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Chapter 13:

Hylas would admit, if only to himself, that for a demon Mr. Sebastian Michealis was quite an effective teacher. Or he was, for all of the students that were actually bothering to pay attention to the demon's lecture - though Hylas himself was not in that particular demographic of the class.

Absently, as he watched the demon he had discovered was contracted to his last remaining blood relative, Hylas wondered where Ciel had his contract mark.

Perhaps, he pondered, the mark was why Ciel had an eyepatch. While Hylas would have never considered having his placed in that particular location (he got lost with both eyes wide open - how much worse it would be being only able to see out of one, he shuddered to think) partly due to his paranoia - two eyes were also better to watch out for those who may try to harm him. He had to acknowledge that a contract mark on one's eye would result in a particularly strong contract.

So lost in his musing, Hylas hadn't realized that the entire classroom had gone silent. He looked up to find that Mr. Michealis had stopped in front of Hylas's desk with a polite smile on his face, so polite that it was quite obvious that the demon was annoyed at his lack of attention to the lesson.

Well, then again, Hylas thought to himself as he looked up blankly at the demon teacher, ignoring the tension of his delayed response to the teacher caused in the classroom. It was possible that the demon was already annoyed enough that he was having to pose as a teacher and deal with a bunch of human brats along with having to put up with Ciel as well. The demon was more likely than not in a constant state of annoyance.

Mr. Michealis cleared his throat to gain his attention. Hylas finally focused on the demon in front of him.

"Yes, sir?" he questioned in a dull tone. Not as if he had been technically ignoring his teacher for a good five minutes.

Mr. Michealis eyes closed, smile polite and strained. His eyes opened again, after half a second. "Mr. Potter - "

"Earl." Hylas corrected absently, tapping his pen against his desktop.

"Excuse me?" Mr. Michealis asked sharply. There was a twittering of nervous giggle from somewhere in the classroom.

"It's Earl Potter, Mr. Michealis." He elaborated blandly. While he wished he didn't have the title, because he much preferred that his father would still be alive, it was his proper title.

Mr. Michealis lips thinned, and Hylas pondered whether or no Marcus would kill this demon if Michealis decided to kill the other demon's food source, i.e. Hylas himself.

"Then, Earl Potter, would you please be so kind as to answer the equation on the board." Mr. Michealis ordered.

Hylas glanced at the chalkboard and the equation written on it. It was rather long and full of multiple variables -honestly whoever decided to put the alphabet in maths …

"Sixteen point four." Hylas answered, bored with the entire thing.

"Correct." Mr. Michealis responded, as if he didn't quite believe he was saying it.

Hylas shrugged - curse that uncouth habit! - and turned his attention to the nearby window as Mr. Michealis resumed the lecture.

Hylas watched das a red bird hopped excitedly on the window seal outside the glass pane.

He wondered, for half a moment, why exactly his cousin had come to Weston with a demon disguised as a teacher? Maybe to get around the school's ' no servant ' policy?

Well, whatever, it's not like Hylas cared to be honest.

"So, what you're saying - ", began Fred.

"-Is that your cousin has a demon as well." Said George glancing at his brother.

"And that the demon is Mr. Michealis." Finished Fred.

"Is that right, QT?" George questioned.

Hylas, who was laying flat on his back, head propped on his arms, under a large tree on the lawn - in blatant disregard of the school's rules to NOT be on the lawn unless you were a prefect - with a book laying open on his face. He merely nodded in reply to the questioning.

The twins glanced at each other, concerned expressions on both of their faces. Looks which Hylas completely missed.

They both mentally agreed to contact Nigel to inform him of the situation, because they both knew Hylas wouldn't think the information important enough to write to the man about it.

They sighed and simultaneously flopped onto the ground alongside Hylas. Their best friend, basically their brother, was just so indifferent now, compared to how he was before he had been kidnapped. Not that that was QT's fault in anyway. The Death Eaters and You-Know- Who were entirely to blame for the change in QT. QT certainly hadn't asked to be kidnapped and tortured for a year.

