A/N: I know this is pretty simple... but I was bored at work. Please enjoy!


Those demons he released from my heart,

And the grudge that kept me from falling apart,

Aren't enough anymore.

Using anger and revenge as inspiration

I've exceeded all of your expectations

But that isn't enough anymore.

Something is building between us

And you don't have to be a genius

To know that it won't be enough anymore.

I want you to see that I'm getting brighter;

I'm doing this for me, making my baggage lighter,

But alone, it can't be enough.

Do you notice how much I depend on you?

You're the man I've always looked up to

And, with you, it could be enough.

I'm done playing his game:

Pointing the blame,

Fighting for fame,

To ruin his name.

From now on it's you and me

Open honesty

And finally free.

So, Tsuruga-san… Marry me

And I swear that it will be