that no one else should be in there. Curiosity- a trait of his that had definitely increased due to overexposure to Fred and George - drove him to peeping around the door to glance inside to see -

Well... he most certainly hadn't expected to see an older version of his little cousin Ciel with one of his eyes glowing a demonic purple as he commanded the new dorm supervisor to clean the dining hall for him. Deciding that he most certainly did not want to get involved, Hylas hid behind the door as Ciel marched past, and decided to eat outside for a change - the today's weather had been particularly lovely.

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