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"Stupid...Alarm clock, that had to stop working." Misaki muttered as she hurriedly stuffed her documents into her bag, It's has been ten years after High School. In that ten years so much had happened, things that were unimaginable. Misaki was the long-lost heiress of the Sanzenin Household; the second richest company in Japan. It all started when Takumi got called back to England without a word to help with the main group due to his brother's death and the sad thing was. He agreed with no resistance. She wasn't even given a chance to say goodbye. She and Takumi both lost contact with each other since the day he left Japan, He left without a word only leaving behind a slip of paper hidden under his desk that said: "I'm sorry." Those days were filled with nothing but tears and broken sobs. Misaki remembered the day when she met her birth mother. The day when she found out that everything about her life had been a lie. The day when she figured out that everything she thought she knew about herself, Suzuna and Minako was a lie. To sum it all up, she was leading a lie all along.

Flash Back

"Damn it; I thought you loved me. Usui." Misaki murmured to herself, tears streaming down her cheeks. It was a month after graduation at Seika. A week since Misaki last heard from him. She was trying to get a hold of that idiot for a week already. She finally decided to go back to school, to scope around for any clues to his mysterious disappearance. She thought it was a game he was trying to play at but when she found that slip of paper. Her heart broke into tiny pieces that couldn't be mended. She wiped the tears from her cheeks; this had to happen? Two weeks ago, she was crying on his shoulders grieving for her mother who passed away in her sleep. Eight days ago, they attended her funeral. Misaki stood up and wiped the tears from her cheeks, and one thing was that they didn't have to worry about money now. She and Suzuna could live comfortable lives with Minako's insurance money. She had to run to the store to pick up some takeaway for herself since Suzuna was off at school camp. Apparently, Minako had been training Suzuna how to survive without her and Minako herself assumed Misaki could handle things without her. That was another thing, her mother was wrong about.

Misaki exhaled sharply, as a strong wind blew. She pulled her coat tightly around her body and swung open the rusted metal gates, knocking into a well-dressed woman who had raven hair and shining hazel eyes. Someone, who looked awfully like her.

"I'm Sorry! Are you alright?" Misaki asked as she helped the woman up. She was off to a terrible start, bumping into someone. This early in the morning.

"I'm perfectly fine dear. Are you Misaki Ayuzawa? By any chance?" She asked her eyes filled with hope as her eyes trailed up and down Misaki's frame before a small smile appeared on her lips.

"Yes, that's me. Did something happen? " Misaki said slowly, thinking of possible reasons for why this wealthy lady was looking for her. Her first thought was that; somehow Suzuna won a prize that was prestigious enough to have someone of this status deliver the award; which sounded ridiculous.

"Thank goodness, take this letter and read this. It's important that you understand it's contents and the truth." She said softly, as she pushed the envelope into her hands. Misaki caught her eye and saw a flicker of sadness before the woman turned and walked away. Misaki stood there her eyes narrowed. She gently took out the piece of paper in the brown envelope, which consisted of handwriting that looked similar in letters than she had seen among her mothers' belongings.

Dear Misaki,

I know you must be shocked, but I do not have the courage to say this to you, face to face. You may have thought while you were growing up. Why your "mother" was so frail in health and could not take care of you and your sister. She wasn't very healthy. She wasn't meant to have to take care of children in the first place. No one had expected her to survive that long. However, the importance of this letter is to let you know the actual identity of Minako. She was a well paid and dependable servant of the Sanzenin household from Japan a few years ago. I am Okinako Sanazenin, the grand-daughter of the founder of the Sanzenin corporations. You're welcome to come by the company building if you wish to know more. I know that Minako had recently passed away. I apologize for not attending her funeral. My doors are always open for you, whenever you wish to know the truth. Just tell the receptionist your name.

Misaki dropped the letter in shock. Her mother? Minako was not her birth mother? Was Suzuna even related to her? Who is this Okinako Sanzenin? Questions flooded her mind as Misaki mindlessly stepped out onto the streets and headed to this Sanzenin Building to get the answers she wanted. She flagged down a cab and headed to the building. She entered the skyscraper building and went straight to the receptionist.

"Which floor is Okinako Sanzenin's office?" Misaki asked, with her head bowed politely.

"Do you have an appointment? " The bored receptionist asked, her eyes scrutinizing Misaki's appearance.

"I think so. I'm Misaki. Misaki Ayuzawa." Misaki replied. The receptionist's eyes widened in shock, as she coughed before flushing and glancing back at her.

"On the 26th floor, here is the access card to her office." The receptionist stuttered. Misaki quickly muttered a Thank You before heading to the 26th floor. Misaki knocked three times on the wooden door.

"Come in!" A voice called. Misaki quietly walked in, her eyes finding the woman's face. She was the one who handed her the letter. The woman smiled at her and motioned for her to sit down. Misaki bowed politely before taking a seat.

