Strike Blacklight: Chapter 2: The Only One of A Kind Is Sent To The 501st JFW!

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Colonel Blacklight, Aboard the Akagi, 25 Miles From the 501st base, 10:25 PM, June 2nd, 1944, lying on His Bed

Blacklight sighed as he mentally sorted out what was happening right now. First, he was busy cleaning up an airborne terrorist operation. And then he got thrown out from his world and into another world complete with flying laser spewing aliens and magical flying pants less girls. It probably couldn't get weirder than that. And there was also the matter of the time period he was in.

'…Hope to god Hitler isn't in this world' Blacklight mentally sighed. He hoped for that and for that a certain Soviet dictator didn't exist, or at the very least, isn't in a position of power.

What got Blacklight's mind wondering was the fact that no country is shooting and bombing the living shit out of each other, much less the Japanese, or "Fuso", as it is called here. Don't they still have an emperor in place? If so, will they ever attempt an invasion in this chaos, on the reason of extreme nationalism? What about Germany, or in this case, "Karlsland"?

Then again, Fuso, Karlsland, and all the other countries (and the entire human race for that matter) are in a war for survival against flying aliens equipped with technology that wasn't even researched or considered at all by the counties in his world.

Would his country and the entire world drop whatever war they were fighting to combat these aliens? Very likely, for as soon as those as those aliens start popping up everywhere, everybody will take note of them and quickly make up their minds.

Of course there will be people who will consider these aliens as their saviors or have sympathies with them. And they would most likely react violently if the UN decided to scramble everything to fight the aliens.

And then there's the fact that the people have one thing at their disposal that his dimension's peoples don't.


This power, which is exclusively to some girls out there, allows said girls to deploy a sort of magical shield that is able to block laser shots from the giant flying aliens (which, as was explained by the captain of the Akagi, Sugita Junzaburo, are called "Neuroi") and allow them to operate these flying devices called "Striker units", which are faster and much more agile than the most maneuverable fighter plane.. Not only that, but they also have some sort of unique power that is exclusive to them, and their bullets often do more damage than regular bullets, which poses as an advantage for the magical flying girls (also called "witches") over regular infantry and aircraft.

And it just so happens to be that Blacklight can utilize this magic, and is the only boy able to. This is going to attract a lot of attention to him, particularly from the witch corps in different countries. Unfortunately, Blacklight isn't used to being a celebrity, which means he won't know how to react to the various fan girls if he ever were to encounter them.

This would be unavoidable, as Captain Sugita Junzaburo explained that boys like him are a rarity in this world, and that the witch corps would love to get their hands on him.

As Blacklight stares up at the ceiling, he wonders what he did to deserve getting booted out of his world, and getting dumped off into this world. Sure he's one of the most dangerous pilots in his time, so dangerous in fact, that opposing terrorist factions and countries actually placed a bounty on him, and has killed more pilots than any other in his time while still being the youthful age of 12, but he didn't maim and torture and stab anyone, and all those takedowns were swift so that the enemy pilots didn't experience any pain.

While he thought about the reasons why he got sent here and the situation of this world, he also wanted to know why it was him who should receive this magical power. Sure he's a top gun ace in his world, but there are other people in this world that could probably utilize this magic better than him. He'll have no knowledge on how this magic works.

So, get thrown into a World War 2 era world with pants less flying magical girls battling gigantic flying laser spewing aliens that could wreck an entire continent with machine guns and rockets, receive a power no other boy could use, and then get sent to an all-girl squad. 'Sounds like some anime' Blacklight thought. And he then delved into thoughts about his commander, his country, and the many questions-

A knock on the door interrupted his thoughts and he turned to the door of his room.

"Come in!" he called out and the door opened, revealing Major Sakamoto. Blacklight stood up and saluted her. "Colonel Blacklight, reporting, ma'am!" he said. Major Sakamoto was a bit taken aback by the Liberion/American's discipline. After all, most Liberions are laid back. But this one was the equivalent of an elite Karlslandish soldier.

Of course, being from a different dimension and timeline, as Blacklight explained earlier in the day, his home country, named 'United States of America', and its people are a tad different from Mio's world's equivalent 'Liberion'. Still, it surprised her that there are different versions of their worlds.

"At ease" Mio stated, and Blacklight assumed the proper military stance.

Mio got a good look at him.

The pilot called Blacklight was still wearing his full body flight suit and helmet. He stood at about Mio's height and radiated an aura of a veteran. His posture told Mio that the new comer had a lot of discipline instilled into him. He still had his helmet on, for reasons which Mio doesn't know. The helmet certainly doesn't look like any of the helmets she had seen. Not only was it painted night black, but a black tinted visor shields his eyes from view. And he still had his flight suit on, which, again, was nothing like Mio has ever seen before.

Mio finally stopped studying the new comer and stepped forward.

