"So this is the Kalos region? And we're in Lumiose City?" Red asked as he and Leaf were walking down the hallway, side by side, with Red staring at the decorative walls of the hotel they were staying in.

"Yeah, this is where my cousin Serena lives, not the city, but the region, although we're not exactly close per say." Leaf stated as she bit her lower lips. Red raised an eyebrow at her with a quizzical look.

"Why's that?" Red asked.

"To be honest...I don't really know myself. Sure we live quite a distance away from each other and we don't really talk to each other whenever we come by to each others houses. However, ever since she saw my progression through the pokemon Elite Four and champion bout, she seems to be a huge fan all of a sudden. It's strange that she just had change of heart, and now, we seem to be doing fine, better even." Leaf said as she press the lower button of the elevator. In a few seconds the elevator open and they entered as she press another button that has a big 'one' on it. The elevator soon descends down which took them no longer than ten seconds.

"So...what exactly is going on Red? Why did Pandora threw us off course?" Leaf asked, changing the subject with concern as they finally hit the first floor and exit the elevator.

"I don't know, I've checked thoroughly and everything seems just fine, but then...when we jumped, the wind dramatically picked up and went berserk. And well...look where we're at now." Red explained. They both took a nearby seat on the public white sofa.

"That's so strange...and...why is 'he' back?" Leaf asked. Red knew exactly what she meant by 'he' in fact, he rather not be reminded at the moment.

"I don't know, there's so much things that's going on at the moment. I rather not see that guy again." Red said with a cautious voice as he scans the area.

"You and me both." Leaf added.

"But...don't you think there's something off about him? When you first saw him?" Red asked. Leaf looked at him with a confused look.

"Besides being a total nutcase?" Leaf sarcastically replied back.

"Well, besides that. His chest, it had the exact same hole where he er...I, was shot by Hope's hyper beam." Red whispered. Leaf's eyes widen a she came to realize as she recalls that event, she swallow a huge lump down her throat.

"Yeah...you're right." Leaf muttered as she recall the past event where she commanded her pokemon to fire at the menacing monster known as Crimson.

"But...there's no way that Crimson should be alive. You killed him and his energy restored me, and so I got my body back. I can even feel it too." Red continued as he bit his lips. But deep down in their hearts, their own two eyes cannot deny the fact that Crimson is alive and seems angrier than before.

"I really don't know what's going on Red. There's so many things we don't know at the moment. Speaking of about that...have you've ever encounter a person with a mask?" Leaf asked. Red gulped as his eyes widen. A frown appears on Leaf's face as she takes that as a yes.

"When I fell out of Pandora and landed on a nearby forest, I was attacked by some guy with a white coat, with a hood, and a white mask with a grin. It's kinda like an opera mask of some sort. He called me Crimson and weak." Red recalled as best as he could. Leaf starts twiddling her thumbs as she looks down on the marble ground.

"Same for me, except this one has a sad mask instead, and it looks like she was trying to help us, but I wasn't too sure and keen on it. It seems there's more of them out there, like some sort of organization." Leaf added.

"Like a cult?" Red asked.

"Don't say stupid things like that you idiot." Leaf warned as she pointed a finger at him. Red chuckled nervously as he rubs the back of his head.

"Anyways...she did try to fend off Crimson with her pokemon, but she didn't last more than ten seconds." Leaf stated as she place a hand on her bruised cheek where Crimson had lashed his fists towards her. She winced in pain as she touches it.

"Let me see." Red said as he gesture her to come closer to him. She did so as instructed as she inched closer. Red put a hand towards her chin and grip it softly as she slowly and carefully examine the bruise on both cheeks. He hissed as he sees the dark black blotch on her cheek.

"I'll kill that guy...I swear." Red muttered angrily, letting his hand go. Leaf sighs as she place her head his shoulder and Red returned the affection by wrapping his arm around her waist.

"Red...did you find any clue on where Hope is?" Leaf asked, hoping that he has some sort of whereabouts to her loyal pokemon. Red sighs as he shook his head.

"No...but we'll find her. Then...we'll go home." Red said as he place a kiss on her forehead.

"What about your mother?" Leaf asked. Red shook his head.

"She can wait...another year or so...again." Red sadly said, but he kept his force smile intact. Leaf sees pain afflicted on his face, he really does miss his mother, and it's been years since he last contacted her. However...he's doing this for her sake which she appreciates wholeheartedly, it makes her love him even more just thinking about it, but no, this time it was for his sake.

"No, we'll go together. That's why we're here." Leaf stated adamantly. Red gave a look of concern and confusion. She grips on her hand onto his and stares back into his red eyes.

"And I mean...together...you idiot." Leaf stated as she smiles and gave him a soft peck on the lips. Red smiles as he shook his head.

"Alright then. Works for me." Red said.

"So you beat Viola at the gym already Serena?" Calem asked as he starts browsing for any sort of clothing, both hat and clothing.

"Yeah, well, she was kind of a challenge, I mean...how the heck am I suppose to know she has the bug type which is the advantage type to my grass pokemon?" Serena asked annoyed as she look at herself in the mirror with a brand new red hat, similar to Leaf's except it has a black line and it comes with a shady sunglasses.

"I guess, but that's what adventuring is all about right? Exploring the unknown and seeking knowledge beyond your comprehension." Calem asked as he leans against the wall, arms crossed and all.

"Sounds like you quoted that off of a book. There, how do I look?" Serena asked as she turns towards Calem as he studies her new hat and gave a small smile and thumbs up.

"It looks great, but..." Calem muttered as he taps his foot on the ground. Serena raised an eyebrow in confusion.

"What?" Serena asked.

"Your hair." Calem stated pointing at the blonde.

"My hair?" Serena asked, more confused than before.

"Have your hair down, you don't have to put it on a ponytail you know." Calem said.

"Is it a problem?" Serena asked in a more adamant tone.

"No...but it would look better in my honest opinion. If not, you can tie your hair at the end of the strand. Just for looks." Calem suggested. Serena was surprised by his sense of fashion and design, usually she's not in it for the looks, but wanted to look more like she's on an adventure type. But a little nice touch up wouldn't hurt. She did what she was told as she remove the knot from her hair, letting down the golden honey blonde hair down as she waves it around. Then she grabs the end of her hair and starts tying it. In a few more seconds, she was done; Calem examines her again and gestures her to turn around, which she did.

"Looks nice." Calem stated softly.

"What looks nice?" Serena warned with a hint of caution thrown into the mix. Calem's face went red as he turns his head and starts rubbing the back of it.

"Don't take it the wrong way Serena, but I meant your hair and your hat." Calem defended himself. Serena turns back at him and smiled.

"Hmm...when you put it that way. I'll buy it...for now. Anyways, let's get going." Serena said. She paid the clerk the money and was instantly headed out with Calem following her from behind. They were in a large city, filled with tall buildings and cafe's in every street. There's even a cafe next to a cafe.

"You know, for a guy, you seem pretty knowledgeable with fashion and design." Serena said. Calem caught up to her and was walking beside her.

"Yeah well, I live with my mom most of my life, she told me that the most important thing in life is to keep a positive image. Apparently the world thrives on those kind of things when you hit adulthood." Calem explained.

"Your mom is smart." Serena stated.

"She's the greatest Rhyhorn rider after all." Calem said.

"That has nothing to do with being smart..." Serena argued back. Calem paused in his words, realizing how stupid that sound. He quickly tries to change the subject.

