A/N Hello! I'm back with another chapter, which will be quite long, well I hope it is a least, but it will probs be that this chapter is the longest for a while. Anyway, it is quite a dark plot line this time (compared to last time), with a bit more action. Hope you enjoy!


America POV

I woke up the pitter pat of footsteps. "Maxon," I asked, "What are you doing here at this time!" I started laughing. I began to turn around to smile at him when suddenly and cold hand clasped around my mouth.

"I'm not Maxon," the voice said, "And don't even think about turning around." I did as I was told. "Drink this," and while saying this, the man held a glass in front of me. I took the glass, and waited till the man removed his hand. He did, but very slowly. "If you try anything," he said "I won't hesitate to kill you, and I'm pretty sure your darling, Prince Maxon, wouldn't want that." I took a sip of the glass. But the man demanded angrily, "Drink ALL of it!" I quickly drunk all of the glass, and watched and waited as darkness enveloped me.

When I woke, I was being manhandled into a cell, that was really quite big. It held a bed, toilet, sink, shower and closet. I was surprised. I didn't expect such luxuries as a prisoner. But clearly I was given them anyway. Someone started to talk to me. "Lady America, you are to remain here for an hour, then you are to meet with the Leader of the Rebels. Please get yourself ready for your appearance." The guards walked out of my cell, which had no window, I noticed, and closed the doors and locked them. I walked over to the closet and opened the doors wide. I was shocked when I saw them filled with beautiful gowns, shoes, hats and hair pieces. But before I picked anything, I went and took a shower, then came back to the open closet. I picked out a light blue dress and silver kittens heels and put them on. Even in my tired state, I felt beautiful and like a Queen. I managed to find some jewellery that matched my dress and I picked a sweet smelling perfume and a silver flower. I arranged my hair so that it tumbled down my shoulder. I put everything that wasn't already on, on and sat on my bed to wait until they came to get me.

When the doors opened, I watched two guards step inside and two wait out. I walked out in to the luxurious hallway and saw that the guards formed a square around me. They escorted me to the end of the hallway were double doors stood before me. I took a deep breath and knocked on the doors, and pushed them open when I heard a voice say, "Come in."

"Stunning," the voice said. I saw that the voice belonged to a man of about twenty-three. His teeth were pure white and he was dressed in a suit, with a white tie. His shoes were shined to perfection and there was no stains on his outfit anywhere. "Welcome, Lady America. Please sit down, make your self at home." I sat down in one of the cream coloured chairs the were in front of his desk. "Well, Lady America. You didn't put up a fight, did you now. Not at all what we expected." I held my tongue. I had learnt that from King Clarkson. "Oh, you don't speak out any more? Oh what a shame. We have so much to lure from each other. Mostly about how to get rid of the Castes." I cast my eyes down, then to the doorway, waiting for my Prince (Maxon) to come. "There is a spy at the Palace, and she will be reporting back to me. I advise you to steer things in the Rebels favour, otherwise things could turn nasty." He pushed some photos of my family onto the table. "These darling people will be gone. Forever. Unless you do what I say." He paused to take a breath. "You will convince the Royal Family that getting rid of the Castes is a good idea and that you are the one Maxon should marry. You will also convince them to hand over the diaries. Ok?" I realised how much importance the diaries and everything else held, but I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if May wasn't safe.

"Ok," I said. He pushed another cup in front of me.

"Drink it, all of it." I did as I was told.

When I woke, I found myself back in my bed, with only a couple minutes till daybreak. Safe and sound, I thought.