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Chapter 1: Prologue

Planet Reach

Enzio-B312 placed a fresh new clip on his M392 Designated Marksman Rifle after emptying it on 3 unlucky Elites charging at him while out in the open, "These things never stop coming do they?"

Wave after wave of Grunts, Jackals and Elites come upon his position without end, although he has been doing well so far, he knows he won't be able to keep it up for long without support, which is highly unlikely considering he is on a planet being invaded and overwhelmed by the Covenant forces with most of the planet's military forces being evacuated.

A few grunts and Elites charge at him guns blazing but are quickly cut down by a few bursts from the Spartan's MA37 ICWS right before throwing an M9 fragmentation grenade right in the midst of them, he then grabs his Battle Rifle and shots a few Jackals, all fatal headshots.

His battle-honed instincts suddenly act up and he quickly turns around and finds himself face-to-face with a Elite Zealot about to stab him with its Energy Sword, a fatal injury, if it hits that is.

The Elite stabbed it's sword forward in an attempt to skewer the Spartan-III but B312 enters "Spartan Time" and moves out of the way barely avoiding the fate of being a human shish kebab, then counters by hitting the alien with the butt of his Assault rifle knocking it backwards then grabs his pulls out his M45 Tactical Shotgun shoots the Elite once, depleting it's energy shield.

"Demon, you will not survive our attacks for long!"

One pull of a trigger and the Alien's face is unrecognizable.

More grunts approach him with caution while B312 is reloading his weapons with fresh magazines from a supply and weapons drop that he managed to salvage and place near his last stand area, hearing their footsteps; he drops his freshly reloaded weapons, pulls out his combat knife and dashes toward the grunts with lightning speed, despite the fact that the MJOLNIR armor he was wearing weighs half a ton, while the Grunts could only watch as the grunt in front was beheaded by the green blur, B312 then proceeds to slash a grunt in an X-shaped pattern, turn around grab another by its neck with one hand and throws the poor grunt to another one about to fire an overcharged plasma round, it's body was less than an inch from the barrel of the Plasma Pistol when it discharged, vaporizing both the shooter and the victim.

He went back to cover, picked up his weapons and was about to place it on his back when suddenly he finds a huge hole in the ground pulling him in like quicksand, although this is definitely not sand because instead of sand, he was being pulled down into a dark void

"What the hell is going on?!" B312 tries to resist the void to no avail as it seemed to suck in everything he could grab hold to, including the supply drop.

This was obviously not the Covenant's doing as they had their mouths, or what they have that passes for mouths, wide open.

The last thing Enzio-B312 saw before vanishing into the void was the Covenant's shouts of celebration as they thought that the Spartan was being dragged into his utter demise by some kind of knew unknown technology that seem to be on their side..

Fortunately, they were wrong.

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