"Er...forget about it. Anyways...about Red and Leaf..." Calem said, deciding to change the subject. Serena looks at him with a raise eyebrow.

"What about them?" Serena asked.

"I don't know, but apparently Leaf's your distant cousin, and Red is her husband. Talk about crazy. Red told me that he popped up in her life when she needed the most and had helped her through her pokemon journey and that they both had some rough moments." Calem stated.

"You know, for some reason, I can't see that happening. About Leaf getting help from someone." Serena stated as they took a nearby seat at a nearby cafe, of course.

"What makes you say that? Red seems quite the trainer, he's even a Pokemon Master. No, scratch that, a Legendary Trainer Pokemon Master." Calem stated with a wide grin on his face. This got Serena a bit annoyed on how someone else, other than her cousin Leaf could be on par or best her.

"Titles don't make a trainer, besides, that's one hell of a mouthful title." Serena groaned as she put her two fingers on her glabella and starts rubbing it out of annoyance.

"Sheesh, have you seen him battle!? It was amazing!" Calem chimed in. Serena gave him a disgusting look and shook her head.

"Yeah, and I don't think I trust him. First, he has some sort of doppelganger twin brother bullshit going around, killing sweet innocent girls like Leaf and I. Second, he doesn't talk much after that whole dramatic experience with his battle with him. He maybe Leaf's husband, but I'm going to keep my eye on him for the time being." Serena stated adamantly. Calem was lost for words, surprised that his friend and neighbor is a little too serious. There was an awkward tension between the two as they stare back at each other, intensely. Then a few seconds later; Leaf's voice called out for her cousin's name. Serena turn her head and smiled as she waves back at her cousin who was with Red, arms entangled with each other. Both Leaf and Red were heading towards both the younger trainers, and noticed Calem being extremely quiet.

"So...this is your husband huh?" Serena asked as she stood up and put her hands to her hips and bend over a bit to examine him. Red stood there, feeling a bit awkward as he's being inspected.

"Er...what are you doing?" Red nervously asked. Serena put a hand towards her chin and smiles.

"Oh, you know, just checking to see if you seem like an okay guy. Honestly; Blue looks a helluva lot better than him." Serena remarks as she crosses her arms together. Leaf felt a bit angry, by the fact that Serena is being a bit too rude and personal towards Red.

"Serena!" Leaf shouted, as she warns her cousin with a glare. Serena shrugs her shoulders.

"Just saying Leaf..." Serena said in a matter of fact. Leaf was about to give a piece of her mind, but Red held her back and shook his head in response.

"It's okay Leaf, she has every right to suspect me after that whole incident." Red said with a sigh; Leaf frowns as she put a hand to her hip. He looks towards Calem as he was looking down on the ground, being awkwardly quiet.

"You okay Calem?" Red ask the young trainer who he looks up at him and gave a small nod.

"Yeah, just spaced out that's all. Anywho, according to Sina, we should be heading towards the lab. You guys interested?" Calem asked. An idea popped in Leaf's mind as a smile crept on her face.

"Hey Red, if the professor is here, maybe he can help us find Hope." Leaf said. Red returns the smile and nodded his head.

"Sounds like a plan. Let's get going then." Red stated as the four of them were heading towards the large building with two pokeball pillars on each side of the entrance. While on the way to the lab; Red couldn't help, but stare at all of the tall buildings they have passed and taxis roll by. He had never seen something this marvelous before in his whole life. The same goes with Calem, having move from several towns and cities, he had never been to a huge city like this, it almost made him feel a bit dizzy when he sees towers hovering above him that reaches to the sky.

"Seems like the boys are a bit caught in the scenery Leaf." Serena stated. Leaf turns towards Red and Calem as they just kept looking around, which got her a bit annoyed and impatient.

"Come on guys, we can sight see all day, let's get going!" Leaf shouted at them which startled both of the guys. Serena giggles to herself while Calem rubs the back of his head in embarrassment. A moment later they enter the lab which they were introduce to the area by the secretary behind the desk. She gestures them that Sycamore's lab is on the third floor which they thanked her. They enter the elevator as they head on up to the third floor which took no longer than a few seconds.

"So, we finally meet!" A man's voice called out to the four trainers. They each turn their heads towards the person in the lab coat by the desk with black greyish hair with a large strand of hair comb down on the side, with a small prickly beard, a purple shirt underneath his white lab coat, and black pants with a belt. His eyes widen in surprise when he sees four trainers, which was a little too excessive than he expected. Then his eyes went towards Leaf and a huge smile came across his face.

"Hey there professor, we've come to check up on that pokedex." Serena said, but the professor didn't respond to her as he slowly approaches Leaf with a seductive look on his face. This got Leaf nervous and a bit scared by his sudden reaction. Red felt a bit annoyed and his eyes went cautious as he approaches Leaf, he has his pokeball clenched on his left hand in case he's going to do anything "drastic" towards her. Then with one swift motion, the professor has his arm wrap around Leaf's waist and nearly brought her down to the floor, which nearly causes her to stumble and fall. Confused, shock, and somewhat allured by this man's sudden reaction made Leaf stunned and blushing madly. Everyone's jaws dropped down, eyes widen in shock to even react.

"Cher! Ce moi! Je'taime, Je'taime! At last, we have finally meet!" Sycamore seductively said to the infatuated Leaf. The confused chestnut brown hair girl kept silent for a moment, trying to figure out what to say.

"Uh...uh...o-oui...?" Leaf replied meekly, trying to memorize how the majority of citizens of Kalos talk in an ordinary fashion. Unfortunately for her, that's all she knows.

"Get your hands off of her!" Red shouted in anger with a pokeball in hand as he has it extended out. Sycamore looks up to see an extremely angry Red with the pokeball in hand to his face. He then looks down at Leaf, trying to get an answer.

"H-H-He's my...husband." Leaf softly replied in a stutter tone. His eyes widen in shock and surprise as he picks Leaf back up onto her feet.

"Oh no...I'm so very sorry, please excuse me. I was so enamored in your beautiful aura." Sycamore apologize, the best he could.

"Save the pep talks, don't do it again." Red warns, his pokeball still sticking out as he went by Leaf's side and held her close. But this turn of event made Leaf giggle like a little school girl, despite the professor's alluring performance, she did enjoy Red's reaction, maybe she'll humor him a bit more in the distant future.

"Ahem! Anyways...Professor Sycamore, we've come here for the pokedex check up." Serena interrupted the awkward moment. Sycamore turns towards Serena and smiled.

"Ah! You're here! Fantastic! Come this way, won't you?" Sycamore gestures the quad to follow him. Serena went up ahead, followed by Calem. Leaf was about to head on until she turns towards Red who has his arms cross with a scowl look on his face.

"You're not jealous are you Red?" Leaf teased him. Red look back in shock as he fixes his cap.

"Come on Leaf, don't tell me you've fallen head over heels for him. He's older, rotten, ugly, has some kind of stupid hairdo-" Red was cut off by Leaf's laughter. He looks back at her strangely.

"Oh Red, you idiot. There's no one else in this world that can match you. Besides, I seem to always go for idiots such as yourself." Leaf laughs.

"I don't know if that's a compliment or an insult." Red stated with an adamant tone. Leaf bends towards his cheek and kisses him.

"There...all better?" Leaf asks blinking several times. Red turns to her and sighs as he put a hand to his hip.

"Better. Now let's ask him if he knows any whereabouts on Hope." Red said as he offers her an arm which she accepts without hesitation and headed around the corner of the wall.

