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It was dark and stormy in the Skies of Hell. A lone being flew through the skies at speeds beyond measure and impossible to track by the untrained eye as he lost his pursuers. It looked like a fifteen year old boy who was a divine being in war attire. He had jet black hair that was spiky and down to his shoulder blades, midnight blue eyes that had a green tint in them, black armor with crimson symbols outlining it, and a crimson halo floated above his head. The halo identified him as a Fallen Angel. He landed in a mountainous area, masking his energy signature and suppressing his energy level to nothing. He made his way into a small structure that looked as a small shack, but well-built.

"Damn, that was too close." The Fallen Angel said as he entered his home. "Those pesky A rank scums are always trying to fight me. I do not have the time for them." The Fallen Angel said aloud to himself. "Well, on the other hand I have an eternity." He laughed at his own joke.

The Fallen Angel scanned the place he resided. It wasn't much: a few paintings on the wall, black candles lit and afloat in the room, and a bookshelf with books of various subjects lined in alphabetical order. He was honestly exhausted as his legs felt like concrete; it took all his will power to not just collapse and welcome the dark abyss that he longed deserved. There was an obligation he had to fulfill and he wasn't going to waste any more time. He sat his sack of supplies down and walked over to the chair at his desk and began writing the letter he had seen in his vision of the retribution The Fallen.

To the Chosen One:

Hope…it's something we cling to even in the greatest times of distress. It is only lost when one makes the choice to give it up. We still cling to it even though we are losing this war; the eternal struggle between the Fallen and the Angel.They wish to purge us, saying that we are abominations of God. Though, we say that they are corrupt and detest the ways of the Angel, two sides which are correct? Why do we fight over opinions and beliefs? Is it that illusion people believe in, Power? I know I fight for what I think is right…though I grow tired at times and want it all to end. Though, this is the existence we live in and dedicate ourselves to keep it. We keep Hope alive within us until the silencing of our voices. But even then Hope still can go on if the ideal is still alive.

My name is Arkadios Zalkari Ament. I am one of the Fallen, a general who served in the Great War a third of the way in this cycle which is known as the Great War in Heaven, between God and Lucifer. I saw that Lucifer's ideals were like that of my own. We fought for an ideal not for ourselves, for ideals cannot be silenced by the blade alone or the death of the one who has spread it. We all saw this fit and stood united and yes we lost, but we still stay strong as ever. We hide now for the fear of annihilation, for if you take all those who believe in what we did and eradicate them, who will carry on our belief? So, I shall share with you what we fought for and what we believed in, so that the idea we fought for will remain alive, even if the original ones perish, someone anew will rise and continue our goal and overcome the Angels. The one who can see this letter you have been chosen to continue the fight. The next generation one may say it as? Our time has passed for we failed, but soon a Hell will break loose again and War will once again break out. Times will be rough. Though, this letter will aid you Chosen One, whoever you are. Now I rambled a little too much, let me get to the ideal we fought for and laid down our lives for.

This existence is full of corruption. The ones put in charge to maintain the balance and watch over this universe have neglected their duties and have plunged the worlds into absolute chaos. There is war, strife, poverty, flawed systems, countless illusions, devastation, and destruction, injustice, and balance and things are spiraling out of control. There are those who wish to continue the existence as it is and let things go as they are. There are those who say all the old things must be eradicated and new things must be instilled. We fought to purge the old things as it was nothing, but insanity. It is not a matter of belief, if you look all throughout history you can see precisely what I speak of. Doing the same thing over and over and over and expecting different results…but you have the power to purge all the old and start anew and make this universe a better place. You have the power and you have been Chosen.

You cannot go through all of this alone and you will be facing challenges beyond your comprehension. There are things I cannot say that you will find and will be revealed to you in time. You have been Chosen to fix this universe. To conclude this letter are some words of advice:

Never back down, but choose your battles wisely.

Be very careful on whom you associate yourself with and who you call allies.

Ask questions when you are not sure and always observe your surroundings..

Know your strengths and weaknesses as well as your opponents and be aware of the board you are playing on.

Every piece has value, do not underestimate or over-estimate yourself, friends, or foes.

Read the Art of War.

Trust your instincts and intuition always, they will not fail you.

Last, but not least Never Give Up Hope!

You may wonder if you and I will ever cross paths. This I cannot guarantee, but I can tell you this. If you really want to find me you will. If you place your mind to it, it shall be done. With every battle you walk away from, regardless the cost, you shall gain something in return of your sacrifice rather you know it at the time or not. This is enough for now, take care, for you have been Chosen not by me, but by Fate and Destiny themselves. I am your ally as long as you so wish it. There is a lot I have not said, for they can only be said in person. This letter will open only to your touch, the contents of this letter are for your eyes alone, any other who is not worthy enough to read what wrote here will be cursed. You need to make sure that no one else reads the contents of this letter. I will be waiting. Stay strong.


Arkadios Zalkari Ament

The Fallen Angel finished the letter, and sealed it up in a specially designed container that would prohibit anyone, except the one destined to fulfill what the letter entailed from opening it. He placed a symbol on the case that sealed it. It was a rhombus with three marks above the three corners of the rhombus with a line that was slightly twisted that came up from the bottom point signifying the Luciferian Path. He then sent the letter to the physical dimension using a spell that was given to him by the Goddess of Destiny.

"Now you can contact me…Chosen One…I look forward to meeting you." The Fallen Angel said with a grin as he climbed into his bed and drifted off to sleep.

I am thinking of making this after the original DBZ/GT line or making it a crossover between D.N. Angel as well. Let me know what you think! :D