"Colonel Blacklight? I guess I should say it now but that's a pretty weird name for a pilot" Mio commented.

"Well it is supposed to be a codename after all. I'm not supposed to reveal my true identity" Blacklight answered.

Mio looked at him like he's hiding some sort of dark secret.

"And why would that be?" Mio inquired, curious to know his motivations for keeping his identity a secret.

"Commander's orders, ma'am. Sorry." Blacklight answered.

Mio decided to press no further. She guessed that Blacklight wouldn't reveal his identity unless he got orders from a commander to reveal is identity.

'Wait a minute… if Blacklight is transferred over to another commander… then he would reveal his identity once his commander orders him to' Mio thought. A smug on her face appears.

"Well, what if I told you that your new commander is going to need your real identity?" She asks, hoping that under this order, he would reveal his identity.

But then Blacklight shook his head. "Even if I were to be transferred to another commander, I still wouldn't reveal my identity"

This caught Mio by surprise. "Even if it was a direct order?" she inquired.

"Even if it was a direct order" Blacklight answered.

"Why's that? A good pilot would obey a direct order" Mio stated.

Again, Blacklight shook his head. "A good pilot would also be careful to not fully trust a commander to which they're newly assigned to" he answered back, though he was thinking, 'I would like to reveal my real identity, but if I ever returned to home, the commander will probably bitch slap me for going against orders'

"Why's that?" Mio asked.

"You don't know what they're going to do with that information. And sometimes, revealing your identity will cause a ruckus later on with someone else, especially if you're someone who is famous" Blacklight explained. 'Especially if your previous commander will go ape all over you' he added mentally.

Mio sighed. It looked as if this one will have to wait, though the wait shouldn't be very long.

"Now, I'm sure you're not here just to have some small talk, right?" Blacklight asked.

Mio nodded. "That's right. I'm here to inform you that we will be flying to the 501st Joint Fighter Wing base in 20 minutes, so I suggest that you eat some food and get ready for our flight" She informed Blacklight, who only nodded.

"Right. I'll be ready within 15 minutes" Blacklight answered, then he saluted.

Mio saluted back. Then she stepped out of the room.

15 minutes later…

The moon was up as Blacklight, Mio, and Yoshika was standing on the carrier deck. Blacklight wondered why the two were not wearing any kind of pants, even in this cold night. And that is what led him to asking them.

"Sakamoto-san, Miyafuji-san, why aren't you two wearing any pants? It's probably cold out here" he asked.

Mio laughed a hearty laugh. "Well I forgot to tell you about the pants less requirement. In order to be able to operate a striker unit, we have to be able to put our bare legs into them, or wear tight pants" she explained.

Blacklight just stared at her.

"So wait, let me get this straight. In order to be able to actually use those things, you have to strip your pants off or wear tight pants? That sounds a bit-" Blacklight said, but Mio beat him to the last word.

"-Bizarre, yes I know. What I'm wondering is how YOU managed to get a striker unit to work with pants on" Mio stated, looking intently at him.

Blacklight shrugged, looking as confused as a middle school student going to high school for the very first time.

"I don't know. Maybe my pilot suit is tight enough? I have no idea," he said as he adjusted his flight helmet and checked if he had all his possessions, which amounted to his custom made Desert Eagle, a Kabar D-2 combat knife, an IPod with earphones (in case he wants to listen to some music, as he was allowed to listen to music), and his dog tags.

Silence reigned for 2 minutes as they checked their equipment. Then, it was Yoshika who broke the silence.

"Um, Sakamoto-san?" she asked Mio. Mio looked at her.


"Um, will the people I'm about to meet be nice?" Yoshika timidly asked. Mio laughed another hearty laugh.

"Of course their nice, if you're not on their bad side, but most of them will be kind to you" Mio explained.

"O-Ok" Yoshika replied. Then she turned to Blacklight.

"Blacklight-kun? Do you think they will be nice to us?" she asks, which leads to Mio looking at him expectantly. Blacklight thought about it for 5 seconds, and then answered the question.

"Maybe, maybe not. They'll probably treat us like rookies, as they'll likely have more experience than you." Blacklight answered.

"Like rookies?" Yoshika asked, curious as to what he means by 'rookies'.

"Normally, when a new pilot is transferred over to a squadron, those in the squadron will generally want to prove that you can actually fight" Blacklight explains. "They'll want to see your accuracy in shooting and whether or not you can actually fly well and receive orders well. They'll generally distrust you, so be prepared. At least, that's how it works in my world"

Yoshika pondered on what he said for 15 seconds. And then she realized what he just said.

"Waaaahhhh!? So they won't trust us!?" She blurted out, somehow not hearing that last part. Mio face palmed while Blacklight was nodding his head. Mio then stepped forward.

"Blacklight-kun, let's just leave it at that" Mio suggested. Blacklight gave another shrug.