"Many thanks for coming all the way from Vaniville Town. I'm Professor Sycamore! It's a pleasure to meet the both of you! How's your pokemon journey coming along so far? Have you met any different pokemon?" Sycamore asks the two trainers before him.

"I've caught a few on my way here, and seen several different ones as well." Serena stated.

"Likewise, I've got only two pokemon so far. Ironically, I haven't caught it, but the other one was given to me at the pokemon center." Calem said. The professor smiles at the both of them as he claps his hands together.

"Fantastic! Let me have a quick look at your pokedexes!" Sycamore excitedly suggested. The two trainers handed the red device towards Sycamore and starts examining them both.

"This guy is making me angry just hearing him talk. Him and his fancy accent of his..." Red mutters towards Leaf. The brunette just shrugs her shoulders in response.

"Hmph..." Red huffs as he crosses his arms as he looks to his left.

"Psst. Hey." A male's voice coming from behind Red which drew his attention. His eyes widen as he noticed the mask with a happy grin with a white coat. The stranger put a finger to his mask where his lips are suppose to be and gestures him to come towards him. Red's curiosity were at its peak as he felt the urge to follow him. He looks a Leaf who's still watching her cousin having her pokedex check. He then turns his head towards the figure, but he was gone.

"Hey Leaf...I'm gonna get a frapachino, do you want something?" Red asked. Leaf looks at him with curious look on her face.

"Huh? At this time?" Leaf asked.

"Well, it's gonna take a while, I'll be quick. I promise." Red said reassuringly. Leaf thought for a moment before nodding her head slowly.

"Thanks." Red softly said as he gave her a peck on the lips before departing. He took the elevator down to the entrance and sees the stranger with his back turn with his arms crossed. Red took a good look at him, he's a bit shorter than him, about the same height as his nose.

"A frapachino, coincidentally we're gonna get one ourselves." The mask figure said, chuckling a bit. Red remains quiet and cautious, he scans his eyes around the area, but noticed that the people aren't paying any attention to him which got him a bit worried. If they can't see this person before him, then Pandora is culprit of this, and with that, he has to know what's going on around here.

"Lead the way." Red said, still staying as cautious as ever. The stranger obliges as he exits out of the building with Red following behind. When suddenly a girl with brown pigtails came from the corner of the street in a hurry and hastily bump into Red.

"Sorry! Gotta run, my two friends are already up there! Again, I'm so sorry!" Shauna apologizes profusely before heading into the building. Red just ignores it and continues to follow the stranger.

"So Red, which do you prefer? Sweeten, or non-sweeten? I'm more of a decaff myself." The figure said as they were walking through the city, and getting a bit further away from the lab.

"Does it matter?" Red asks.

"It does to us." The stranger said. They arrived at their destination and Red noticed two more similar figures with masks and white coats sitting at a round table, chatting to each other. One of them had a sad face on it, while the other one has an angry look. This was getting Red extremely uncomfortable, he slowly reach his hand towards his pokeball, just in case things were to get hairy.

"Guess who I brought." The one with the smile exclaimed in excitement and joy. He took a seat next to the one with the sad face.

"Please...sit down." The one with the sad face said, and surprisingly it was a female's voice. Which reminded him that Leaf had encounter the one with the sad face recently. He still remains cautious as he looks at the trio.

"We're not gonna bite, just sit." The one with the happy mask said. Red slowly grab a seat and sat down, eyes still peering at the them, ready for any sudden movement. A waitress came towards them to take their orders.

"I'd like a green tea frap with extra cream please." The one with the sad face said.

"Pumpkin spice latte. Gotta keep up with the seasons you know? Oh, and decaff it please." The one with the happy face said.

"Ice coffee will be fine with me." The one with the angry face spoke which happens to be another female voice. All three trio look straight towards Red who's just stun a bit by their unnerving stares, especially since they have the mask on.

"Just an espresso will be fine." Red ordered. The waitress took the menu off of the desk and left the area. There was silence at the table, none were talking to one another, but Red could tell that they're plotting something; he could feel it.

"So Red-" The smiley face person was interrupted by Red as he interjected the conversation.

"Okay, I wanna know what's going on. Right here, and right now. First off, you, mister smiley face, why did you attack me?" Red asked with an indignation tone. The smiley mask person didn't respond back, but just stares back at him and gave a small laugh.

"It was a mistake." He responded back with a chuckle. This caught Red off guard by his response.

"Seriously?" Red asked.

"Yeah, sorry about that. Honestly, I thought you were Crimson." He responded as he leans back against the chair. Red winced his eyes a bit as he heard Crimson's name slip off of his mouth. Only Leaf, and himself knows Crimson, so this got him more suspicious.

"How do you know Crimson?" Red asks. The sad mask person spoke up.

"That's classified, even for you." She responded back as she taps her fingers on the able.

"I have every right to know. Crimson...he's a part of me." Red softly said with an unease tone in his voice.

"Let's just say...we're all here on an act of revenge." The angry mask person spoke up. Red blink several times as he took that information in and let it sunk into his brain. Revenge? That doesn't make any sense at all. Red gave a long sigh as he removes his cap and brushes his fingers through his black hair, knowing that he's not going to get any knowledge than he already had obtained, he's decided to change the subject for now.

"Okay...you, the one with the sad face. Why did you...try to save Leaf?" Red ask. She looks at him and felt a bit uncomfortable responding that question as she starts fiddling her thumbs.

"W-Well...she's..." She ponders on her words.

"That's classified as well." The one with the smiley face interjected. Red was starting to get annoyed and angry at the same time.

"If this so called 'classified' subject has anything to do to harm her. I'll come after all of you." Red warns as he points his fingers at all three of them. They didn't respond his threat at all, as they just continue to do what they do. Getting nothing out of them, he decides to drop the subject again.

"How many are you guys?" Red questions.

"You're looking at them. All three of us." The one with the smiley face said. There was silence between Red and the strange group, then suddenly the waitress came by with a silver tray of their orders as she places drinks at their respective spots. All three of the strange mask people thank her, except for Red as he has his hands clench tightly, staring at each and everyone of them.

"Are you guys...somehow invisible to these people?" Red asks as he stares at several people around them.

"Yes, and no. We're actually in disguise in the eyes of others. Our true forms are only shown that are gifted with those who cross through Pandora. For example, I'm a dude wearing a red bandana on my head and wearing a white karate uniform." The one with the smiley face said. He took a sip through his mask from the cup, which is extremely strange on Red's perspective. He stares at all three of them in disbelief.

"I'm disguise as an ace trainer here in Kalos. Teal hair, purple clothes and a skirt." The one with the sad face said.

"I'm disguise as a breeder. Reddish pink bandana with green overalls and white T-shirt." The angry mask person said.

"Huh...people must think you're an unusual group." Red stated. The happy mask person took a sip from his cup.

"Not as unusual as you, I mean, relax and have some fun why don't you? And let go of that pokeball on your belt." The happy mask said as he took another sip of his drink. Red paused a bit as he looks down at the pokeball he has his hand latch on. He looks back at him with a determine look.

"No. Not until you guys tell me what's going on around here. You all obviously know a lot more about Pandora than you let on. You accused me of being Crimson and just now, you brush it off by apologizing? One of you protected Leaf and Serena at that one moment from Crimson, and I'm thankful for it. However, that doesn't mean that I fully trust any of you." Red stated. The three of the mysterious strangers look at Red in silent.

