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Prologue part 3: Repentance

Zzzz… Hm? Oh, the sun's up. I should get moving, Jessie and James will still be looking for me.

I got up and did some stretches, rubbing the sleep outta my eyes, then I noticed a small pile of fruits and berries right next to me. I was surprised, to say the least. "Who left this here? It's not Christmas yet."Then I noticed a picture of three Rattata drawn in the dirt. Huh, that must be their mother. Well, this should keep me stocked for a few days.

As I picked them up, I thought about how nice it felt to help those two. Even if they hadn't given me this, I have a feeling that I'd still feel the same.

Why do I feel so good about this? I thought it would be more difficult, but maybe this "being nice" thing ain't as bad as I thought it would be. To think just a few days ago I was trying to capture pokémon, and now I'm helping them.

Wait, I'm doing it again, aren't I? I keep forgetting and talking about pokémon like I'm not one of them. I guess it's a side effect from having spent so much time imitating humans. But I can never go back to being a regular pokémon it's just a part of me that I've forgotten. So I'll never be able to fit in on either side. I can't erase my past either, so I'll always be the pokémon that betrayed his own species.

Suddenly I had a hollow feeling in my gut, and it wasn't because I was hungry.

Well I guess guilt is the first step to going straight, I'm sure I'll forgive myself sooner or later.

An image of the twerps popped into my mind.

Oh, that's going to be a loooong time to convince THEM that I'm going straight.

-James' POV-

"Jessie, if we take the balloon again, then he'll see us and hide; then how will we find him?
"But my designer shoes are getting dirty," Jessie whined, trying to dust off her feet.
"He won't have gotten too far; you know how short his legs are. Do you sense him yet, Mime Jr?"AN: I'm following Sinnoh region time, since that's the latest generation in PMD: Explorers.
"Mime, mime," she said, shaking her head.
"Why have Mime Jr. out? Yanmega's already out searching."
I crossed my arms and let out a huff, Mime Jr. mimicking me, "Is Yanmega psychic," I questioned, raising an eyebrow.
"Shut up."

-Meowth's POV-

Huh, I've gotten pretty far. It might be safe for me to stop dodging around like this. Wait, what's that sound? Is that what I think it is?

I turned my ear and sure enough, it was.

WATER! A stream!

I ran as fast as I could towards the blessed sound, and found a wide freshwater river. I dipped my head down and drank as much as I could. I only wish that I had something to carry some in.

My thirst quenched, I sat down and took two apples to eat. After I ate them, I decided to take a quick break to sharpen my claws before moving on. The stone was nothing special, but it always got the job done. To be honest, it's seen better days. Recently, pieces have started falling off, making the rock a bit more jagged, but the top is still fine, so I keep it. If I threw it away, who knows when I would find another one.

Soon after I finished, I put it down and was thinking of just sitting to rest, when I smelt something.

Hm? What's this smell? It seems familiar… OH NO! It's humans and… Pikachu!

"My map says that there should be a clearing up ahead next to a river."

No mistake, that's the tall twerp's voice! They would never believe that I've left Team Rocket! I gotta get gone fast! Wait, I remember something that that one said once.

I searched through my bag until I found a round, blue berry. He said once that these restore energy. Just hope it's enough to get away. I tossed it in my mouth and chomped it down. Soon, I felt a rush of pure energy, like I had never known a tired day in my life. Using it, I quickly shouldered my things and ran like I was using quick attack.

Soon I was back in the trees, but there wasn't any more forest to run into, just this line of trees sandwiched between two clearings. I'll just hafta make the most of it. So I ran between two trees somewhat covering another one in the center. I still had my energy, so I ran straight up the tree and hid in the branches, trying to cover myself. The clearing was still visible from between the two trees.

Still holding onto my rock and setting down my pack since my energy was fading, I decided to wait and watch for when they leave.

The blue-haired girl twerp came through first. "Wow, what a pretty stream!" Gee, the kid's female companions only seem to get more air-headed.

The other two came through and Pikachu on the kid's shoulder.

Things could get really hairy if they see me, but there's nowhere to run. I'll just hafta wait 'til nighttime, when they're all asleep.

-Three hours later-

Argh, kids these days, always staying up late. It's already close to full sunset, maybe I could just sneak away under darkness, if I play my cards right.

Soon I heard a buzzing noise, and I turned my head to find a Yanmega hovering near to me.

A Yanmega?…

No, not a Yanmega; HER Yanmega.

Then, Yanmega turned around and started to fly back.

If Jessie and James are getting this close, there's no way I'll be able to slip away! James probably has Mime Jr. sensing for me. If they get a tracker on me, my goose is cooked!

I need ta think fast. How can I get far away, SO far away, that Jessie and James will give up looking for me.

Just then, a Pineco dropped down right next to me. The opportunity giving itself to me, I kicked it, and it started to glow…

-James' POV-

"Look! Yanmega's back!" I yelled, seeing the glowing compound eyes.

"Ah, Yannie, did you find Meowth?"


Suddenly there was a bright flash of light not too far away.


"What was that?!" Jessie exclaimed, both of us having ducked to the ground.

Pulling out my Pokémon flash cards, I explained, "It must have been a Pineco, It says here that they're quite abundant in this area."

-Meowth's POV-

I was flying past the clouds. I had lost my pack, but I managed to hold onto the stone, though I don't know how.

I… did it. But even if they do give up, I've made such a bad name for myself. There will always be people like those kids, who won't forgive me.

I looked to my left and saw that the moon was starting to rise. It wasn't full anymore, but I still found it relaxing.

"Hey, Moon. I've made some big decisions with your help. I decided to change my life. I can't erase what I did, but I'm willing to repay those mistakes. I ain't proud of what I did, but I'll be proud of what I WILL do." Soon after I said this, I blacked out and had the weirdest dream that I've ever had.

I was floating in a place surrounded by a bunch of colors that seemed to blend together beautifully, mixing and changing as the seconds ticked by.

Have I kicked the bucket after just deciding to change my life?

No, Meowth, it is not your end yet.

Who's there?

You do not know who I am, but I have been watching you.

Oh, that's weird. What is this place?

That is none of your concern. Are you truly regretful of what you did and willing to repay those deeds?

Yeah, I am, even if it means that I'll never be truly accepted.

Such will not be your trial. I will give you a chance to start anew.

What does that mean?

Your potential will be reset, your memories erased, and you will be placed in a world where you will be able to be accepted. If your intentions are true, then I will send you where you can truly begin a new life.

Wait! My memories will be gone? But I don't want to just forget my past! If I don't keep my memories, then I'll forget my promise and my friends. And the point of memories is to keep from making the same mistakes over.

Very well, you have shown that you truly intend to change if you are willing to carry the burden of your memories. However, your memories will be temporarily revoked until you let go of your inhibition that you cannot be accepted. You shall remember your name, the significance of that stone, and the fact that you can talk. Everything else will be held by me until later.

Fair enough, so I won't remember this conversation? Wait! The significance of this stone? I use it to sharpen my claws; I found it on the side of a road once. What's so important about it?

More important than you know, don't throw it away. And stop using it to sharpen your claws! Otherwise you won't be able to use it later.

Use it?

Fare well.

Everything faded and I woke up to see the ocean coming fast.

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