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I forgot the setting where this took place. I'm going to assume Tokyo because my earlier draft got corrupted. When I look at the mess that I put out three years ago, I'm shaking my head at how I ran cliches in every god damn chapter. Jesus, I'll be surprised if anyone would still read this. Anyways enjoy this angst and fluffy chapter. (The only two things I seem to write anyways. I was here when the fandom had hardly 1k fics and I'm proud that I have stuck on for this long.)

Distance Made The Heart Grow Fonder

Chapter 29

Misaki was feeling horrible. Her headaches were influencing her in the worst ways possible. She was annoyed, dizzy and nauseous. It was a few days after the Walker ball and the times she left her bed were getting later and later and later. She was surprisingly losing weight, and could hardly keep anything down. Takumi himself was at his wits ends, and he had flown to Great Britain to sort out minor paperwork. A task which should have only kept him away for a week at most. However, the snow storm that hindered his flight was something not even the great CEO could change. Or force to bend to his will. Like the many things that he had forcefully changed and mostly succeeded.

He had found out of her condition when Cedric had worriedly dialed his emergency line. A line, which Takumi had to scramble about to locate the right phone. The incessant ringing, made him change his opinion on how that must have been a pesky telemarketer. He had thought of cutting the line many of a time but never got around to do so. Thank god that he didn't. He picked up the phone just as he closed the door behind him. He was just about to leave to wrap up the meeting with the board of directors. He frowned before his annoyed expression, shifted to something of worry. The blonde male blinked rapidly, before pressing a hand to his forehead as he ran a hand down his face. It was bad enough that he left Misaki alone right after proposing to her, who the hell did that? For her to fall sick, worse than she's ever been since high school was something that instilled panic in him. Leaning against the mahogany, shined door frame. He allowed himself to lose his composure at that one given moment, letting out a rare curse. It was uncivilized, crude and unnecessary. His choice of words must have shocked Cedric who was deadly silent. With rushed words, the male spun around and changed his course of action. Screw the paperwork; his priority was Misaki. The man had placed many other things above her in his life. Subjecting the female, who still managed to put up with him, many lonely nights and empty wine bottles.

He was going home. That was a silent promise and for once, Takumi wasn't breaking it. He had been known to be calm, collected, unreadable and untouched by scandals because of his composure and will to dispel anything but the absolute truth. Marrying the heiress from a company that they were planning a business venture with was publicized as a publicity stunt. However, no one could deny that the proposal had some tact and effort put into. The male sat in the comfortable, leather armchair, his fingers tapping on the marble armrest that was beside him. The entire plane screamed of luxury and comfort. Takumi's eyes were a shade of glimmering emerald, which sparkled and twinkled with every emotion that he felt.

How Misaki was longing for the warmth that his arms provided as she shivered once more, pressing herself deeper into the duvet comforters. She felt ridiculous when Cedric told her that Takumi was taking the first flight back. She wasn't oblivious, Takumi was expected back a day later or even more if his flight was delayed. The logical part of her wanted to him on the line and address the concerns that she had for his irresponsibility but the irrational part of her just wanted him to come back to her. Her thoughts were clouded by the cold and her inability to even think straight, she didn't even have the energy to get up. Still, the female was stubborn, really stubborn. Her refusal to go the hospital confused Cedric but Takumi knew the reason why. Returning to the hospital alone must probably be scary, lonely and terribly 'unnecessary' in the words of Misaki, not that she would admit the former statements. She didn't understand what the hell was wrong with her; she knew that she was sensitive to the cold, but it was never this bad. She curled into a fetal position as her breathing finally slowed; she was drawn back into a slumber. It wasn't long before even the streets outside her window were covered with knee-depth snow. She whimpered once more as another blast of wind rattled the windows. Her shuffling and restlessness brought Cedric to increase the heater. He was worried about the lady, who seemed to be having something more severe than a case of the cold.

In the wee hours of the morning, the heavy wooden doors were swung open as a breathless Takumi made his ways indoors. He was flushed red, hands shaking from the cold as he sneezed. He leaned against the two solid doors as he glanced at the stairway that led up to the master bedroom. Cedric had caught sight of Takumi. The male, who was more of a friend than a servant approached the blonde. "I was under the impression that you would have returned earlier than expected. But arriving back this early was unexpected. You could have called for me to pick you up. The snow outside must have been terrible to traverse through, how on earth did you get here in one piece?" Cedric said sternly as he ran his eyes up and down Takumi's form before he moved to take his luggage.