"Don't make this anymore complicated than it already is Crimson." The happy mask person mocked with a slight chuckle. Red's blood boiled when he heard that name, he stood up from his seat and pounded his hand on the table, shaking every cup on the table which nearly spill over.

"There you go again with that, I'm not Crimson." Red warned.

"Oh, you say you aren't, but you're showing every trace that you are him, at least partially." The happy mask person said. Hearing that did not make Red feel any better, instead it had the exact opposite.

"What are you talking about?" Red asked.

"Your eyes, they're glowing. Isn't that what Crimson's eyes does when he's in some sort of mood?" The happy mask person said. Red was stunned, was it that obvious to them?

"That's not all that's happened. Red is dead isn't he?" He continues on. Red paused as his eyes widen and his fists clenched tightly. He slowly sat back down on the chair as he cautiously stares at all three of them.

"Who are you people...?" Red muttered.

"It doesn't matter who we are. What matters is the question I'm about to ask you." The mask person said. Red looks back at him, straight in the eyes.

"Are you Red, or Crimson?" He asked with a serious tone. Red gulps, palms were getting sweaty, and his legs felt like jello.

"I'm Red..." Red responded, although his confidence was dwindling. A pause was in the air as the three of them look at one another.

"Interesting. Okay then, let's recap. Back on Mt. Silver after Leaf had shot Crimson down with Hope's hyper beam, you both had no way of surviving; Leaf's stab wounds, and your torso was literally blown apart. What exactly happened up there?" The mask person said. To think that other people knew what had happened up on that mountain that day, it's both suspicious and creepy. Red had mix feelings about this whole situation, but if they know this much about Pandora, himself, and Leaf...Red crosses his arms together as he shuts his eyes, recalling everything that had happened.

"I open my eyes; Leaf wasn't there in my arms, I can still feel some life in me, just barely hanging in there and I thought to myself. I'm dead, no matter what happens. Suddenly, footsteps starts crunching on the snow, I didn't move, didn't have the strength to respond at all. There he was...Crimson as he appears in front of me. But at the same time, it wasn't him. It was somewhat of a black mass, a silhouette of him, hovering above my face. I couldn't tell if I was dead or not, but I can see him, he was just dark, and he started to say something. I couldn't hear what he said, only his mouth was moving, but I can make out what he had said..." Red paused in his story telling as he looks down to the side.

"What did he say?" The happy mask person said. He looks back at him and gulped.

"How about a second chance?" Red continues.

"And what did you say after that?" The sad mask person said.

"I couldn't and didn't say anything. But he knew I would say yes." Red replied back. Another moment of silent at the table as the trio stares at each other, giving each other gestures and small nods.

"Does Leaf know this?" The happy mask person asks. Red slowly shakes his head.

"Just half of the truth." Red replied.

"Good...good." The mask person said. Red was still suspicious on how protective they are towards Leaf, he had to ask.

"Why are you guys so protective over Leaf?" Red asks. The happy mask person looks at Red with a stern look.

"Look...we're on your side. At least, we want to, but we're being extremely cautious at the moment. We want to believe that you're Red, and we want to believe that you're telling the truth. However...we're just gonna say this. 'It's only natural to protect someone you care the most.'" The happy mask person said. Red was now confused, how does these people know Leaf?

"Are you...me?" Red asks. The happy mask person starts laughing hysterically, however the other two weren't as they remain quiet as ever. After his session of laughter was over he finally regains himself as he starts clearing his throat.

"No, not in a million years." The happy mask person said. Red was out of option as he just sat there in silence.

"You're a lot tougher than the three of us combine, heck I bet Serena and Calem and defeat us in a pokemon battle as well. It's just that, we have our resources and our pride. That's all we have left." The happy mask person said.

"Why the incognito looks? The masks and the coats?" Red continues asking.

"Er...we're a bit shy." He replied back. Red didn't buy it one bit, he knew it was more than just being 'shy.'

"Okay then...were you the ones who started Pandora's unnatural wind that blew me and Leaf off course?" Red asks, looking at the three of them.

"Yeah, let's just say that if we hadn't, things would have gotten bad. If I told you, I can guarantee that you won't believe me." The smiley mask person said. Red winced a bit.

"And what makes you say that?" Red asks.

"Trust me on this. If we told you, you're gonna regret it. Perhaps a bit later, as soon as you keep up with your journey. Heck, this Crimson will probably make this a bit more faster." The smiley mask person said. Red's eyes widen when he caught on what he said.

"Wait...what do you mean THIS Crimson?" Red questioned with a glare look in his eyes. From the tone and the word from Red's mouth, it stunned everyone on the table. Knowing that he had caught on.

"Damn..." The mask with the sad face said.

"Answer me dammit!" Red shouted as he pounded his hand on the table, causing a scene for everyone, but he didn't care.

"A slip of a tongue...I suppose you should know what's going on here...at least. Red, both you and Leaf...are in another world." The angry mask person said. Red's eyes widen when he heard that, this must be some sort of joke. The stares from the crowd and dwindled down as they turn their attention back to their own business.

"You've gotta be kidding me." Red snarled.

"It's the truth." The happy mask person said.

"Okay then...tell me this. How come Leaf's cousin; Serena is here?" Red ask as he crosses his arms.

"They are cousins. This world's Leaf has the same cousin as well." The happy mask person said. Red blinks several times when he heard that. This Leaf, this Serena, his Leaf, her Serena, this is going to making his head explode.

"Then what happened to this world's Leaf?" Red asks. All three of the mask people look uncomfortable from that.

"What. Happened. To. Her?" Red worded.

"It all started at Mt. Silver..." The happy mask person began.

"Ha ha! You're too much for me! You're both really something!" Professor Sycamore announced his lost against the two trainers pokemon battle. Both Serena and Calem withdrew their starter pokemon back into their respective ball.

"Nice job Serena!" Calem complimented.

"You're not too bad yourself Cal." Serena complimented back.

"Nice battle you guys. I'm glad you two work together in that battle." Leaf called out to the both of them.

"Wow, good one guys! You two make a dynamic duo!" Shaun cheered to the two of them which Calem gave her a thumbs up and Serena nods her head in response.

"I think I figured it out!" Sycamore shouted, interrupting the four trainers.

"Figured what out?" Shauna asks in confusion.

"Serena, and Calem. You two are interesting trainers indeed! It'll be fantastic to take one of these pokemon with you! Here! Pick one!" Sycamore said as he places three balls on his desk.

"You go first Calem." Serena said. Calem nods his head as he approaches the three of balls, he tries recalling the pokemon he has at the moment. Then in a few more seconds he decided to pick one.

"I'm picking Bulbasaur." Calem said as he picks the ball off of the table and raise it high in the air. Leaf heard the word Bulbasaur from Calem's lips, her heart sank down into her stomach and her hands were clenched.

"Move over big guy." Serena said which Calem did. She looks at the two remaining balls on the table and decided to choose in mere seconds.

"Since I have a grass and fire type, I'm going with Squirtle with this." Serena stated as she picks the ball off the table.

"Very good. Now, would you like to nickname your pokemon?" Sycamore asks the two of them. Calem thinks for a minute as he crosses his arms, eyes closed.

"How about Bulbs?" Calem suggested.

"I guess that leads me to one pokemon. Two fire types isn't that bad." Shauna said as she picks up the last ball which contains the Charmander.

