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Talk now – normal talk

What now – normal thoughts

Speak – biju talk

Listen – biju thoughts

Chapter 1 : The place is chosen

Two figures stood gazing at the Elemental Nations, only a liquid wall before them, the taller of the two, a blond with spiky blond hair spoke.

"This world barres many possibilities.'' the second figure a female with midnight blue hair and white eyes nodded before speaking.

"Indeed, there is much that can be done here before we must leave. Do you wish to undertake that project?" she asked looking at him.

The first figure stood still for a moment before scratching the back of his head and turning his gaze to her. "You know me too well. Yes this world is just the place for it". The second figure smiled. "It comes with time, and you're not that hard to read". The male pouted and looked away from her. The woman returned her gaze and looked towards the thick wall before them.

"Before we begin we should send a few of our seekers to find if there are more like this one, there could be a few similar ones connected." she moved her hand gently towards the wall.

The male smiled and nodded his head "I think we just found something that will keep us busy for a long time to come." both figures brought there right hands close to their chests and raised two fingers of their hands, the middle and index one, a wave of energy surged around them and expanded before it flickered out.

"Done, I can't wait to see what they find." the male spoke before moving closer to the wall.

"Indeed" the woman spoke before they began to hold hands. "Shall we begin?" she asked with a mischievous smile on her face.

"Yes, let's begin" the male answered with a smile to match her own. The two stood still for a moment gazing into each others eyes before walking towards the wall and entering it.

Konoha, midnight, a few days later.

"Ready? I have the supplies." the female asked as she looked at the male who was finishing a drawing and elaborate seal.

"Yes, I'm ready" the man spoke nodding his head. The two figures began using hand signs before slamming their hands down on the seal. And like that, two figures returned to the world of the living and breathed fresh air again for the first time in years.

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