"You placed your life at risk young master, what if your parents were to hear of this? They would be furious, and your father would be incredibly vexed with you. What on earth were you thinking? Driving on the road with such heavy snow." Cedric exclaimed, his worry causing creases to appear on his forehead as his aged features showed a level of emotion that Takumi was unfamiliar with. He was supposed to be someone who made intelligent decisions after weighing the pros and cons of it. Takumi paused before, letting out a chuckle much to the surprise of Cedric.

"Thank you for worrying Cedric, as you can see I made it here in one piece. It's my fault for making you worry, I should have called before driving back alone. For that, I apologize." Takumi said as he bowed his head in apology. Cedric raised his eyebrows at the younger male before speaking with a tone of affection.

"You have matured. You finally take an old man's worries seriously. I am proud to have served your family. Spare a thought for this frail heart of mine in the future. Wouldn't you Takumi?"

Takumi watched in silence as the older male took his bags, to be put away as he removed his coat before heading upstairs. That warm feeling from being addressed by his name by someone who stubbornly refused to stop calling him 'Young Master". Cedric was closer to him than the disgusting old man he called his grandfather. Amidst his thoughts, he didn't hear the barely audible comment that was made by Cedric who observed his actions silently.

"The missus very well has a greater impact on you than anyone else had. For that I am thankful." He said as he turned away, continuing to busy himself with the menial tasks that he had been tasked been upon consideration of his age. Long past his prime, where staying awake with Takumi sorting through business proposals were a common occurrence. He was hoping for the young Casanova, bachelor to finally settle down. His wish was granted as his young master entered the bedroom to nurse the lady back to health or even offer her the comfort that she sought. Still, he felt that something was amiss with the young lady.

Takumi stepped into the room, to see Misaki curled up in a fetal position with slight tremors wracking her small frame. He frowned as he took in her frail state, she was paler and thinner than when he left her side a week ago. His heart broke at the sight of the dried tear tracks that were on her cheeks, did his absence affect her that much? He silently crawled into the bed beside her as he gently pulled her closer to him, as he ran a hand through her hair soothingly. Her shivering had subsided substantially, as he glanced at her sweat soaked nightgown. He frowned, worried that, that might have worsened her condition before shaking his head at the notion. Cedric had turned up the heater, high enough for the entire manor to be toasty warm. Takumi gently placed a hand on her forehead, before withdrawing his hand and frowning. He stood up going to get a cold compress before he felt a grip on his wrist.

"You're back early..." She muttered as her eyelids fluttered open, she pressed herself into his sleeve before breathing in and exhaling deeply.

"Takumi? Please don't leave." It was a barely audible whisper, as a tear slipped from her tight control. Takumi froze, his posture stiffened as his emerald eyes shined in shock. He smiled softly, as he ran a hand through his hair before chuckling softly to himself.

"Funny how even though it is unintentional. I still end up hurting you. I'm pretty useless aren't I? Misaki. How much do you have to endure when I'm around?" He mused to himself sardonically as he sat back down on the edge of the bed as he pulled the duvet covers up around her. Misaki had a low tolerance for medicine; the regular dosage would probably be too much for her body. It's been established that her upbringing was the cause of that and perhaps her body constitution as well. He was trying to solve his current predicament when another whimper came from her; his attention diverted towards the female who had somehow snuggled into his side.

"It's alright. It's alright because I know that you'll always come back to me. In your own stupid way, you're always thinking about me. Sorry that I always failed to notice that in high-school. I believe you had your fair share of "enduring." Sorry for being so stupid." Misaki said with a smile as she hit her head with her palm. Her face was tinted pink as she smiled softly at the male as she snuggled closer to him. Her amber eyes were filled with warmth as she glanced up at him before offering him a bright smile. He had wrapped his arm around her, and she sighed softly before she was lulled back to sleep by his steady heartbeat. She wasn't sure what pushed her to blurt out her feelings so bluntly, was it how broken he sounded or was it the fever talking? She didn't know anymore, and it was selfish to say it because she was pretty sure she said it just to make herself feel better. She didn't like him blaming himself.

"You never fail to make my heart do backflips. You really are sly Ayuzawa." He said as he willed the blush on his cheeks to fade. He glanced at her before gently scooping her up in his arms and carrying her downstairs. He placed her on the sofa before heading to the kitchen, raising a hand to stop Cedric who was about to offer his help. The older male smiled, before retiring back to attend to his tasks. Takumi rolled up his sleeves, thinking back to the time when he helped out in Maid Latte. He always thought that the efforts his parents spent on cultivating him to depend on others were in vain, in a drastic attempt to prove that he learned to do almost everything else. He was an alien, an alien who had spent too much of his time proving something; that he never had to do. He did everything flawlessly, for the sake of showing something. At that moment, he was thankful that his efforts had done others a good that he never expected it to do.

