"Mr. Davenport what is it?" Chase asked. "Well, one of my clients says I should build a New York City locations for Davenport Industries and I agreed so were moving to New York City for 2 months." Bree's mouth dropped. "WHAT?" Chase yelled. "Guys I'm sorry its so sudden but the good news is no school for two months." Everyone looked at Chase who was so pale. "NO SCHOOL?" "NO PRINCIPAL PERRY!" Leo screamed. Bree, Adam and Leo hopped around. "Rebecca how do you feel?" "I'm kinda mixed feelings." "Oh well guys go pack were leaving tomorrow morning." Leo and Bree raced upstairs. Davenport walked out. "Chase?" "What?" "Will you be ok?" "No I freaking wont how can I go without school?" "Maybe youll get a girlfriend…hahaha." Chase glared at me.