"Misaki, I know you have questions? Take you time. I'll be happy to answer them. Please don't hold back, the whole point of today's meeting is to explain the truth to you."

"Okay. How was Minako related to you?." Misaki asked.

Okinako took in a deep breath and began.

"She was my secretary. No, she was more like a friend. She was born out of wedlock from my uncle and one of the mansion maids. My parents wanted to give her up for adoption, but I begged and pleaded until they relented. She was like my sister to me, and we were the best of friends. She wasn't exactly healthy when she was born. She had developed an early stage of leukemia when she was younger. It was curable, but she had relapses often. This mess all started on the 2nd of July. That was the day when an enemy company stole the Sanzenin headquarters files. At the time I had married a man from another company and was with his child, that man is your father. We all wanted to protect that very child and decided to name that child Misaki and sent you to Japan to start afresh and escape from the cruel politics that was bound to influence you negatively. It was until you reached 18 when your position as the Sanzenin heir would be rightfully announced. Minako was selfless, and she left the country with you even without the basic knowledge of Japan. The company was close to being bankrupt, but she still took you in her arms leaving England to start afresh in a foreign land. She always knew that her health condition was never very healthy, but I'm thankful she held out long enough for me to find you. The fates are kind and yet cruel at the same were kind to let me find you but were cruel to take Minako away."

Misaki opened her mouth to speak, but Okinako smiled at her and shook her head.

"Hence, Minako kept your true identity from anyone, inclusive of you to protect you. She brought you up as her daughter and instilled many important moral values in you although your stubbornness comes from your father." chuckled Okinako.

"Suzuna is her daughter, her blood-related daughter? With a man that had stranded her in depth? I have absolutely no blood ties with her?"

Okinako came closer towards Misaki and hugged her, confirming her suspicions. Okinakos explanation answered many questions, which have always been clouding her mind. Why Minako was so adamant on letting her sacrifice for her sake. How hospitalization was never an option for Minako, if it meant more work for Misaki.

Silence fell over the pair before Misaki finally allowed herself to cry. She cried at the loss of a stranger who still brought her up with love. She wept at the pain that Minako lived through. She cried and sobbed more than she ever did. She felt a pair of arms encase her, as she leaned into the embrace

"I'm pleased that you found me, Mom. I'm glad that you didn't give up on finding me." Misaki said with a smile, one she calmed down. Okinako smiled, her eyes glistening with unshed tears. She finally got her little girl back. Suzuna and Misaki never actually grew apart; they seldom mentioned the fact that they had different parents and backgrounds. Misaki's life didn't change much, but she found herself again. She had a loving family and friends, which were all that she could have asked for.

End Of Flash Back

Misaki then got closer to her real family in the past five years, and she changed quite a bit from studying in England, the main branch was now moved to USA, San Francisco, and her parents still lived in USA, San Francisco. To fit in the English country, her raven hair was dyed blonde and instead of solid onyx eyes they became a dark shade of blue by wearing contacts. She finished college with masters in language and law. She was currently late for a meeting with her parents to discuss something quite remarkable. She grabbed the files and jumped into her Ferrari and zoomed to her parents' mansion.

As Misaki drove down the lanes of San Fransico, she thought of what Usui had sent her a few months back. She went back to her old house to clean out whatever memories that remained. Misaki had bought Suzuna a penthouse nearer to town, but she refused to sell her old home a place for her to remember Minako. Misaki occasionally returns to pick up mail sent to her old address when she found the letter that was sent to her, written in his careful handwriting. Memories of the good and bad times she had with Usui flooded her mind as she struggled to fight back the tears. It took so many years, to finally hear from him and all she got was a no return address letter, Finally arriving at the Sanzenin Mansion, the big metal gates swung open as she got out of her car. Smiling at those who stood in front of her. How they immediately welcomed her into the family. Misaki walked up the marble staircase and entered the mansion.

Misaki made her way to the study where her father was waiting. Misaki had been introduced to many suitors., She tolerated it, for the sake of her parents but that fear of trusting another man was holding her back from even trying to search for a partner actively. The only thing that remained in her mind was the betrayal, the pain and the heartache that came from an unconfessed love. Misaki entered the study after knocking and saw her father Hiro Senzenin sitting at the desk. With his eyes glued to a file, his rapt attention was on file and, Misaki felt bad to disturb him. Letting out a soft cough, she smiled warmly at her father.

"Misaki!" Her father exclaimed upon looking up, something unique about her father was that he smiled with his eyes.

"Dad! I missed you!" Misaki said as her father sprung up from his desk, giving her a big hug.

"Misaki your back!" Her mother exclaimed upon entering the study with a stack of files balanced in one hand.

"It's nice to see you. I've missed you. " Misaki said and sat down on the sofa. They then exchanged small talk about how was University and such other trivial matters as compared to the real reason why she was called back to San Francisco in such a rush. Her term didn't end till next month, but it didn't matter much. Her credits were enough to grant her, the degree that she was after. With the most prestigious business, degree obtained. She would be able to take over the company, without giving the public the fear of the company falling into incapable hands. Misaki was a little disappointed, at the fact that her law degree wouldn't be put to good use.

