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It had been two months since the scroll had been seen by the two hybrid Saiyans. Gohan finally, after week of staying by his best friend's side, decided that he could not put off training and his other responsibilities any longer. He stood up from his chair looking around the room making sure that no one was there to see what he was about to do. He leaned down and kissed Solkarios softly. "I'm sorry that I cannot stay by your side any longer, but I have to continue training. I have to continue living even if..." Gohan paused as he felt the tears beginning to form in his eyes. "even if that means for the both of us," the tears began to fall like the rain outside.

Gohan placed his head on his cousin's chest. "Please...wake up...don't leave me alone...You and Goten are the only one's I have left...Solkarios!" Gohan's tears flowed freely, beginning to soak Solkarios's hospital gown. "Don't be like dad...don't give up...You can wake up...You just have too!"

Gohan had not cried this hard even for Piccolo when he died against the Saiyans. He loved Solkarios much more than he'd ever shown. But now, this coma...no this Demon, claimed his cousin. It was as his family was being taken away from him one by one. First his father, then his mother, now his best friend who he loved so much. Was this some sort of sick joke that the Universe was playing on him? To take all he loved and cared about away from him? He was only thirteen and have been through more than some had been in a lifetime. Slowly Gohan rose from the bed in which his...what was Solkarios to him? More than family...He'd sort these emotions out later on, for now he needed to go. The young warrior began to walk out of the hospital room where Solkarios lie victim to his own mind. He did not look back, knowing that if he did there would be no way to get him away from Solkarios's side.

Four months later...

Gohan let out a war cry transforming into the newest form of the Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 3. He held the form with ease due to the training he had with his father in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber of holding the Super Saiyan to where it became almost natural to him. Then, his mastery over the Super Saiyan 2 in the two years he had been training, almost three years now. Vegeta was proud of him in the last four months they had been training together, and he even said it to him. The Old Prince had a soft side to him under his mask of steel and Gohan treasured every moment Vegeta gave him praise. Gohan stood, alone in the wasteland that his father and Vegeta once faced off years ago.

"Gohan, Gohan, can you hear me?" Goku's voice echoed in the young Super Saiyan 3's head.

"Father?" Gohan croaked as old emotions were beginning to resurface.

"Yes it's me Gohan; I'm speaking to you telepathically. I need you to make three wishes for me using the New Namek's dragon balls."

Gohan's rage began to sore he, clenched his fists. "Why should I help you? You abandoned me, Solkarios, and Goten! You wanted to stay dead, so stay dead!"

"I know…that's why I need you to wish me back. I need to correct the wrongs that I have done, I am sorry. I have watched you ever since I have died. I have seen your pain and anguish. Let me explain to you why I chose to remain dead. It is time for you to know the truth."

"You can't make up for lost time, Goku," Gohan screamed as his aura raged around him, beginning to crack the earth around him.

Goku winced at hearing his son call him by his first name, "Gohan, back in the Cell Games I had let you fight, because if I would not have given up I would have unleashed the power of the Super Saiyan 3 and I would not have been able to control it. I was scared of my own power; I feared that I would hurt you all. So I had to take time to learn how to control it and master myself. I was the danger that I was talking about when I spoke to you all last."

It was a legitimate reason, but Gohan did not care. "That is an excuse! I unleashed my power that I was afraid of!"

"Son, I know that you hate me with your entire essence, but your mother is gone and you need me more than you realize. I have a three-year-old son who has not had his father in his life. I have been tormented as well and my heart is aching because you and Goten are in deep pain. I thought I had made the right decision, but I was wrong. I had to get this power under control or I would have lost it like Broly did."

Broly was the Legendary Super Saiyan that had gone insane from Goku's crying as an infant back before Planet Vegeta was obliterated. As his power was beyond any other Saiyans he was nothing, but pure evil. Goku defeated him with all the energy of the Z-Fighters combined with his own.

"Alright father," Gohan said coldly, finally listening to his father, "what are your wishes?"

"The first wish is to bring my pupil Victor back to life."

