Chapter Two

He stepped off the subway and walked towards the stairs. As he passed a few of the glass covered posters, he spotted the shadow of a man being reflected on the glass. It was the same man who had bumped into him back at the other station. One of Bennett's team probably and if he was wrong and he wasn't being followed, it didn't matter either. He didn't know where Anna was and he could accept that. It was doubtful the CIA could though.

There had been a lot of trouble with the CIA over his actions on the oil rig. Bennett had been less than impressed when the files he wanted went down with the rig before he could get them. He had become foul when Hansen refused to say where Anna was. It wasn't like she was going to be much help when it came to learning the secrets of the exocels so why did the CIA care as long as she wasn't staying in the States? It wasn't like she was part of the KGB, out to steal government secrets. Even if she was, what could she learn from a coast guard?

Here, Anna. This is the US of A government's super-secret method of how you save someone who is drowning.

Right. Trust the coast guard to know government secrets. (Ignoring the fact that he knew a few of the US defense procedures.)

He couldn't accept the CIA's determination to track her down. It didn't make sense. Yes, her father was the scientist who had been brought to the oil rig to study the exocels and yes she had been used to entice her father to work but the man was dead! What was the point? The girl didn't know anything. He couldn't accept that Anna knew anything. Bennett was another story. It was glaringly obvious that the CIA wanted the same thing the Russians did. If it wasn't for the fact that the remains of the destroyed oil rig made it virtually impossible to rebuild, Hansen was sure some section of the government would already be drilling to the bottom of the ocean to continue the Russians' work for them.

He couldn't accept Bennett's declaration that the CIA wanted to protect Anna, just as he had trouble accepting that Anna was actually gone.

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