"Okay, Misaki the reason why we called you here on the same day you came back from England was to tell you something imperative. Our company has sealed a business deal with the Walker Company. The heir to the Company is in charge of the Deal, so your mother and I have decided it'd be good exposure for you if you took over this project." Her father said.

Misaki's heart dropped like a stone as she heard her father mention the Walker Company. Someone, who she still wasn't ready to meet. Her heart already sank, when she returned as she knew there was a high chance of her bumping into that bastard. When she knew nothing of the business world, she had always assumed that Takumi's company was in Britain. How foolish she was to think, that he only owned a business in England. The Walker Group, had branches all around the world. The one where business transactions were made out of convenience was in San Francisco.

"So here are the files Misaki, the meeting is in a weeks time. So get ready for it." Her mother said with a warm smile, as a new responsibility was handed to her.

"You'll do fine. It's nothing that you haven't done before you went to university. It's just a different company. That's all." She said comfortingly, as she embraced Misaki. Misaki returned the embrace as she glanced at both her parents, "You'll be there if I need help right?"

"Of course Misaki. You can always depend on your father." Her father said with a playful wink as her mother just nodded, agreeing to his statement. However, Misaki did notice the soft chuckle that her mother displayed upon the statement from her father.

'If you need advice from someone who has time to pick up the phone. Come to me. After all, I'm capable too." Her mother said with a wink as she waved Misaki goodbye at the gates of the mansion. In those five years, she had bonded closely with her parents who made an effort to see her every month while she was studying overseas for a year.

Misaki had returned to her apartment, where she had all her resources and books at her disposal. Her parents had bought her an apartment that was closer to the office, as she had to travel a lot more now that her father was gradually passing his responsibilities to her. Her thoughts began to wander as she thought about an individual, emerald eyed male with soft blonde hair that she missed running her fingers through. With a soft sigh, she headed to the bathroom for a long bath, as she sorted out the thoughts that she was sure wouldn't go away for a while. She

hated the lack of explanation that she received. That bastard didn't even have the courtesy to tell her what was going on. They could have worked on it. Why did he have to do everything on his own? Misaki had to admit that they were similar in many ways, both determined to solve things on their own. She still couldn't forget the pain and loneliness that he left her with. He only left her with bitterness and an unmendable heart.

The day for the meeting was approaching fast; Misaki had prepared the slides and any information about the business deal. For some unexplainable reason, she felt very nervous. She paced the living room, thinking about the presentation. She had been pacing the small apartment, for an hour before she stopped and frowned. She needed to get out; she was over-thinking everything.

"What is wrong with me?! I need to cool off." Misaki said as she slipped on her coat and prepared to head out to the gym. She liked to maintain her fitness that came from high-school, it gave her a goal to look forward to every day. That satisfaction as she watched the number of calories burn climb. The satisfaction of a good workout. That was enough of motivation to get up every day.

Misaki had to admit that she was lonely, desperately lonely. Grabbing her purse and car keys, she headed out to her car. She drove to the local gym nearby which she frequented before going to university. She parked the car and walked to the lobby to realize that it was under her breath, Misaki turned around to head back to her apartment. Suddenly someone bumps into her.

"My mistake. I'm sorry I was not looking at where I was going." A high-pitched, silky voice said. Misaki glanced at the female as she took in her appearance. She was a medium height lady, with beautiful brown irises with black hair.

"No problem, I didn't take notice of where I was going either. I'm Misaki Sanzenin" Misaki said, as she introduced herself. The female standing in front of her was oddly familiar. Misaki deduced that she had seen her with her father, not too long ago. However, she seemed not to remember their meeting.

"Oh! Are you Japanese? You don't look like one, though. It's, nice to meet you I'm Karin Sajiku." The woman introduced herself. Misaki nodded politely, not having the heart to mention their previous meeting.

Misaki and Karin ordered their food and chit-chatted. Misaki was surprised, for a lady she only just met. She shared a lot about herself; Misaki pegged her as one of those social-butterflies.

"Excuse me, I have to take this," Karin said apologetically before she answered the call. They were almost done with lunch and, with the constant talk of her boyfriend. Misaki would be lying if she said she wasn't curious about who the lucky male was.

"Looks like my boyfriend is picking me up, there he is now," Karin said and she waved at a man dressed smartly in a suit who just parked his car from the restaurant window. The door jingled as the man entered the restaurant. Karin stood up and gave the man a kiss on the cheek.

"Hi, I'm Misaki Sanzenin," Misaki said while shaking the man's hands. The man removed his glasses and warmly introduced himself. That's when Misaki froze.

"Hi, Misaki. Pleased to meet you. I'm Tora Igarashi"