He always thought of himself as a rebel, which was the most negative adjective that he'd hear. Other attributes used on him were "prodigy," "talented"; as such as much more. When he finally went to Japan, a place where he was sure loneliness would eat him whole. He met her. Someone who saw beneath his abilities, someone who didn't see him as an object that could benefit them. That's when he fell in love. He lived his whole life, in a mansion, protected, sheltered. He knew of the efforts that his parents had done to keep him safe. Well, it was safe in their opinion. They never knew the loneliness he felt, where his parents were just too busy to care. The hatred of all his relatives for the wealth that he would soon attain after his parents were gone. It disgusted him.

He glanced back at his task at hand; it was just making seaweed soup. He smiled ruefully, his eyes with a forlorn expression; it seemed like a lifetime ago when he had requested Misaki's adoptive mother to teach him the best way to care for her daughter. He had learned a lot from her, learning of her disease, learning of her story. She treated Takumi, the same way a mother would treat her son. The time he spent in Japan was well worth, it finally gave him another perspective of how a normal mother would treat her children. He shook his head when the memory of him barging into his mother's office and listing the amount of things she'd done wrong while he was young. Before, finally stopping when he saw her weeping. He owed a lot more to Misaki than she probably thought he did. Their whole relationship was about enduring each other and however much time has passed, it remained the same. He often wondered, what life would be if they did confess while they were still in high-school. Things would have been different, very different. A good different. However, he knew that love was a journey. A trip that had its lows-and-highs. Right now, he wouldn't trade his place in the world. He had her, the love of his life. It was enough.

He took the bowl and a spoon before making his way to Misaki. She had sat up and leaned curled up at the corner of the couch, pulling the blanket snugly against her. She glanced up, before smiling a little. "Hey there. How was your trip?" She asked as he sat down next to her, placing the bowl of soup on the coffee table. He allowed himself to relax completely before smiling as he moved his arm over her shoulder; Pulling her closer to him.

"You can hardly call it a trip sweetheart." He crooned before taking a spoonful of soup and feeding it to her. She crinkled her nose before, inhaling and exhaling. She paused looking at Takumi and opening her mouth and carefully swallowing the warm liquid. Takumi raised a brow in confusion at her cautious behavior. She breathed out a sigh as she leaned back into his arms, addressing his confused expression.

"It's not as bad as the last cold I got. I'm not completely delirious, but I can't keep anything down. Right now, I just don't want to spend my entire time, puking my guts out and dry heaving on the toilet floor." She cooed as she traced Takumi's jawline.

"I'm sorry Misa-Chan, which I wasn't here when you needed me." He said as he leaned his cheek into her palm as she cupped it. Her complexion pale but her features were relaxed, brows no longer scrunched up in discomfort.

"You're not Superman, idiot. I can't expect you to be around all the time. I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself when I fall sick. I have Cedric too you know." She teased as Takumi fed her the remainder of the soup. Takumi touched her forehead before shaking his head, as he placed the cold compress against her warm forehead.

"It's been a while since I had the food that you made. This taste exactly like Minako's. I wouldn't be surprised if you learned from her while I wasn't paying attention. I was surely a pain to deal with, probably denser that the most valuable metal. " She said with a chuckle as she continued, "I am grateful that you came back Takumi, I missed you. How ridiculous that I can't even handle a week without you." She said as tears started running down her face. Now, she really outdid herself. Why on earth was she crying? Takumi's eyes had widened before he cupped her face with his palm, as he used his thumb to wipe away her tears.

"It's not ridiculous; I missed you a lot too." He said as Misaki clutched on his shirt, as she sobbed. Takumi was confused, but he chalked it up to a week of being lonely, bed-ridden with nothing but the threat of snow. He rubbed circles on her back, muttering comforting words into her ear.

She sniffled, before inhaling and exhaling. Taking in a shaky breath and whispering softly, "I'm fine. I don't know what's up with me l...lately." Takumi frowned before hugging her closer to him as he patted her on the head.

"It's alright; I won't let go until you've calmed down." He murmured into her hair, as he ran his fingers through her hair soothingly, sweeping away the hair from her sweaty forehead. They sat there on the sofa, silent, taking in each others' embrace. Misaki leaned into his embrace as she said in between hiccups.

"I don't deserve you Usui, but shamelessly, I'll still cling on to you because I love you."

He hummed in response as he nuzzled her hair, contented to have her in his embrace. They made it this far, and after all the trial and tribulations they were still together. Takumi was sure that there were still curveballs to be thrown their way, but for now. They were content; he was happy to have her in his arms, and she was glad to be in his arms.

Author's Heads up:

There's honestly no visible end planned for this story. For now, I'll be continuing this based on inspiration after having re-watched the anime. I'll assume that my current ideas will run for another five chapters at least and I'll probably end the fanfiction there.