"Sounds good to me. I'm naming mine, Sheldon." Serena said. Sycamore put his hands in his pockets and pulled out three small shards, a blue, green, and red. He handed to the three trainers before him.

"These are for you three. A Blastoisedite, Venusaurdite, and a Charizardite." Sycamore announced. Suddenly two people entered the room, both Tierno and Trevor came to join in

"Hey everyone!" Tierno happily called out.

"What's this? Everyone's already here." Trevor said, eying at his surroundings. Before Sycamore could say something; Serena's Holocaster came up in front of her, interrupting the event. It was Serena's mother, and she look a bit distraught and shocked.

"Serena, I need to talk to you." Her mother said. Serena nods her head as she closes the Holocaster off.

"Sorry this is important. Leaf, I'll be right back." Serena said to everyone which they all nodded their heads.

"Say hi to aunt Terra for me." Leaf said.

"Yeah, I will." Serena responded. She went to other side of the room.

"Oh! I believe we haven't met yet." Tierno announced as he looks at Leaf. The brunette smiles and shook her head.

"No, we haven't. I'm Leaf, please to meet you." Leaf said as she extended a hand for a shake. Tierno was about to responded before Trevor suddenly shouted his name.

"Tierno! Do you know who that is!?" Trevor interjected. Tierno looks back at the younger friend and shrugs his shoulders and Leaf a bit surprise from their reactions.

"It's the Kanto Champion, Leaf Green!" Trevor continued. Tierno's eyes widen as he looks back at Leaf, who still has her hand out.

"N-No way...the one who has Mewtwo!? The one who took down the previous champion in a flawless round!? Y-You're that champion!? And also...you're Serena's cousin!?" Tierno shouted. Leaf was speechless that her news of champion bouts had reach so far into the Kanto region. Even the professor was shocked from the news, except for Calem.

"Er...does that mean she's special?" Shauna ask in a confused manner.

"Special? Special!? No one in the last century had ever pulled a flawless battle during the champion bout." Trevor announced.

"Are you going to shake my hand or not?" Leaf asks, getting a bit annoyed.

"No, no, no, no, I'm not worthy." Tierno nervously said as he waves his hands.

"Um...okay." Leaf mutters.

"Alright, break it off you guys. You're gonna make her feel light headed, I mean, with all the paparazzi in her famous life, I don't think she wants anyone's attention at the moment." Calem broke off the tension.

"Ahem. Alright everyone, enough with that. Anyways, now that all of you are here. Be the best trainers you can be! At the same time, remember to have some fun traveling with your pokemon and companions! Also, I want you guys to help solve Kanto's biggest mystery: the secret and potential of Mega Evolution, a new evolution that occurs in battle! That's why I gave you the mega stones just now, it's an important clue!" Sycamore announced.

"Mega Evolution?" Leaf mutters to herself.

"What about the pokedex?" Trevor added.

"Trevor, my lad, if that's what 'best trainer' means to you, then I want you to go out there and complete that pokedex!" Sycamore stated.

"Mega Evolution sounds really interesting!" Shauna excitedly said.

"If you're investigating Mega Evolution, why don't you check Camphrier Town? That town has a lot of history-you might find a hint there." Sycamore suggested.

"Mega Evolution does sound interesting, I bet Red would like to know more, but we're in a tight spot at the moment." Leaf whispers to herself. Serena came out from the corner of the room, with a pale look on her face and she eyed at Leaf cautiously.

"Oh, hey Serena, you miss almost everything." Leaf said.

"Don't worry, I heard it all..." Serena said, her tone seems mellow.

"Are you okay Serena? You look like you've seen a ghost." Calem asks.

"Something like that...but don't worry about me. Leaf...I want to spend a bit more time with you. So how about we spend the night here?" Serena asks.

"Huh? Spend the night? But aren't we going to continue the journey?" Leaf asks in confusion.

"Isn't spending time with family more important? Especially now?" Serena asks. Leaf paused for a moment and sigh.

"Fine." Leaf said. Serena smiles as she takes the elevator and left the room.

"What's up with Serena?" Tierno asks.

"I don't know...but I'm worried, maybe it's just me." Trevor added.

"Well, she is the daughter of one of the most advanced trainers out there. Maybe she's just under pressure." Shauna stated.

"Huh? Is she really?" Calem asks.

"Yeah, she's always under so much stress and work. In fact, her parents are so strict that she cannot go home until she accomplish her task, become the champion of the Kalos region. I don't know what will happen if she fails." Shauna continues.

"Hmm...maybe we should spend more quality time together." Leaf mutters to herself. Then a thought clicked onto her head.

"I'm sorry everyone, but I need a moment with the professor." Leaf said. Everyone look at her in curiosity.

"Um...okay." Calem said as he and his friends left the room. Leaf eyed at the professor as she approaches him.

"I'm sorry the way I acted that way earlier mademoiselle. I was just caught in your aura of beauty that I lost control." Sycamore apologizes. Leaf smiles and shook her head.

"It's fine. I wanted to ask you something." Leaf said.

"Certainly for the beautiful champion." Sycamore said as he gave a wink.

"Have any Clefables pop up here recently? I mean, the pokemon abandonment shelter have any recent Clefables here? I know for a fact that if one loses their own pokemon, it goes straight to the shelter, so I was wondering if there are any." Leaf asks.

"No, I'm sorry mademoiselle, there are other Clefables, but not the recent ones I'm afraid. I should know because I check everyday through my computer." Sycamore stated. Leaf frowns and sighs.

"Thanks for your help." Leaf thanked the man.

Red is pale beyond belief as he has his hand on his mouth in awe and shock. He scans his eyes at the three of them.

"That is all we can tell you." The happy mask person said.

"I-I don't believe it..." Red softly said as his hands were shaking in terror.

"It's the truth." The happy masker person said.

"Then we need to get out of here, now." Red said, his voice filled with worry.

"I don't think so..." The happy mask person warned.

"Why not!?" Red shouted in frustration. The happy mask person gave a long sigh as he rubs the back of his head.

"We can't tell you." The happy mask person responded.

"Don't toy with me!" Red warned as he put his hand on the pokeball.

"Red, we want to help you. But you're making this situation tough than it already is." The happy mask person responded in a more calmer voice.

"Then help me, tell me everything that you know. Every information helps." Red stated. The trio looks at each other, pondering and wondering what they should do. They lean towards each others ears and started whispering to each other. From the tone of their actions and odd behavior, it seems like they're debating. Red stares at them, patiently as possible, waiting for an answer. They took one last look at each other and nodded their heads as they return to their respective seats.

"Okay then. We're gonna tell you two classified information. Under two condition." The happy mask person spoke up. Red didn't like that idea one bit, but if it's something that he could prevent, then he'll have to give into their rules.

"Fine by me." Red softly spoke, almost regretting to decide on his actions, especially to these strange trios that he had just met. The happy mask figure just folds his hands together and heave a sigh.

"I'm going to put this bluntly. You're turning into Crimson." He spoke up. Red paused for a moment, trying to get his bearings together from hearing something so ludicrous.

"Come again?" Red pardon himself.

"Don't make me repeat myself." The happy mask figure with a stoic position.

"Why?" Red whispers to himself.

