Strike Blacklight: Prologue

Atlantic Ocean, Nearing the Naval yard at New Hampshire, 1:15 AM, April 24, 2015

Flying in the midnight sky, with the moon up high, a single C-130, carrying a single Nuclear Explosive Device (NED), was flying in the middle of a triangle formation of about a dozen MIG-21 Fishbed Second Generation fighter jets. The C-130 was piloted by 2 young recruits from the international terrorist organization that called itself New World Order. Led by a charismatic man who calls himself The Enlightened Lord, this world-wide known terror organization aims to unite the west together with the east to form a single superpower. Although new, they've managed to assemble a loyal army, a small navy, and a sizable air force. Already they're considered a formidable threat by the United States of America, Europe, Russia, and the rest of the superpower nations.

Their first target? The U.S. naval yard in New Hampshire, as a show of force.

The lead MIG pilot checked his watch. "30 minutes" he stated over the coms.

"Got it" replied the pair of C-130 pilots.

The rookies were very anxious. This would be their very first mission. They were all anxious to please The Enlightened Lord. And afraid of the consequences of failing to please him as well.

"Hey, Jim, those U.S. navy guys don't know that we're coming, right?" the co-pilot anxiously asks his partner.

"No way, we're flying with those advanced stealth doohickeys the spec ops guys stole from a lab. There's no way in hell anyone could ever detect us" the one called Jim answers

Several nights ago, a New World Order special ops managed to infiltrate a lab and steal a piece of high tech stealth equipment. There were many questionable conditions of the raid like, how come the lab was poorly protected? Or how come the stealth system was located in the middle of a lab in an unlocked safe? But The Enlightened Lord decided not to look the gift horse in the mouth. Besides, they already tested out the stealth system, and it worked like a charm.

As for the NED, The Enlightened Lord bribed away many nuclear scientists and armaments experts with the promise of high positions in the new government and big money. The NED took less than a month to finish.

"Yeah, but what if that stealth thing fails?" Jim's co-pilot fearfully blurted out.

"Oh for Christ sake, Natoko, I've told you a thousand times, there's no way this thing could fail. The guys at base already checked it out for problems and nothing's wrong" Jim impatiently answered.

The one named Natoko exhaled. "Sorry. It's just that I'm really worried that something wrong will happen" Natoko meekly replied.

"15 minutes" the lead MIG pilot reported.

"Well, time to see if this baby can work" Jim stated as they made preparations for bombing.

"Nightcat One to all Nightcats, we are nearing our target. Be extra vigilant and always on the lookout, are we clear, over?" the lead pilot asked.

A chorus of roger that's and copy's erupted.

'Alright, looks like this will go smoothly' Nightcat One thought as he looked out from his cockpit. He thought of returning to base once this was over, receiving congratulations and praise from The Enlightened Lord himself, maybe go out for a-

The sound of a high caliber fighter jet cannon firing off and a sharp BOOOOOM cuts through the air and Nightcat One's daydream.

He quickly got on coms. "Nightcat One to all Nightcats, what the hell was that!?" he barked as he frantically scanned his left and right side. The sound of another burst of cannon fire and another explosion gave him his answer.

"Enemy aircraft! Scatter!" Nightcat One shouted and all of the aircrafts scattered. Nightcat One scanned the area for the attacker, but one of his wingmen beat him to it.

"IT'S BLACKLIGHT!" his wingman shouted and Nightcat One felt his blood go cold.

That's because Blacklight was one of the most dangerous pilots in the world, with 103 destroyed war planes to testify to that. No other pilot could match in a one versus one dogfight, and he took down entire wings all by himself. He was the unbeatable ace.

Of course his true identity was hidden. The U.S. wouldn't want their top pilot's info leaked out. Rumors began spreading. One was he was a cyborg. Another was that he was just a rookie who was very lucky.

That didn't matter now, for what mattered now is that Blacklight was here and he was gunning for the C-130. Nightcat One turned left just as 2 of his wingmen were wrecked by a missile each.

'Only 8 of my wingmen are left. Damn' Nightcat One thought as he tried to get a bead on Blacklight.

3 more explosions. 3 more wingmen down.

'Come on, where are you!?' Nightcat One thought as he swung from left to right. He finally caught sight of Blacklight just as he took down another two.

The aircraft he was piloting was a sleek black F-22 Raptor stealth fighter. In the middle of the left wing was Blacklight's emblem, a solar eclipse. On the Nightcat One could see that the Raptor had launched 3 of its AIM-120A AMRAAM air-to-air missiles.

'This is my chance to best him' Nightcat One thought as he looked at Blacklight. Blacklight was busy finishing off the rest of the escorts. Nightcat One started getting a lock on Blacklight. Seconds later, he heard a steady beep indicating that he was locked on and ready to fire.

"Bingo!" Nightcat One shouted and-

The F-22 suddenly puts on its brakes and flipped over. To Nightcat One's horror, the M61A2 20mm Vulcan cannon is pointed directly at him while the F-22 was flipping.

Nightcat One's last thoughts were questioning how Blacklight managed to pull off that maneuver before his body was riddled with 20mm cannon rounds.

As the C-130 was busy trying to stay on course while trying to avoid getting shot up by stray bullets, the pilots lost contact with Nightcat One.

"Aw, hell, we lost contact with Nightcat One!" exclaimed Natoko.

"sh*t, we got to-" Jim was about to say when their radio came on.

"Attention New World Order pilots, this is colonel Blacklight, you are ordered to land your plane at the airfield. Failure to comply will result in lethal action" Blacklight ordered.

But something was off. The guy didn't sound like a young 20 year old. Nor did he sound like an old 40 year old veteran. He sounded likeā€¦ a 12 year old boy!

"Kid, I don't know who you are, but you're way too young to even know how to pilot a jet" Jim responded, although he was fearful of that boy's fighting prowess.

"12 years old, 50 years old, it doesn't matter. What matters now is if you are going to-"

Suddenly, the pilots heard a beeping sound within the cargo hold, which could mean only one thing.

The nuke was going to be remotely detonated.

"Aw f*ck, Jim, we gotta get out of here!" Natoko shouted as the two of them ran into the cargo hold. They both snatched parachutes from a compartment, lowered the ramp, and jumped out.

Blacklight also decided to hightail, but when he tried to break off, the flight stick failed to move the flaps and rudders. So, basically, he was paralyzed.

'Welp, I guess this is it' Blacklight thought as the nuclear device detonated.

But instead of getting vaporized by the bomb, there was a great flash of white light and the F-22 vanished.

Unbeknownst to him, he is about to enter an entirely new world.

One where most of the countries he knew are renamed.

One where there are flying girls with magic capabilities.

One where aliens with capabilities to fire lasers are invading.

And one where he is needed if the world is to survive.

This is the beginning of Blacklight's time in the Strike Witches universe.