I do not owe the characters from the TV series Criminal Minds

Sorry for the grammar but English is not my first language, I hope you tell me your thoughts or suggestions thanks and I just start to write so I don't know a lot I just write with my heart.

One those nights

It was one those nights after a hard case that only Derek and I share together like a friends and nothing more but for me I really want to change that but I never have the guts to tell him how I feel about him because my bigger fear is what if he doesn´t feels the same way I do? If his answer was negative that probably kill me but that night happened that amazing night, we was watching a movie and he ask me from nowhere why I don´t have a boyfriend? And I say because I don´t … know! But inside of my head is saying because I want you to be my boyfriend! Damn it... and the next question he ask me I really but really don´t expected was ... you don´t have a boyfriend because you don´t want? o because you don´t like anyone? and I feel his stare and my stomach is feels rare a good rare, my palms are sweating and to top it off I'm blushing but my answer was because "I DON´T LIKE ANYONE" from the moment that sentence leave my mouth I tell myself how stupid I was because that was the moment to tell him that I want him to be with me and be happy with me and after a few seconds but it feels like hours I take a deep breath and I pray for him to read me because I don´t have the guts to tell him because I'm scare so what I need is a signal from him so I really need to know his answerers … so I ask him the same question Why you don´t have a girlfriend? and he continued staring at me and he says because I don´t know ... but he say it with an amazing smile that smile that is just for me, he want me to continue the question game that he start a moments ago so I say what that hell here we go so the next thing that I'm doing is ask him the other questions that I know he wants me to ask so I took another deep breath and shoot "you don´t have a girlfriend because you don´t want? O because you don´t like anyone?"

I Just stare him and he answered with a big smile and tells me because "THE GIRL I LIKE SHE DOESN´T LIKE ANYONE" that sentence was all I need for me to tell him "maybe that girl just say that she doesn't like anyone is because she is really scare to lose her best friend and maybe she doesn't thought that he doesn't like her" I finally can breath and after I say it he smile me and he says that "he is scare too but he is tired to wait and he doesn't want to lose the most amazing, funny, caring and spectacular woman that he ever meet" and he says "that life is better to risk and lose than lose by not risking" and he ask me "Emily will you want to take a risk with me? because one thing now I know is I am in love with you" all the things he say to me that night was the most sweet and caring words so I say the only answer I know from the bottom of my heart "YES I want to try and I want to be with you because I LOVE YOU"

The next thing we do is kiss and we continue kiss for all night because our love is pure and great we are so in love that night was our first night together It was that night that all my fears disappeared he show me that he loves me no matter what and he always be there for me like I will be there for him because I love him!