Blood Line

Chapter 2

A mouth later.

The Processor puts his tool down and smiles, "Finally. It's finished." he gets up and walks over to a white pole by his desk, he lightly touches one spot and a circle appears and slides out holding a case the shape of a human brain. He carefully picks it up and walks back over to the body, then he plugs the brain case in then sets it in. He closes the scalp and it heals. He reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out the small cylinder that housed the teen's soul and releases it into the body, "I hope this works."

Once the soul is accepted by the new body, the body inhales but the eyes stay closed as if the body was asleep. The Processor smiles happily at the results he was seeing and looks at the monitors and sees that the heart is at a steady beat like it's suppose to.

The teen's eyes slowly open then closes them because of the harsh light and brings his hands to his face and sits up rubbing his eyes with a groan.

"Sleep well I assume?" the Processor asked as he held a bottle of water to the teen.

Jak looks at him then the water and takes the offer and takes a drink, "Yeah. And honestly I feel different." he says after finishes drinking.

The Processor chuckles a bit, "I bet it's a 'good' difference." he helps the teen off the bed while Jak kept the blanket around his body. "Your clothes are still here," he leads Jak to a bathroom, "you can wash up and put your clothes back on." the Processor walks back to the bed to collect his tools to put away as Jak walked into the bathroom, closing the door.

Thirty minutes later, Jak comes out wearing his dark blue tunic, white pants, his boots, and his gloves and goggles. He walks over to the Processor who was sitting at his desk writing something down. The Processor looks up at him with a smile.

"So um…do I owe you anything?" Jak asked.

The Processor shakes his head, "No, you've already paid me."

The teen looks at him confused, "How? I've been asleep for a month."

"You allowed me to try my new invention. You see your skeleton is robotic and the rest of you is human. But your body is still far from being a real human, you may look it but your different. Your body can heal, for example," he gets up and gets a knife then takes Jak's wrist, taking the glove off and rolling the sleeve up, then slashes Jak's wrist. Jak's eyes widen and jerks his hand away and grips the gash,

"What the hell! Are you trying to kill me?" Jak yelled.

"Look at it." the Processor says calmly as he puts the knife down.

Jak removes his hand and his eyes widen in confusion. The gash was healed as if it never had been sliced at all, "How…?"

"Your body can heal it's self. You can run faster than a normal human, your strength is unbelievable, and other things you can do that a normal human can't do."

Jak looks at his wrist where it was sliced open then he looks at the Processor.

"There's a training area if you wish to learn about your new body." the Processor tells him as he leads him to the training room.

As they head to the training room, Jak looks in windows as they walk by them. He sees one where a man and a woman are working on something that looks like a robot, the robot sits up and starts acting weird then the man disconnected it and it fell over off the table. Jak looks away and follows the Processor.

Once they get to the training room, the Processor opens the door and let's Jak walk in then he walks in letting the doors close behind him.

The teen looks around seeing all the equipment, "Wow this is pretty cool." he walks over to a weight bench.

"You can train here as long as you need." starts to walk out.

"Processor." Jak turns to look at the Processor.

The Processor stops and looks at Jak. "Yes?"

"Thank you. For everything." Jak says a smile.

The Processor smiles, "You're welcome." he walks out to let Jak train.