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Chapter One:

Potter Manor (1881)

Potter Manor was one of the oldest manors in England, it was also among one of the largest, though in recent years most of the Manor had been closed off. The Potters were no longer as large or as social as they had been in previous generations. The family had been reduced to a mere three members that bore the name Potter, and after complications of the Potter couple's first child birth, their first was going to be their only.

So, financially and logically it only was common sense for Earl Potter to reduce the number of servants to only ten maids, a gardener, two cooks, a coachman, stable boy, and a butler, Mr. Yamamoto, who had been working there since Earl Potter was a young man.

Anyway, today was a very special day in the Potter Manor, for today was February 14th, Young Master Hylas' seventh birthday. Which, of course, was a monumental achievement considering it had astounded the country' s top doctors, for they had said he would not live past his first, or even, to see his first.

All the servants adored their little lord, how could anyone hate a child that lit up a room every time he smiled that sweet smile of his. The maids constantly fought over who was to dress him because they loved to dress him up like a little doll, he always looked so adorable. He was a darling child who would spontaneously bring his mother a bundle of flowers from the garden all wrapped together in a pretty ribbon.

Most people would think a child that had been born with a silver spoon in his mouth would be a spoilt brat, especially with how his parents pampered him because of his weak constitution, but no. Hylas Jibril Potter may have been lucky enough to be born in to a sheltered environment, but the child was far from spoilt. Even at his young age Lawson Potter had made sure his son had known how hard money was to earn, even though the child was set for life with the family's careful investments over the years and generations.

And as everyone adored little Hylas, today was a very important day. Since before the dawn's break all the servants had been busy trying to get the preparations for the big celebration that night; and, after Earl and Lady Potter had awoken, at 8:00 am on the dot, and partook in breakfast they also became caught up in the chaos of party planning.

It wasn't to be a big party or anything of that nature, just the normal household occupants with no guests –all of Earl Potter's family lived too far off to call in for a mere day and Lady Potter was the last of her family-, but, there were presents to wrap, decorations to be strung, and a feast of Hylas' favorite foods to be prepared.

So with all the commotion going on in the Manor no one thought much of not seeing little lord Hylas 'til evening. Everyone assumed that he had gone out to play in the gardens after the Head Maid, Mrs. Reece, had dressed him for the day.

When they checked the gardens they thought nothing of him not being there and merely went off in search of him elsewhere.

When Hylas couldn't be found on the first floor of the Manor a small amount of trepidation began to set in.

When the little lord couldn't be found in the gardens, kitchens, library, first, second, third, or fourth floors, or anywhere in or around the Manor the maids began to shriek and wail; Lady Potter had long since fainted.

Two years later the police that had been called in deemed continuing the search for Hylas Jibril Potter was a lost cause. And two years following that and prior to the fire and subsequent murder of the Phantomhive family, excepting Ciel Phantomhive, Lady Jasmine Potter went mad with grief and slit her and her husband's throat one night.

As per Earl Lawson Potter's will the servants continued on in the Manor, keeping it in working order for the next master of the Manor to arrive. Many held on to a hope that it would be little lord Hylas but with each passing day that shimmer of hope dimmed more and more.

Hogwarts (1987 a few days after Dumbledore discovered Harry Potter's Death)

Dumbledore stared in amazement at the child who had appeared just moments ago from the rune circle he had tirelessly worked on for the past few days. Of course the fact that this particular ritual had been outlawed for centuries due to its dark nature didn't even faze the man. After all, he was the head of the Light, and he was only performing the dark ritual for the greater good of the wizarding world.

He obviously was the type of man who thought himself privileged and above the law and, even, the standards he held those around him to.

The boy the ritual had brought from some other world, he really didn't care where as long as the boy served his purpose, didn't look exactly like Harry Potter. But really, what did he know? He had last seen the child as a corpse.

This child, if the man had to make comparisons, favored Lilly Potter more so than James. He had pale, nearly alabaster, flawless skin and deep red hair that was boarder line black, that was pulled back into a neat top-lock with the rest flowing like silk to his shoulder blades. Dumbledore obviously couldn't tell with the boy's eyes closed what color they were, but he could see that the child possessed almond shaped eyes, like Lilly had, which would lend even more credibility that this was indeed her son. Truly, had Dumbledore not known that this child had no relation to either Potter he would have thought it was their child.

How fortunate. Now he wouldn't have to waste any energy on putting the child under a permanent glamour. One less piece of dark magic he would have to perform today.

Dumbledore pointed his wand at the unconscious child lying in the center of the rune he had drawn with the blood of a unicorn (that had died a natural death), and began to chant in a language that even he was unfamiliar with it was so ancient. A red beam of light erupted from the end of his wand and surrounded the boy's wrist causing him to moan in pain. The light only lasted for a few moments, and upon disappearing a thin, silver bracelet that was completely covered in small delicate symbols was all that remained.

Due to the pain of the spell the child had been awoken and was staring at Dumbledore with confused and frightened, vibrantly astonishingly beautiful emerald eyes. Eyes that made Lilly Potter's look weak and ugly in comparison. Eyes that seemed to see straight to the manipulative old man's soul. Eyes that forced the old man turn away so that he could collect himself.

A sweetly innocent voice that was tinged with fright made the Headmaster turn to face the child he had practically kidnapped (really there was no 'practically' about it).

"Umm, Sir, where am I? And who might you be?"the boy spoke with an upper crust, aristocratic accent that just screamed refinement and wealth. Dumbledore frowned. That wasn't good, hopefully the boy would learn to stop speaking like that after enough time with the Dursley's.

The old man chuckled earning him a wary glance from those green eyes, and didn't reply to the question. Instead he pointed his wand once again at the child and chanted:

"Castri antiqui deos et spiritus justo munus tumm puero hoc ita se habet potentiam se defendendi…"

He watched with fascinated eyes as the child's back arched sharply and a blood-curling wail of pain tore from the boy's throat. Then tremors began to rack the small body as beams of a golden plasma looking substance that started seeping from the cracks and crannies of the walls and floors converged, growing ever larger and larger, then entering the boy through his mouth. The substance made the green eyed child choke and gag as it prevented him from screaming like his body urged him to do. Blood poured from his mouth, nose, and eyes.


Hylas was quite positive he was going to die from whatever the creepy man had done to him. He had never felt such intense pain in his young life, and he could only imagine this was what it felt like to be torn apart from the inside. For, inside him was a strange energy that was foreign to his system and he could tell his body was fiercely rejecting it. Yet, Hylas was well aware it was fighting a losing battle.

Ever since his birth, which had been riddled with complication after complication, he had been predicted to die, for his body was much frailer than it ought to be. Never before had he been certain he was going to die, but he couldn't see how he was going to survive this pain, this terrible pain that the silver-bearded man had cruelly and unnecessarily inflected upon him.

His emerald eyes flickered closed for what he thought would be the last time, all the while glaring at the man who had done this too him, a man he had never meet before.

This was the first time in his life that the sweet young boy had ever hated anyone in his life.

It would not be the last.