"If you want to know why, it's because both you and Crimson are sharing the same body and mind. Let me paraphrase that answer, 'you have the mind of Red, and the body of Crimson.' When you were invisible during your travels with Leaf, you lack the body, but you had enough energy to give off the physical appearance towards Leaf. She's one of the very few people that can see people that had made contact with Pandora. The reason for this is because of a small DNA had mutated inside of her when she was born which grants her some sort of...how do you say, six sense? This also applies to Calem and Serena. They too have them as well. But don't you worry, you're not dead, you just simply, 'don't exist.'" The happy mask figure finally explained. Red sat in silence, taking all of the information in.

"So...what's gonna happen to me? Why am I turning into Crimson?" Red ask in a more worried tone.

"Your physical being has been through the world long enough and not only that, but two worlds. It strains your DNA strands and physical body. This, in turn, pushes Crimson to the victor side. And if we don't do anything about it...well...your guess is as good as mine." The happy mask figure continues.

"H-How long?" Red trembles on his words.

"We don't know, but judging from your glowing eyes and quick to anger moment, I'm giving it a year. But this is all speculation." He continues as he grabs the cup and took a quick sip of the drink. Red was at the word for loss, a feeling of guilt, and anxiety has captivated his heart. He looks at his fingerless glove hands and clenches tightly.

"And now, our mission." The happy mask figure spoke. This caught Red's attention as he looks back at him with hungry eyes, seeking information about the strange people.

"Our code mission is called: Zero Years. The three of us, the only chance to save all of the worlds and bringing it back together in a single path is our mission. You see, we're not exactly from this world, no, we too used Pandora to travel through other worlds, to find the missing link of each world. But you see, we're looking for one particular world, the world that is corrupted. Like a virus, it consumes and destroy everything in its path and what do you have to do to to completely get rid of it? Well, like a computer, you can only do one thing if it gets too out of hand. Completely restart everything from square one. Red, our mission is to bring everything back to zero, back to the years to where it started. And you Red, you are that virus." The happy mask figure said in a dark tone. Red started to sweat in fear as he trembles. The trio looks at him, waiting for him to answer, but he could only stare at them in horror.

"Are...are you going to kill me?" Red asked.

"No, no we rather not. But the answer is clear as day. However there is an alternate choice, but it isn't easy at all. First things first, do you know what Pandora is?" The happy mask figure asked. Red slowly shook his head.

"I know what I've experienced, but never fully understood what exactly is it." Red answered honestly.

"It's a pokemon." The mask figure said in a bluntly fashion. Red's eyes widen in surprise.

"W-What!?" Red exclaimed in shock.

"It's no ordinary pokemon as it's not classified as any type. However, we classified it as a void pokemon, the only known to exists. It has no appearance and no physical body. We've been studying this pokemon for the longest time and we can never find it's physical being. However, we know it's a pokemon and we know it has a body because we've caught some interesting infrared photos of the being. We do know one thing though, it likes to linger on Mt. Silver since that mountain connects through different worlds and its power can activate the gate." The happy mask figure explained.

"So...what are we going to do about it?" Red asks.

"That's one of the many hard parts of this alternate path. We need to capture it...somehow. In fact, I endorse you to capture it since it will end the whole Pandora gate. With its power, we can finally end this mission for good. Unfortunately, that also means we have to kill the pokemon once it's done its job. It's cruel and we'll take full responsibility for it, but it's for the best that its power does not land on the wrong hand." The happy mask figure said. Suddenly; Red stares down on the ground in silence, feeling extremely uneasy on how the situation change for the worse.

"I know how you feel. And trust me, all three of us do." The happy mask figure said.

"So, what happens to the worlds when I'm completely out of the picture?" Red asks, the tone of his voice trembles. There were only silence at the table.

"Everything, will go back to the way it was. Leaf, Serena and Calem's adventure never started, time has finally revert back to the present. Everyone...Calem...Serena...and Leaf, they will forget about you, turn back to the years they're about to embark on their journey. You see...that's why we need Pandora, to fix the mess you've caused." The happy mask figure explained as his folds his hands together.

"Is it really that bad?" Red asks.

"Very..." The happy mask figure stated flatly.

"Life is unfair, but everything happens for a reason." The happy mask figure stated. Red lifted his head to look at him.

"And this is all my fault." Red mutters.

"I'm sorry..." The sad mask figure apologizes. Red shook his head as he clenches his hands tightly and shut his eyes.

"I promised her...I promised that I would stay with her forever. And now...I have to break it. I'm the worse, if only I wasn't so selfish." Red said as he clenches his teeth in a fit of anger.

"So, what will it be Red?" The happy mask figure asks. Red stayed silent for a long while, hands clenched and his body trembles from the weight of the words. A few moments later, he finally spoke.

"I honestly don't know, but I trust you guys." Red responded.

"You're quick to give us a straight answer. How do you know we can be trusted?" The happy mask figure asks, testing his belief.

"Because you wouldn't tell me all of this if you did. Besides; Crimson is the proof, and that's all I need from you guys to prove your innocence. Unless you all have some ulterior motive, then I'll keep a close eye on all three of you." Red responded. The mask figures look at each other, giving each other a slight nod of approval.

"Whatever you say Red, just don't be too hard on yourself. Now, we have two requests from you, as promised." The happy mask figure said. Red stiffened a bit and gulp down..

"What?" Red asked.

"When the time comes-if the time comes for you to turn to Crimson...you MUST and I repeat, MUST hand Leaf over to us. I promise that we'll keep her safe along with Serena and Calem, as well as their friends. We'll continue the mission as stated." The happy mask figure said in an adamant tone. Red didn't say anything as he knew that this would probably happen if he were to turn into Crimson. He would do anything to keep her safe and if it means to depart forever, then so be it. Besides...this mission...

"Next, we want you to find Crimson. The three of us are out of his league and you should be able to take him down. And when the time comes, I believe you know what's going to happen." The mask figure stated. Red closes his eyes and sighs and opens them up again.

"Any other questions you have in mind?" The happy mask figure asks. Red looks a him and nods his head. A question he had in mind the day before they jump Pandora. Something that he's afraid to tell her if it comes down to it, but her excitement got the best of him.

"Yeah, I do. Leaf jumped through Pandora as well. Does that mean...there's an alternate of her somewhere? I mean, she shows no symptoms of Pandora's effect." Red asks. The trio were silence once more as they stare at each other, but none were giving any sort of gestures.

"Let's hope not. You'll know when you see it and the possibilities are endless. It's your choice to tell her, but the rest is up to you." The happy mask figure simply said. Red's blood ran cold, it was not a reassuring at all.

"Now, we have to get going, we've got to do more research on Pandora and find a way to capture it. We'll be watching you from afar and we await for your answer. Oh and don't worry about the whole Tierno incident. We took care of it, so he should be back to his normal self." The happy mask figure said as they all stood up from the table.

"Wait...I have another question." Red asks in a nervous manner. They all turn to him.

"What do you get out of this?" Red asks in curiosity.

"That's..." The happy mask figure started as he paused for a bit.

"Classified." The happy mask figure finished as he gave a small chuckle. Red should have known, but it was worth a try. The trios pulled out their money and place it on the table and started to walk away. Red place a hand on his heart, feeling a bit unnerving from talking to them. He looks back up and notice that they were gone, lost in the crowded people, incognito from the rest of the world. Their appearance, background, and characteristics are strange and that made Red worry. They obvious know more than they let out and the fact that they know about his experience of Pandora made him and Leaf a bigger target than he thought. He will just have to trust them on this, but he has to give himself some thought and time to think this through. One things for sure; Pandora is related to everything.

