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Arkadios strolled out of Micheal's domain smirking. He would be making his return. Negotiations went according to plan. He had to sacrifice some of his power, but it was worth it. He was now more or less a paradox. He was everywhere, but nowhere all at once. Just as the "Cheshire Cat" he is. He would eventually regain the power he lost. Michael was willing to abide by his terms with ease. He had given up two of his main weapons in his arsenal. He had given up some of his territory and domain. He also stepped down as leader of a few organizations overall losing some of the authority he had. Power was what Michael thought he valued the most, and yes he lost a few of his valuable pieces, he still had plenty more.

Technically, Arkadios no longer existed which had its pros, but its cons along with it. Though, he gained abilities that were crucial to his plan no one knew what he was doing, but himself. Among them he had gained the immunity to being effected by time and space and fate itself. He was not invincible by any means, though he was far more evasive. As well as he was a hell of a lot harder to kill now. Not that he was easy to kill in the first place.

The Fallen Angel laughed like a madman causing a few servants to look at him with a puzzling look. Arkadios noticed this and stuck his tongue out licking his lips. He grinned widely staring at the servants.

"You know your blood would probably make a good meal for me right now, but I will simply depart and spare you." He phased out of sight appearing directly in front of the servants scaring them causing them to stumble back, tripping over a balcony falling several hundred feet to their deaths. Arkadios just busted out laughing. "Oh you should have known better than to trust me you naïve fools."

Arkadios vanished from the realm of Heaven going back to Hell where he relocated and rebuilt his house. He placed all of his belongings to his satisfaction and laid down in his bed thinking of his family and his involvement with the Saiyans'.

It was only a matter of time before he returned to the physical plane. He knew that, Kakarot would soon be back as well. He had longed to see his younger brother, but he could not do so given the factor he would have placed him and his family in grave danger.

Arkadios knew he had a few children that were reincarnated amongst the physical plane, but did not know them. He had not been able to meet any of them or even be a part of their life. This was something that he really regretted. For he was under strict orders not to associate with his spawn, basically it was like the courts denying his parental rights. However, he wanted them to have a better life than what he could provide at the time. He knew that eventually they would know that they are unique and different. He had children all over the universe. He also knew that he would be resented by a lot of them.

To the Council of Thirteen it was a necessary sacrifice. To Arkadios, it was the worst thing that they could have done to him. Yet, he also felt it was also to keep them safe, for his children were powerful naturally. Him being around them would only amplify their power and draw unwanted attention. The pros and cons lovely, they certainly were.

Arkadios was granted leave by Lucifer to go to Vegeta many years ago, for he had to ensure Kakarot got off the planet safely. He had given Bardock the insight needed and unlocked his psychic abilities that lay dormant, knowing that he would be able to distract Frezia long enough to let those that needed to escape get out undetected. He had met the Saiyan in Hell as well. He and Bardock had become great friends, despite the rough beginning.

Kakarot knew nothing of his parents or much of his ancestry; Vegeta and Kakarot were half-cousins. A secret kept hidden from the entire Saiyan race. For if it had become known there would have been nothing, but chaos.

He had also spoken to the kid of the Saiyan King, Vegeta. The prince was proud and very much cocky, but when he saw Arkadios he trembled in fear at his power. Back then Prince Vegeta could not sense energy at all, but Arkadios's presence was enough to shake the prince to the point where he was brought to his knees where he curled into a ball. He had told Vegeta that one day he would become a very important piece in Destiny's game later on.

Arkadios grinned remembering the mighty prince, who forever remembered him as a force not to be reckoned with. His power since then had increased tenfold. Even with the power reduction he recently undergone he still was a force that could do a massive amount of damage to entire galaxies in an instant.

This was the Cheshire Cat: Arkadios, Zalkari, Shamshiel, Chemosh, Tamiel, The ruler of the forth Heaven, God of the Sun, God of Justice and Balance. A hero, a villain, but he did not care about his titles. They meant nothing to him and disgusted the labels that humanity placed upon him and everything else. He despised humanity to the fullest and would erase this existence if he could, but he knew that he did not have that power and the honor would not be his. This was the eternal struggle. The fight was not between Light and Darkness, for Light and Darkness had never tried to completely annihilate one another. They fought for the fun of it. Corruption is the one who brought it to the next level making it personal. Therefore, Light and Darkness have teamed up to fight against the true enemy; Corruption.

Arkadios rolled over onto his side. The black candles floated in the room as he liked. They released the scent of lavender making a calming atmosphere. He smiled one thing he rarely did. Tears of blood streamed down his face, another rare thing he did, cry. He drifted to the land of unconsciousness abandoning his thoughts and welcomed the abyss.

" Ka. Me. Ha. Me." Goku said preparing his signature attack aiming at his opponent, Victor a full-blooded Saiyan he had met a year back. "HA!"

Victor raised his hands letting out a blast of his own. The two blasts met each other and collided sending a shock wave of energy all around the area bowing trees away and causing the ground to start breaking apart. Bolts of energy were in the air itself. The two warriors were completely even. Both were in the second form of the Super Saiyan.

"I think it's time to kick it up a notch," Goku said.

"What do you mean?" the Young Saiyan said.

