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Chapter 3 : First Thoughts part II

When Minato awoke he could see that the light was dimmed or perhaps it only appeared to be so compared to the last time he saw it, he remembered that he had awoken for short periods of time before but it was never for too long and he would simply drift out of consciousness before long. He mentally reviewed what he had managed to gather so far :

- both he and Kushina were alive, though how that was possible was still unknown, he had panicked first thinking that the sealing failed, thought when he remembered his precious son and seal on his stomach he realized that it was not the case.

- they were both in some sort of make shift hospital, mostly likely in a fort.

- they were hooked to medical devices and had seals placed on them, most likely to restrict their movements and chakra.

- he couldn't feel any hiraishin tags nearby, so they were all either removed from the area, something that was incredibly hard to manage, or they were in an area were there were none of them.

- someone was taking care of them, though who exactly was unknown, he had heard several voices and seen the blurs of several figures moving in the room.

- he was getting healthier or the seals placed on him were weakening as his movements became to feel less restricting.

His thoughts were interrupted as he heard a noise from near him, he moved his head, something that was easier to do now, he could see that Kushina was awake and looking at him, he smiled before speaking. "Morning beautiful, you look great" he enjoyed seeing her right eye twitch a bit.

"I wish I could say the same about you dear" she answered with a smile on her face.

Kami I love that smile.

"I take it you have a few ideas about where we are and what's happened?'' Kushian asked, he nodded. "Yes a few, it would be better to compare notes and perhaps see the big picture of things".

It was something normal for shinobi to go from a romantic moment to a serious business tone, they needed to do so in order to survive, have a few tender moments and cherish them before the shit hits the ceiling again, was an old shinobi saying his sensei had told him.

Kushina nodded, and looked expectantly at him.

"You should start Kushi-chan."

"Shouldn't you begin, you are the more observant of the two of us?"

Minato shook his head with some effort. "I trust your instincts, besides I am your superior, think of it as a giving a report" he told her before seeing her eyes narrow and adding "only in ranks my love."

"Well I would remind Hokage-sama that I am not on active duty as a blond baka knocked me up" she told him in tone he knew all to well, Kami barely am I back and I've already managed to get sex of the table for at least a week.

Kushina sighed "The last thing I remember was looking at Naruto with the Kyuubi's claw sticking out of my stomach before darkness overtook me and then.. " she trailed off.

Minato nodded "I remember looking at you and Naruto then a felt cold and woke up in this room."

"I ..." Kushina began only to stop for a few moments "I remember that after the darkness I could feel the cold air on my skin and could breath fresh air, I felt like I was falling before a pair of hands caught me." Kushina shook her head. "I think I had nightmares as I could have sworn that Kyuubi was here in this room" her gaze flickered to the end of her bed.

Minato followed her gaze but couldn't see or sense anything there, he was about to speak before she spoke up again.

"I remember the seal looked perfect, so how are you alive, could something have gone wrong?" Kushina asked in a worried tone.

"No, the seal was perfect, I know that for certain, I know that I should be dead and yet... I think we are in some sort of military base, possibly a fort".

"I remember seeing white eyes like that of the Hyugas looking down at me at one point but that could have been a hallucination" Kushina continued.

"If it was a Hyuga, then we may be in Konoha, in some sort of secret bunker" he knew that there were all sort of tunnels and bunkers in Konoha, some that sadly got lost in the paperwork over the years. "I looked at the parts of the seals I could see placed on us but without seeing the whole thing I don't know what they do or how to break them." he paused after this."I think thery're some sort of medical seals and restriction ones though I never heard of combining the two of such high level". Kushina nodded at this.

Kushina looked around the room. "If we where in Konoha shouldn't there be someone here with us in case we woke up, the Hokage should have some more guards even if our survival was kept a secret."

Minato nodded. "It is odd, Sarutobi - sama must have retaken his position to keep things under control, and moved us to a secure facility, but this place seems to be more of a field hospital then anything else." he quickly took a few breaths of air, while Kushina looked worryingly at him, he smiled at her. "I'm not up to full strength, I think we've been here for a while."

"We don't look any older."

For his part Minato simply nodded, Kushina looked a few years younger then she was and would remain so because her Uzumaki blood something that he secretly enjoyed. The fact that he looked the same could mean a number of things for him, only a small period of time had passed since the sealing, or the people taking care of them had some seals that preserved them to a great degree, his thoughts were interrupted when he heard her speak.

"Do you think Naruto is all right?" she asked, he stretched out his left hand towards her, something he did with great effort, he wondered just how out of shape he was, she grabbed it with her right hand and he squeezed it.

"I'm sure he's fine and seen as a hero like I asked." he told her with a smile on his face.

For her part Kushina did squeeze his hand as well but refrained from speaking as she could see the strained smile Minato had on his face.

"Oh, what a touching moment." they heard and quickly shifted their eyes to the foot of their beds from where the voice came from.

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