"Ahh...the Kalos shower is just unbeatable." Leaf sighs in content as she got out of the restroom wearing a white bath robe and brushing her hair down. She looks at her surroundings, there's a large king size bed with light blue blankets and white pillows neatly organize. There were two lamps with strange designs sitting on the small desks at the sides of the bed. A large LED T.V hanging against the wall. A small fridge filled with snacks, and drinks is beside a large oak drawer. Leaf turns her head towards the balcony, and sees Red leaning against it in deep thought. A frown came across her face as she approaches him.

"You know, you're gonna catch a cold if you stand out here for too long." Leaf warns as she opens the sliding glass door Red turns around to look at her for a brief moment, before turning his head back towards the luminous city that gives a glowing aura around the whole city. There were many people still outside walking around, cars passing by with several honks and several people were riding on a goat like pokemon.

"Red, what's wrong? You've been like this since...well...for a while now." Leaf asks as she grips onto his arm and gently squeezes it. Red sighs as he shuts his eyes.

"I..." Red pauses for a bit before becoming completely silent.

"Red..." Leaf softly whispers before wrapping her arms around him from the side.

"You can tell me anything...just please...tell me what's wrong." Leaf asks with worry.

"I just wanted...to make things right. I'm sorry, I'm not myself..." Red replies.

"Red...we'll find Hope, and we'll get through this. We're a team, and we always have each others back." Leaf explains. Red shuts his eyes and gave a long sigh as he shakes his head as he put on a smile. He looks at her and returns the embrace, kissing her lightly on her forehead.

"Sorry, I think Pandora's gotten the best of me when it comes to my emotion. I mean, it's known to cause some sort of side effect." Red explains. Leaf raises an eyebrow and slightly punches him on the shoulder.

"Idiot..." Leaf softly said with a small laugh.

"I love you Leaf." Red suddenly said. Leaf looks at him awkwardly, but still kept the smile on her face.

"Huh? What's with you all of a sudden? Of course you love me you idiot." Leaf playfully said. Red gave a nervous laugh and leans in for a kiss. Their lips met as they kissed for a brief moment before breaking apart. They turn their heads to the glowing city as they stare in awe.

"It's a beautiful city. Tch. What a shame." Red whispers to himself. Leaf tugs on his shirt which caught his attention.

"I've got something for you." Leaf said as she releases his arm and returns back into the room. She reaches into the drawer and quickly puts it behind her. Red raises an eyebrow as he enters the room and shuts the sliding door.

"Serena and I went shopping for a bit, saying something about getting to know each other more. Which is weird because she just suddenly started asking some strange questions about what my favorite food, color, number, and pokemon. But that's besides the point, the point is, I think I got something that might cheer you up." Leaf stated.

"Is it another one of those weird trading card games again?" Red replies in a sarcastic manner. Leaf giggles and shook her head.

"No you idiot. Look." Leaf said as she reveals a silver watch. Red approaches her as she hands it to him. He starts inspecting it and a frown appears on his face. This got Leaf a bit of a panic from the moment she looks at his face.

"It's nice and all Leaf, but...why did you get me a watch?" Red asks. Leaf's jaws drops down hard, her feelings and stomach just plummeted down. She was about give him a piece of her mind when he started to laugh.

"Oh babe, I'm just messing with you. I love it!" Red exclaims in laughter as he quickly puts it on his left arm.

"Y-You idiot!" Leaf shouted as she quickly give him one of her kicks to the shins which he started to groan in pain as he starts rubbing the pain away.

"Ouch! Geez your kicks seems to get stronger every time. But seriously Leaf, the look on your face was priceless, it was worth it." Red laughs before wincing in pain a bit.

"Idiot..." Leaf pouts. Red finished rubbing his shins as he went towards her and embrace her lovingly.

"I love it, thank you Leaf." Red thanked her as he kisses her forehead, she relaxes a bit as she gave a long sigh.

"So, how does it look?" Red asks as he pulls her away and shows her his new gift.

"It looks good, you better appreciate it cause it costs a lot! But being a champion and all that, I have enough income." Leaf stated.

"Geez, it makes me wonder why we're staying at your mothers." Red sarcastically responded which Leaf just rolls her eyes. There was a moment of silence between the two when suddenly; Leaf blurted out.

"Hey, Red..." Leaf asks which Red looks directly back at her. A blush suddenly appears on her face as she clamps both of her hands on both cheeks, feeling uncomfortable.

"Uh...yeah?" Red asks.

"Y-Ya know Red, since we're not from these parts of town and we're miles and miles away from Pallet Town. Do you wanna...er...you know." Leaf nervously asks as she turns her head to her left. Red was in a state of confusion and just stayed quiet.

"I-I mean, that is if you want to, and if it's okay for your approval and that things are alright between us. I mean, w-we're at that legal age and we're already married and like most, if not all married couples do is er...um." Leaf blurted as fast as she can.

"What's going on Leaf?" Red calmly asks her as he grips onto her shoulders.

"Do you want to have...sex?" Leaf asks. Red's face instantly lived up to his name when he heard that.

"W-Wait...I thought you wanted to wait until we have a place of our own, and have kids?" Red asks.

"Y-Yeah...I know, b-but since we have the money, we can find a place anytime and anywhere. I-I'm still a virgin in case you're wondering!" Leaf blurted. Red looks at her as he bits his lips. He needed to think it through. There was silence once again as the air suddenly became uncomfortable for the two, ironic since the two are always comfortable with each other, but now...not so much. Red sat on the bed as he thinks to himself.

"No." Red replied bluntly. This caught Leaf in a surprise.

"I love you Leaf, I really do. But, if we're going to screw around like this, then it feels like our relationship isn't a serious one. Besides, we jump through Pandora for my mother's blessings, remember? I wanted to show my mother, that I am a changed person and that I brought home the most wonderful and powerful person I know. I wanted to show my world, the person that saved me." Red responded. A smile crept on Leaf's face.

"I'm sorry." Red apologizes.

"No, don't apologize, that was great, better than I expected. It shows that you are serious about it, and I'm glad that you are. You're really wonderful Red." Leaf complimented. She crept towards Red and sat on his lap as she wraps her arms around his neck.

"In this sort of position, I don't know how I'm going to handle this situation." Red replies; Leaf giggles as she places a quick kiss on his lips.

"There's always the making out option." Leaf suggested. Red laughs as he nodded his head.

"You're so hopeless..." Red laughs as Leaf pushes herself on top of him and starts kissing him and he returns the favor. Leaf pulls back and looks deep into his eyes.

"What?" Red whispers as he gently place his right hand on her cheek. The girl smiles as she returns the affection by placing her own hand on top of his.

"I love you..." Leaf whispers back.

"Now, where did that come from?" Red asks. She stays quiet and shrugs her shoulders.

"It just seems right to say it." Leaf responded. Red stayed silent for a moment, then smiled as he kisses her deeply.

"Is it too late to change my mind?" Red asked jokingly as he releases their kiss. Leaf playfully punch his chest.

"Shut up you pervert." Leaf laughs. Red wraps his arms around her and kisses her once again.

"Okay Ninja, that was a great battle against Sycamore's pokemon, as well as you Scorch." Calem complimented at his two pokemon; Froakie and Torchic. Calem reach for his belt and threw another ball and out came a Bulbasaur which looks around at its surroundings.

"Guys meet your new friend, Bulbs." Calem introduced the two pokemon to the new member of the group. The water and fire pokemon stare at the Kanto starter for a brief moment before turning their head back towards Calem.

