Maxon pulled my hand, leading me around the palace on a wild goose chase. Finally he stopped, and I saw we were on one of the more 'private' gardens. I looked round to see a picnic set for two, complete with Champagne, confetti guns and party poppers to help ring in the New Year. It was wonderful. I could hear the countdown coming from the palace. A little tipsy from all the Champagne and Red Wine, I grabbed a confetti gun from the pile of stuff and shot it in the air, soon followed by and couple of party poppers. And thanks to my luck,they managed to land on Maxon's head. He did the same to me, and soon we were both covered in confetti. Maxon look into my eyes, and in that moment, everything just felt, right.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me in close, then, he kissed me. Love, hope, care, sweetness, kindness, roughness, passion, and every other feeling that can be ignited by a kiss was there. Maxon was there. And I knew I didn't want anything to change.

A/N With a double feature (although this one is really short..)! Just thought I would get the holidays out of the road, and now they are. Hope you enjoyed!