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Chapter 2 : First Thoughts part I

Location unknown.

Pain was all he could feel, it felt like every bone in his body had been broken and his muscles shredded, a white light was all he could see. "Am I alive?" As his eyes adjusted to the light he realized it was coming from the ceiling, he looked down at himself and saw that he was in a bed covered with a white blanket and hooked up to several devices.

His mind was rushing a mile a minute before two thoughts stood out and his eyes widened, he attempted to move his body but failed as it seemed he barely had any control over it.

The man's struggles stopped when he heard a soft snoring and a small beep near him, he tilted his head to side towards to noise, something that took all of his strength, he smiled when he saw the red head in the bed next to him, and like that Minato Namikaze drifted back to unconsciousness.

Later, location unknown

She remembered looking at her crying baby boy before closing her eyes hoping that he would have a happy life, as a peaceful slumber overtook her, minutes seemed to pass before she felt the cold air on her skin and fresh air filled her lungs, she felt like she was falling before a pair of hands quickly caught her.

Kushina opened her eyes, and noticed that she was in a dark room of sorts on a bed covered by a white blanket. I'm alive? was her first thought, she could hear several voices but couldn't understand what they were saying or find from where they were coming from.

As she tried to move her hands she felt as if her body was tied down by several weights, she shifted in the bed several times before realizing that although she did not feel like she was restrained her body felt heavier, am I being drugged?.

Kushina decided that she needed to get her bearings, she needed to keep a calm mind, she tilted her head to the right and noticed that a few feet away was a wall "Great a dead end there", as she tilted her head to the left she noticed a second bed with a figure one it with a white blanket covering them as well, she moved her head, something that felt like trying to push a rock with her face, she recognized the figure on the bed "Minato!".

She gazed at her husband for a while, he seemed to be connected to several devices, she recognized them as hospital ones, but what got her attention were the seals on his face and neck. Are we in a hospital? no, of what little she could see of the room it seemed to spartan for a hospital room, more like that of a military base.

Her gaze returned to her husband. How are we alive? we should be dead because of Kyuubi's claw, her survival should have been almost impossible, it would have taken several miracles for her to survive the claw wound and medic-nins of Tsunade's skill to give her a minuscule chance at life, but for Minato summoning the Shinigami carried a death sentence no matter the injury. I saw the Shinigami appear behind Minato.

She quickly panicked, did the sealing fail? is Naruto dead?, no, she shook her head, the sealing went perfectly, I know I saw the seal on his stomach, then what could have happened? she stopped at hearing a voices coming from the foot of her bed. She decides to focus on the voices as they were slowly becoming clearer, the first seemed to the rough, the second seemed calm and the third seemed oddly familiar to her.

"Ha I'm wining you little fools" she heard the first voice speak "Only for the moment" the second voice spoke, "Bah, don't encourage him" she heard the third voice, why does it that voice seem so familiar?.

Kushina quickly turned her gaze to the left side of the room where a door opened, she could see light from what she guessed was a hallway. Did anyone come in? she didn't see anyone.

When she heard a fourth voice from inside the room close to the door, she realized that someone must have entered the room. "What are you doing?" the fourth voice asked, it seemed to be smoother than the others, almost feminine but with a bestial tone to it.

"Kicking their asses" the first voice spoke. "Letting him live with the illusion that he is winning" spoke the third voice, "playing a game" spoke the second voice.

"I can see that, but why are you playing a game when you should be watching over those two until they return" the fourth voice asked in sickly sweet tone that Kushina knew all to well, she had used that tone when violence was promised and almost imminent.

"Those two are stable and nothing has changed, and these two kept talking about various fights. I figured this would silence them for a while" spoke the second voice.

"Bah, what does it matter we would have called them if these flesh bags were in trouble" spoke the third voice.

Why does it seem so familiar to me? that guttural voice, though it seems to the lacking something. Kushina's eyes quickly widened, Kyuubi, that was Kyuubi's voice, she panicked.

"Becouse", the fourth voice began "she is awake" was the last thing the fourth voice spoke before leaving the room.

Kushina was trying in vain to move, while her thoughts were on how the Kyuubi could be free, before she stopped and could see nine small dark orange tails slowly appearing from the foot of her bed, and she heard its voice.

"HA HA SO KUSHINA YOU HAVE RETURNED TO LAND OF THE LIVING NOW PREPARE TO FEEL MY WRATH" she heard before the she felt a pain in the lower side of her neck and the last thing she saw were white eyes gazing down on her.

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