"Go on, introduce yourselves." Calem ushers his pokemon. The two pokemon starts growling and repeatedly saying their names, a pokemon language. The new pokemon became comfortable with the two as it responds back joyfully. In mere seconds the trio became playful with one another as they run across the room, playing tag. Calem smiles as he sat on the bed and watch his pokemon, enjoying the moment. In less than a minute later, there were several knocks on the door.

"Who is it?" Calem asks, facing the door.

"It's me; Serena." The blond girl responded behind the door. Calem stop the hyper pokemon from running around and told them to behave which they obeyed. He opens the door and sees Serena with her arms folded across her chest, an uneasy tension was plaster on her face, something was wrong.

"Cal, there's something I need to speak with you. But promise me that you won't tell anyone else, not even Leaf." Serena stated. Calem frowns, seeing the serious expression on her face, he lets her in without a second thought. She took a seat on the chair, then turn to face his pokemon and smile as she waves at them which they responded back in a growl.

"Bonding with your pokemon I see." Serena stated as she rubs the Torchic's head which it nuzzle itself against her touch.

"You should bring out your pokemon so they can bond as well." Calem suggested as he sat on his bed with his hands in his pockets. She turns to him and frowns as she shook her head.

"That can wait, what I need to tell you is extremely important. I'm going to ask you again. Can you promise me not to tell anyone else?" Serena asks. Her friend paused for a moment before nodding. If she came here by herself, and not wanting Leaf to know, then something is up.

"What do you think about my cousin Leaf?" Serena asks. Calem was a caught off guard by the off putting question, since he was expecting something more personal. Nevertheless, he decides to offer his assistance to the matter of the question.

"I think she's pretty cool, kinda of a hot headed character, but a good person. But to think, that is the Kanto champion, here in the Kalos region." Calem stated. Serena winced a bit before sighing. Sensing the trouble vibe she's giving out; Calem was stun, afraid that he said the wrong thing.

"I'm sorry, did I say something bad?" Calem asks cautiously. Serena turns her head around in both directions of the room and immediately went up to shut the door and lock it. She then gestures Calem to return his pokemon back into the balls. He did so without question, something is definitely wrong here.

"Calem, do you remember my mother calling me at the lab today?" Serena asks. Calem thought for a moment before nodding his head.

"Well...she told me something...extreme." Serena said as she closes her eyes. Calem clenches his hands and lick his lower lips.

"Extreme?" Calem questioned. Serena nods her head as she looks back into his eyes.

"My cousin Leaf, is dead." Serena stated. Calem's eyes widen in horror and shock from that unexpected news.

"W-What-" Calem's mouth was interrupted when Serena place a hand on his mouth to shut him up. She put a finger to her mouth. Eyes still widen in fear and shock, but slowly he starts calming down.

"S-So that's why you were looking so pale from before." Calem stated. Serena nods her head.

"T-Then...who's the Leaf with us?" Calem stuttered. Serena gulps down a lump in her throat and shook her head.

"I don't know. When we went shopping, I ask many questions, personal questions too. She did not seem to be out of the ordinary since she answer every single questions that corresponds to her personality. Then I ask my mother if she is certain and she responded with a yes. Apparently, they found her body up on Mt. Silver, half frozen with a gaping hole on her torso, dead. According to Leaf's mother, she was quite moody as she 'attacked' her with the pokemon Chansey, who put her to sleep and took off to Mt. Silver. Now, she's been dead for about a month already, her mother just lay out the news to us today." Serena stated. Calem was in shock and awe as he just couldn't believe what he's hearing.

"Then we should be more cautious around this Leaf." Calem suggested.

"Precisely. I haven't told my mother about this Leaf, at least not yet. I wanted to do more investigation, who, what, where, and why. Not only that, but that Red guy, we have to be careful around him too. He seems to be the quiet and serious type. All in all, I don't trust them, so for now I suggest we just pretend this discussion never happened." Serena stated.

"I've got a bad feeling about all of this." Calem mutters.

"You can leave us and start on your own journey. You don't have to be with me on this." Serena suggested. Calem shook his head.

"No way, I won't leave a friend behind on this whole fiasco. Since you've told me all of this information, it just tells me that you trust me enough to do it. So, what I'm saying is, let me stay with you if things go wrong, I'll be there to pick you back up." Calem said. Serena pause for a moment as she stares at him.

"Thanks. You can' tell how much I wanted to tell someone about the news. Shauna would never keep this a secret; Tierno and Trevor will eventually spill the beans, and I'm placing my whole luck on you." Serena said with a smile. She got up and walk towards the door.

"Serena..." Calem whispers.

"I'll be in my room if you need me." Serena said as she leaves the room and shuts the door. Calem sat there in silence, then slowly lay down on his bed and stares at the ceiling.

"Holy crap..." Calem mutters.

"Grr...damn bitch..." Crimson growls to himself as he dips his hand in the river, scoops up the water and places against his open wound. He hisses in pain, his eyes are widen, and his teeth a clench together tightly.

"How...I killed her. I killed her, so why is she still alive!" Crimson shouted in frustration as he swipes his hand in the water. He looks at his trembling hands in disgust.

"I've gotten weaker. Everyone can see me now, and my powers are weakened...and it's all because of her!" Crimson yelled. He huffs and puffs as he tries to calm himself down, but the thought of Leaf in his head made him so agitated that it felt impossible at the moment.

"My, my, aren't you a cranky one." A female voice came from behind. Crimson's eyes widen.

"That voice..." Crimson whispers as he turns around to see Leaf in a different attire wearing a one piece black dress, black high heels, and white gloves. She has her hand on her hips and winks at him.

"You! Are you here to finish me off!?" Crimson shouted his hand on his pokeball, ready to strike at her at any moment. She rolls her eyes and casually approaches him in a seductive manner.

"Nah, I'm here to give you a little pick me up." She says. Crimson became cautious, this isn't Leaf. No, he could feel it, and sense it.

"You're a splitting image of Leaf herself." Crimson responded as he lets go of his pokeball. The girl giggles and nodded her head.

"Well, of course you silly goose. I mean, if I could sense you, then you can do the same to me." She cooed. Crimsons winced his eyes in disgust.

"What do I call you?" Crimson asks, trying to get right to the point. The girl paused for a second as she place her glove finger on her chin and starts thinking. A smile crept on her face as she looks back at him.

"Thorn, and it's an honor to finally meet my sweet heart." Thorn responded with a giggle.

"So what do you want?" Crimson asks.

"The same as you do, I want to kill that bitch Leaf. For two reasons. I want a body, and take revenge on her for hurting my cutey here." Thorn responded as she place a hand on his wounded chest.

"W-What the hell!?" Crimson shouted as he flinch and back away from her. He then looks down at the wounded chest and was surprise when it completely healed. He looks at her as she winks back at him.

"Is that your power?" Crimson asks. Thorn rolls her eyes.

"Duh." Thorn pointed the obvious.

"Also, I have a surprise for you as well." Thorn said as she reaches behind her back. Crimson remains quiet as he looks at her intently.

"Pfft geez, trying to lighten the mood here if you're not going to try to guess. Anyways, guess who's pokeball this is?" Thorn ask as she pulls out the pokeball from behind and waves it around in the air. Crimson's eyes widen when he recognizes it.

"Th-That's Leaf's pokemon! Hope!" Crimson shouted. Thorn giggles and nods her head.

"And now, she's mine." Thorn giggles.