Nevertheless, QT may not be the same as when they had originally met on the train to Hogwarts, they had come to love this indifferent, paranoid, and overall more peculiar version of their friend - just as they had before.

Quirks and all, he was still their best friend and they would do anything for him. Fred and George knew that Hylas would do the same for them.

Marcus Samael immediately concealed his energy the moment he stepped foot onto Weston College's grounds. He smiled politely as some of the students passed him by, but internally he was seething. There was another demon on these grounds.

He ground his teeth together furiously. Marcus hoped for the other demon's sake that it hadn't noticed the magical energy that seeped from Hylas ( and Fred and George too, he supposed, but they weren't his meal ticket) as the princess (and wasn't it great that his nickname for Hylas had stuck) regained his magic between feedings.

Marcus hadn't had a meal anywhere near as delicious as Hylas Potter in thousands of years and he couldn't bare the idea of someone stealing off his plate. If the other demon even thought to touch his princess, Marcus would personally rip them apart, and deliver the pieces back to Hell.

No one was going to touch his food.

He smiled demonically ( and truly, was there any other smile a demon could possess?) at the pleasure he would get from annihilating one of his kind, and in anticipation for the meal he was going to partake in shortly. Marcus licked his lips and went to find Hylas.

He found his master under a tree with the mirror children his master was so fond of. Marcus was always amused by them, because they always glared at him when he came to visit princess for a feeding.

"Dr. - " said one scathingly sarcastic.

"- Samael." Finished the other. "Back to check up on QT again?"

"My word, it feels as if you were just here yesterday." Fred, Marcus believed, said bitingly.

He smirked at them and grabbed Hylas's outreached had to pull the boy off the ground. As always, princess was expressionless and emotionless - well, unless you considered blank an expression.

"Hello, Fred and George." Marcus greeted cheerfully, smiling brightly at them both as he wrapped an arm around his Master's shoulders. "You both know that I always come to check up on Earl Potter once a month. He's always in such poor health, isn't he? Can't be negligent concerning his health, now can we?"

The mirror children glared fiercely at him. But it was the fierceness of kittens hissing at a tiger. Negligible and terribly amusing. He would have loved to have bothered them more, it was always so, so fun, but alas his master spoke.

"Fred, George, I'll see you both when you visit my room tomorrow. Could you please pick up any assignments I have from Mr. Michealis? He's new and didn't know to prepare my work in advance."

"No problem, QT."

"We'll be there first thing in the morning."

The mirror children promised. His master nodded and then Marcus led him towards his dormitory.

They were silent until they reached Hylas's private room.

"Are you aware there is another of my kind present?" Marcus hissed.

Hylas was removing the thick banded ribbon he always wore around his neck - to cover the contract mark - as he replied. Then he began changing from his uniform to his night robe.

"Yes, apparently my younger cousin has contracted a demon as well. He's posing as a teacher on Ciel's command." Hylas replied, getting comfortable on his bed.

Ah, so the other demon was on a leash as well. That certainly mad Marcus more comfortable leaving his master here with the other demon still living. Most demons under contract didn't eat unless they had explicit permission from their masters. So, Hylas was more safe from this than it was a demon roaming free.

Marcus smiled and bounced over to Hylas, his blond curls bouncing as well. Now he could eat without worrying too much for the princess. He'd hate to have to find another meal to have to compare after the delectable cuisine of Hylas's magic.

"Comfortable?" Marcus asked as he sat on the edge of the bed next to where the princess was laying.

"As I'll ever be." Hylas replied, waving his hand, almost in a bored manner. "Just get on with it."

Marcus's grin widened, as he descended on Hylas's lips so he could absorb the magic from his master's frail human body.

"With pleasure, princess."

Ciel could not believe his eyes, and from the expression on Sebastian's face, the demon was just as dumbfounded at the absurdity of it as Ciel was. Why on earth Prince Soma thought it would be a good idea to arrive at Weston College on the back of an elephant and a full entourage of flamboyant characters, Ciel would never understand.

All that was clear to Ciel was that Prince Soma had not the faintest idea of what the term 'subtle' was or what it ment. And that Agni indulged the spoiled prince's whims far too much.

