Frederick had just about had enough of his liege's folly; how could he not see by now that Dagon was a Plegian spy? She was so over-friendly and casual with everyone, always getting so close without even trying to people even he wouldn't approach. And he was sure she went to go meet her informant each night, after all she why would she skip meal if they were the best place to gather information? He would catch her in the act tonight though. If she wasn't in her tent, which she wouldn't be, he was going to catch her with her informant. And then Chrom would love him forever. I mean he would thank him for being such a loyal subject. Yeah.

He was sure in for a (pleasant?) surprise.

He barged in without knocking, swiftly proclaiming "Dagon, I need a word with-" He stopped in his tracks, tent flap still ajar. Everyone was busy eating, but Frederick could feel his stomach drop. Dagon was here alright. She just wasn't wearing a shirt was all.

"Oh, Frederick! What an unpleasant surprise." She didn't even look up from her book. He could see a birthmark on her back.

"You're not wearing a shirt." He resounded, still full of shock.

"How can I be of service my dreadful fellow?" She stood up to face him after placing a bookmark to hold her place. He could see her nipples. He swiftly shut the tent flap behind him, facing away from her with a blush beginning to stain his cheeks.

"You're not wearing a shirt!" He was very close to bolting out of the tent away from this madwoman, but he came to the realization that this all might be just some crazy scheme to run him out so she could sneak away to the informant. She had anticipated him. Touché. "M'lady, why don't you have a shirt on?" Touché right back!

"Fredrick...don't tell me you've never seen a woman before?" Such a mocking tone, he would have revenge for this! "In all seriousness though, I just had a very enlightening conversation with Sully. We were speaking about how it was odd that men could walk around when they're too warm without shirts on. Women can't do that, or rather they don't do that." He couldn't tell if she was moving about, he refused to turn around. "Well now they do, starting with me!"

He brought his palm up to his face, dragging it down slowly in aggravation. She was an idiot. Chrom entrusted all their lives to an idiot. He was almost hoping she was a Plegian spy. Maybe that's what she wanted him to think!

"Please put a shirt on M'lady." He said firmly without turning around.

"It's far too hot and there is nothing unnatural about this. People spend months eating out of these for crying out loud! Besides its not like I'm super built like Tharja or Cordelia. Actually, I heard Cordelia stuffs her bra. Did you hear about that?" These attempts at distraction were almost admirably absurd.

"Please, M'lady." There, that should trigger an argument to last the night. Her own incessant babble will keep her busy. There was a sigh.

"Oh, alright." A sigh escaped Frederick mouth, but before he could turn around he was pushed to the floor by an in-coming Sully.

"I did it! I can't believe I actually did it!" Sully and Dagon were bouncing around and hugging, very uncharacteristic of Sully. She stopped suddenly. "Wait...why is Frederick on the floor?"

"Huh? Oh right." Dagon smiled up at Sully. "Frederick came to...actually, he got all uppity about 'partial female nudity' or something." Dagon tilted her head upwards while closing her eyes, bringing her index finer to her lips while she pondered. "I think he called it dishonorable or something like that."

"What?" Sully glanced over her shoulder with a glare and malicious glint in her eyes. Stomping over to an astounded Frederick, who still had yet to lift himself off the floor. "And why is it that women can't walk around without a shirt on?" She put her hands on her hip in a defiant pose, "Just because some men might not have enough self-control not to leer doesn't mean we should have to suffer heatstroke!" Sully put her foot on Frederick's chest, pushing him out of the tent in a one swift motion.

"If you can't take the heat stay out of the kitchen!" Dagon said this with a childish grin before closing the tent flap.

Frederick couldn't believe it. His own former pupil had pushed him so rudely out the door, and she had proposed to Chrom! Women weren't supposed to do the proposing, and Chrom shouldn't be fraternizing with Sully in the first place. Sully didn't even ask for anyone's blessing either...Frederick had a feeling this was probably all Dagon's fault.