"Who the hell is Victor?"

"My pupil…and someone who is very much like you…He is family by blood, but he is in a way your brother, but is not. He is your cousin, but is your brother."

Gohan raised an eyebrow, but did not press any further. "The next two wishes?"

"The second wish is to bring me back to life and the third wish is to…bring us back to Earth."

"Can't you use Instant Transmission to do that? Why not wish mom back?"

"Gohan, I love your mother very much. But bringing her back now is not such a good idea. We both know that there is going to be a lot of fighting coming up, and she will only get in the way."

He was right, but Gohan did not like it one bit. "So you know already of the letter from Arkadios to Solkarios and me?"

"Has Vegeta told you already?"

"Yes he has. I want to find him."

Goku wasn't okay with that at all. "No. Don't go searching for him Gohan. You have no idea how dark that man is!"

"You have a choice father. Let me find him or I will not do as you request and I will stop anyone else from trying to grant your wishes myself." Gohan said emotionlessly, he was numb after losing everything close to him, besides Piccolo, and his little brother Goten.

What was he going to do? He had no other option, but to give into his son's demands. "Fine, but don't say I didn't warn you,just be careful."

"Don't you know how to find him?" Gohan said not suppressing his agitation.

"Yes, and I will tell you how to reach him when I get back, I promise." Goku said obviously defeated.

"Alright, it will be done, I'll do it myself." Gohan said with resentment in his voice.

"Thank you, son I love you."

Gohan did not reply. He resumed his training with far more intensity than he had before. He detested his father, love? Love was stripped from his soul, even when it came to his little brother, he had trouble feeling love. He could only see pain, feel pain, and he was becoming cold and bitter to the world around him, engulfed in pain. His heart, what was left of it, had been obliterated when his best friend fell to the mercy of his subconscious. The letter…if he was the one that had the power to destroy all of this current existence, he just might do so. After all, there was not much more for him to live for now. He didn't want anyone else to suffer; especially his little brother. He wanted Goten to be happy, but in this harsh and cruel existence, and the trauma that he had already endured…He deserved peace. That is why he must find Arkadios.

What if he was the cursed one? What would he endure? There were no specifics on what the curse entailed. That was another reason he had to find Arkadios. No matter how dark and twisted he might be, he was the only one with the information that Gohan sought. No one was going to detour him from finding the man which had caused a lot more pain in Gohan's life than he needed. Not even his father.

The darkness in Gohan's soul was increasing every time he thought of all the pain and suffering he had endured. The hatred of his father, the loss of his mother, the comatose state his best friend was currently in, the trauma his little brother had gone through, all of it was crushing him and breaking his soul filling him with darkness. He wanted nothing more than to end it all, but knew he could not bring himself to take his own life. So, instead, he would seek out the fallen general, Arkadios; to see if he was the Chosen One that was mentioned in the letter of Solkarios's and his fate.

The conversation with Gohan had been more difficult than he could have imagined. Goku was feeling guilty all over again. His shoulders slumped as well as he bowed his head. He had lost his son by his foolish mistakes. Though, he knew he had to master his power and here in Other World he could do that without worrying about hurting his friends. It was tearing his soul apart and shredding his heart. Though, he would not give up on his son no matter what. He could tell Gohan was losing himself to his pain and misery. The boy had lost his entire world in such a short period of time. One more loss would send him over the edge, and he would literally go insane. Goku knew he had to be there for his son. He hated that his son resented him, but he knew that Gohan was only thirteen and would not hate him forever. So he hoped.

He looked upon Victor, who was sleeping peacefully. The boy was learning quickly. He had now gotten more in control of his Super Saiyan 3 form. Though, he was still inexperienced by far, the kid could do a lot of damage. He was proud of his…son. Nephew wouldn't be correct; the boy trusted him with his life and looked up to him. Goku would protect this boy and not abandon him no matter what. This was his child no matter what anyone said. Victor was HIS son and will be treated as such.

Gohan…I hope one day you forgive me and understand. Goku thought as he went out to do some training of his own.

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