Project Beautiful

Eddie unwillingly, had been seated in front of Frank and the other Black Dragons in health class. Suddenly, he felt something cold and wet hit him at the nape of his neck. Eddie reached over his shoulder and felt his neck.

Eeww. A spitball.

Frank kept jeering and making fun of him with the other Black Dragons.

"Eddie thinks he's soo good at Karate."

"Eddies a fatso. He's over weight."

"Eddies not a 'player'. He has a panda lunchbox that his mommy bought for him!"

On a piece of paper, Frank had drawn a stick figure with a rope around his neck, hung from the ceiling. Under it was the caption "Eddie's future..or not..."

Tears started to fill the brim of Eddie's eyes. He whispered to himself, "No, stay strong."

Eddie tried to concentrate on his work, but his mind refused to,

Frank half whispered, "Eddie's a negro*."

Okay, that, was offically the last straw.

Eddie abruptly stood up and whirled around. He flung all of his stuff off his desk and stood up on top of it.

"You listen up Frank. And listen good. I may think I'm good at karate, you know why? Because I try hard at it. Unlike you, I don't spend all my time hitting on a girl in a Rival dojo and get rejected 24/7. I've had 2 girlfriends, and that's two more than you'll ever get."

The whole class snickered at this one.

Eddie began to feel a surge of confidence.

"And I may not be perfectly skinny, but at least I don't make fun of people for that. My mom may have bought my lunchbox, but that's why I love it so much. Has your mom ever bought you anything, Frank?!"

By now, all of health class had started to chant, "Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!" Including the teacher. She was sick of Frank and his crew's childish behavior.

Eddie started back up, "No, I will NOT comitte suicide, but I can't say the same for other people. That's why I volunteer at the suicide prevention center, Every. Single. Day. And nobody, I mean nobody, calls me that word. I'm part African, and guess what? I'm proud of it. So just shut up and LEAVE EVERYONE ALONE."

Eddie calmly sat back in his seat as if nothing ever happened. The class, however, reacted differently. Everyone else was in an uproar. Eddie Jones stood up to Frank Bickle. Wowza!

Frank stood there, dumbfounded, not believing what had just happened.

Eddie grinned to himself.

From that day on, nobody ever messed with Eddie ever again.

Alright, this story isn't my best work, but there aren't many stories about Eddie out there, and I felt this was needed. This isn't my official PB story, I'm retyping that one because I forgot to save.. :'(

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