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Summary: The Midnight Society are wizards! They go to Hogwards and meet The Golden Trio, but that won't stop them from telling stories. But Harry, Hermione and Ron wonder, who are they?, Why do they know each other?, and, why do they keep sneaking out at night? Set in The Chamber of Secrets and season 1.

A/N: My first language is not english. And I am taking the stories from season 1, meaning NO ORIGINAL ONES! The chapters are going to be mixed, example chapter 1 Are...?, chapter 2 HP, chapter 3 Are...? Unless I say otherwise.


Betty Ann




Weasly family
Tom Riddle
Hogwarts students

Chapter 1: Hogwards letter (s)

The Midnight Society was in a meeting, it was Gary's turn to tell a story, but he was late.

"Where's he?" David asked.

"I don't know," Betty Ann said. "But it is his turn to tell a story".

"We know that," Eric snapped.

"Eric," Kristen said. "Don't be rude".

"Hi guys," Gary said, walking in. "Sorry I'm late, but I receive this today," he showed some letters. "It seems they knew you would be here".

He gave everyone a letter.

"Hogwards?" Betty Ann asked, confused.

"This is a joke," Eric said. "Right?"

"No, it's not," Kristen and David said at the same time.

"Oke-e-y," Eric said. "Then what is it?"

"Read your letter," Kiki said annoyed.

After everybody have read their letters, they went to explain to their parents and (hopefully) go to Hogwards.

"What do you mean magic school?!" Gary's father said. "Is this a joke?, because if it is then you're in trouble Gary! Better, if this is a joke and you don't tell me at this moment I will not let you go to that meetings of yours!"

"What is going on Gary?" Gary's mom asked, walking in with the phone in hand. "All of your friends' parents are asking me if this is a joke, what are they talking about? What joke?"

"They are saying that they have been accepted in a magic school," Gary's dad said.

"What?" Gary's mom asked confuse.

"Come on son," grandfather said. " You own a magic shop, don't you belive in magic? And why would they joke about it if it mean they couldn't see each other any more? Tell you this, let's send a letter that saying that we accept, but we don't know what to do and see what happens".

"Alright," Gary's dad said.

The first day of September there was a knock on the door, all The Midnight Society and their parents were there.

"Hello," a woman dress in green robes said, coming in. "I am Professor McGonagall and I come to explain everything, and then take you and your children to Diagon Alley to buy the school material."

After she explained everything they went to Diagon Alley.

A/N: Always thought that the muggle families would need someone to explain and didn't just said: Yeah I am going to send my kid to a magic school I don't even know if it really exits! So yeah, tell me what you think, I am going to continue it anyway, but I want to know. ;)