"George, brother dear, be a dear and pinch me." Said a voice from beside Ciel.

"Only if you tell me you see the kid riding a pachyderm as well, Fred." Spoke a second voice.

"Oh, then never mind pinching me - Ouch! I said never mind!"

"Sorry." The second voice chirped, not sounding sorry in the slightest.

"No, you're not." replied the first voice in a huff.

"No, I'm not." agreed the second pleasantly.

Ciel turned to find a set of red haired twins. Well, that went better than expected, now he didn't have to track them down at all. Maybe Prince Soma was good for something other than being a neucince after all.

"Excuse me." Ciel called, gaining the attention of the twins, whose conversation had devolved into bickering back and forth as the two took turns pinching each other.

"Oh, look Fred, a new face, I think," said the one who must be George Weasley.

Fred nodded sagely. "Definitely correct, brother dear, never seen this fellow here at good ol' Weston before." Confirmed Fred for his brother.

"Now," spoke George. "What can we - "

"- the amazingly fantastic, and devilishly handsome - "

" - Weasley twins do for you?"

The back and forth, and finishing each other's sentences, got old rather quickly, Ciel found. However, these two were well known and well connected within the school and had contacts throughout the dormitories. No matter how odd they were, they were certain to be valuable resources with his case for Her Majesty.

"I am Earl Ciel Phantomhive, and I was wondering if the two of you could answer some questions for me. I've heard you two are quite well connected among the different dorms. Do either of you, by any chance, know Derrick Arden?" Ciel asked, hoping that they wouldn't respond as evasively as everyone else he had mentioned the name to.

Fred's face became pinched, as if he had smelled some unpleasant odor wafting through the air at the mention of Arden's name, as did George's.

"Yeah, most people know that twit, though can't say I've seen him in a few months." Answered Fred with a scoff.

George said, "No skin off our backs, that. Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say. Don't care if I ever lay eyes on that wanker again."

Hylas frowned, though at least they weren't trying to avoid the subject, this response wasn't what he had been expecting at the mention of the Queen's kin. "May I ask why?"

"You kind of already did." Fred quipped.

"But we suppose, we could answer anyway." replied George.

"Arden is nothing but a bullying scumbag." they answered together. Then the twins proceeded to wander off before Ciel could ask them to elaborate.

Well, at least he had found two people that would actually talk to him about Derrick Arden. That was an improvement in and of itself.

Nevertheless, it didn't change Ciel's plans to try to smoke out Arden from the Violet dormitory tonight. All the conversation with the Weasley twins had accomplished, in truth, was make Ciel wonder if he should be looking for enemies of Arden among the students.

Hylas woke to the stench of smoke and a chorus of screams ringing throughout the air. Stumbling out of bed on unsteady legs, he made his way to his window, only to look out to see flames. His room faced the Violet dormitory, and through his window he had always had a clear view of the building. And currently the view was of the stately building cast in flames while the residents screamed while making their escape.

He opened the window, only to slam it shut merely half a second later as the smoke vapors hit his nose. Coughing a little, he continued to watch the chaos for a moment, before he noticed something.

Not far away from the chaos, Hylas could see Ciel. His cousin wasn't running to help, and as Hylas was aware Ciel was a member of the Blue House, just as he was.

Ciel, Hylas could see, was just watching everything burn.

Then Mr. Michealis appeared - if Hylas wasn't aware that the professor was a demon he would say that the man appeared from thin air - beside Ciel. Mr. Michealis seemed to relay some information to Ciel that displeased Hylas's cousin...

Hylas yawned. He was still very tired from Marcus's visit earlier, and to be honest it didn't really matter one wit to him if Ciel was growing up to be a pyromaniac or an arsonist or whatever.

Hylas pulled the drapes so that the light from the burning building wouldn't shine into his bedroom.

And then he went to bed. Hoping that Ciel had good enough sense not to burn the dormitory the he had to sleep in himself. That would be most inconvenient.


However, if Ciel did burn all the dormitories down, Weston would be force to shut down and Hylas could go home.

Maybe he should send Fred and George to encourage his cousin's pyromania.

He rolled in his bed. No that would be far too much effort.

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