"The third level, Super Saiyan three." Goku teleported out-of-the-way and let the other blast overcome his own.

Goku let out the infamous war cry that indicated a Super Saiyan transformation. His ki skyrocketed to unfathomable levels. His hair grew to his waist and his eyebrows vanished.

"I-impossible!" Victor's eyes widen like saucers.

"Now, how you do this is reach deep inside your core of your emotion. You must compress your emotions as tightly as possible and then let them explode. You have to not think of anything but your rage, sorrow, pain and simply pull within the depths of your soul and the emotion itself and bring it all out."

Victor did as he was instructed. At first it was like he could not reach any deeper, then when he focused on the core something clicked and he broke through the barrier becoming a Super Saiyan Three. Though, he immediately reverted back to his normal form, dropping to his knees out of sheer exhaustion for, even though he was dead, his twelve-year-old body could not handle it at this time.

"Dammit!" Victor said huffing, tears coming to his eyes.

"Hey, you accomplished it don't be too hard on yourself." Goku put his hand on the twelve year-old's shoulder. "I am proud of you. You have come a long way in this last year. I want to talk to you about something. How would you like to come back with me to earth in a year? You are as strong as my son, and he could use a sparring partner other than Solkarios."

"How is that possible, how can you bring back the dead?" Victor said looking at Goku like he was out of his mind.

"We have something called the Dragon Balls. They have the power to bring someone back to life, but since Earth's would be unable to bring me back, we can use Namek's. I mean it's up to you, but if you want to come back it can be done."

"Yeah, I'd like to come back. You're still going to train me right?"

"Of course, you are my pupil." Goku got down to Victor's level. "You also remind me of my son. So you can be Gohan's brother if you want."

Goku had told Victor all about Gohan and from what Victor heard he really could relate to him. Being forced to fight at a young age, seeing his friends die, fighting evil…he had always wanted to meet him. He also had informed him that his son hated him for choosing to remain dead, but he also knew that Gohan did not know the true reasoning of why he stayed, but he told Victor everything. The boy was very wise and perceptive for his age. He didn't judge Goku and that was a relief for him.

Victor's eyes lit up. "I would like that."

"That's great! I'll tell the others soon, but let's get something to eat. Aren't you hungry?"

Victor's stomach growled."Yeah I'm starving!"

"Come on; let's go over to King Kai's. I'm sure he'll have something for us to eat."

Goku grabbed Victor's shoulder and they teleported over to King Kai's new planet. King Kai was dead because the explosion of Cell blew up the planet and them along with it. It was another thing that Goku had felt bad about, and so the Grand Kai helped them out with having a new planet that was much larger and the intensity of the gravity was one hundred times that of Earth's which provided great training for Victor.

"King Kai!" Goku called as he appeared with Victor.

"Hello Goku and Victor how are you?" King Kai said.

"Hungry," both of the Saiyan's answered at the same time.

"Well, I had a feeling you two were coming over, so I had already prepared more than enough for the both of you." King Kai smiled.

"Thank you so much." The two hungry Saiyans' sat down at the table where their food awaited them and instantly dug in.

"So Goku, you are planning to return back to Earth next year?" King Kai said after the Saiyans finished their meals.

Goku nodded. "Victor is also coming with me."

King Kai grew silent.

"What's wrong?" Goku asked sensing the emotion shift of the blue god.

"You will find out when the time comes. It is in regards to your brother. Just be careful with him Goku."

"Radiz?" Goku said dumbly.

"No, Arkadios."

With that name mentioned the air became cold as ice; Goku's expression became grim. He knew it would be incredibly difficult for him to train one of Arkadios's children, especially raising them. Solkarios had a tendency to piss him off and he did not get pissed off at anyone. Though that boy rubbed him the wrong way as Arkadios did. He would give Victor a chance, for this boy seemed different, but he could not help to feel a bit more reserved in regards to the boy. Not because of the boy, but Arkadios himself.

Something was definitely about to happen. Goku looked at Victor. They boy had a pure soul. It's just his father was the exact opposite of what he was. Something that damned could produce something so blessed. Balance is a funny thing, huh?

"Victor, please do not take my hostility towards your father personally." Goku said placing his hand on the boys head. "I do not hate you, in fact I love you as if you were my own son."

"I know." Victor said looking up to Goku. "Can I call you dad?"

Goku was taken by surprise on the request made. Which had Victor look down and he was about to apologize, but Goku said. "Sure son."

Victor tackled Goku with a hug. Goku laughed and hugged him back. "Promise that you won't ever leave me." Victor said with his head on Goku's chest.

That was the promise he was going to make to Gohan and Goten as well. "I promise not just you but Gohan and Goten that as well. When we return I will always be there for you. I will never abandon you."

"I love you dad." Victor said beginning to fall asleep.
"I love you as well, son…"

The young warrior fell asleep in his father's arms. Goku stroked the boys head. He saw the resemblance between him and his accursed father more now than before. He kept his emotions in check for the sake of Victor. He would never let him go back to his actual father. Even though it was wrong, the boy had no idea how dark his biological father is. Goku drifted off to sleep shortly after Victor did, the last thoughts on his mind were his sons only and the promise that he made.

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