After another minute of silence the trio were ready to take off. Captain Sugita came up onto the deck, dressed in his captain's attire.

"Well, Blacklight-kun, it was nice meeting you. I hope we meet again in the near future" he said to Blacklight, who shrugged.

"Sure" was all he just said. Sugita then turned to Mio

"Try not to get caught off guard like earlier today in the near future" he suggested to Mio, who laughed.

"Of course, captain. I'll make sure to be more vigilant" she said. Sugita then turned to Yoshika.

"Try to listen to your superiors all the time. They may be a bit tough on you first but that's because they want to see how well you can follow orders" he suggested to the young witch, who started nodding her head.

Then Sugita stepped back and waved them goodbye before going back inside.

The trio looked at each other. Then Mio spoke.

"Alright, ready to fly to your new base, Colonel?" she asked Blacklight.

"I guess" was his short reply. Mio turned to Yoshika.

"How about you?" she asked Yoshika, who nodded her head and muttered a "Hai".

"Alright then we shall-"Mio was about to say before Blacklight raised his hand.


"Uh how do I activate this thing again?" Blacklight asked.

Mio and Yoshika just stared at him with dumfound faces for 20 seconds. Then…

"EEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!?" Yoshika shouted, shocked that the one who took down a Neuroi all by his lonesome and is the only male witch in the entire world didn't even know how to activate his striker unit.

Mio face palmed so hard that a red hand mark is slightly visible on her forehead.

"So wait, you were able to fly all the way to this very carrier from god knows where and shoot down a Neuroi with god knows what again and you don't even know how to operate your striker unit?" Mio asked incredulously.

Blacklight nodded again, eliciting another face palm and sigh from Mio

"Like I said, I'm new to this… 'Magic' power that you have. It's going to take me a while to adjust to using it" Blacklight stated. "So, again, how do I activate this thing?"

"Well" Mio began. "You have to concentrate on your magic abilities-"

"Annnnnnnd just how the hell am I supposed to do THAT?" Blacklight asked.

"Just think of summoning your magic and your striker should activate" Mio tried.

"Ok" was Blacklight's reply, as he set about concentrating on his magic. Then he felt the power rise up in him as he heard the sound of an F-22 below his feet. 'So it worked after all' he thought, as he prepared to take off-

Unfortunately, he concentrated a bit too hard and a second later; he blasted off from his spot earlier than he anticipated and at a speed of Mach 1.58. Mio and Yoshika just stared at the spot where he was for 5 seconds. Then Yoshika panics.

"EEEHHHH!? Where did he just go!? He was just here a few seconds ago!" she yelled, startled.

Mio looked around with her magic eye. She soon spotted where he was and where he was going. She turned to Yoshika wearing a grim expression. Yoshika just looked at her with a confused expression.

"Hmm? What is it, Major?"

"We might need your healing abilities again"

Meanwhile, at the 501st Joint Fighter Wing base, 5 minutes

"Argh! Where the hell are the Major and that little special recruit of hers!? They should be here by now! I hope they're not doing something!" Perrine H. Clostermann whined as she stood there like all of the other witches out here. They had been waiting out there for 15 minutes now for the return of the Major and the new recruit. It was tiring her out now as she stomped over to wing commander Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke.

"Commander! You should know something about this! What is taking the Major so long!?" she asked, irritation seeping from her voice. Minna shook her head.

"I don't know, although I heard over the radio that she's got 2 new recruits that she's bringing here." Minna answered in a voice that also said 'leave me alone'. No doubt she had heard of the Neuroi that attacked the Akagi that nearly would have vaporized her were it not for one of the recruits intervening. Minna was worried for her friend and second-in-command.

Perrine huffed and stomped back to where she was originally standing and continued to stare out into the darkness. Meanwhile, Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen had her right index finger on her chin, deep in thought. She then said one of her thoughts aloud.

"Hmm, I wonder what the new recruit's bust size is. I'm curious if they are flat or big"

One of the other witches, Charlotte Yeager, overheard this and spoke to Eila.

"I bet they can't compare to my bust size!" she said, grinning from ear to ear. It was well known in this particular squad that Charlotte, or Shirley, as she likes for people to call her, has the biggest bust size around here.

Eila shrugged. "Who knows, maybe the new recruits have bigger breasts than you" she replied, and Shirley frowned then turned back to the darkness, as did Eila.

Then they heard a sound.

It sounded like a low screeching sound that's continually getting louder and louder.

Soon the other members of the squad, Sanya A. Litvyak, Francesca Lucchini, Gertrude Barkhorn, Erica Hartmann, and Lynette Bishop also stared at where the sound seemed to be coming from.

Perrine walked up to Minna. "Um, commander-"she began when Minna cut her off.

"I don't know what that sound is, okay?" she spoke, with irritation. She turned to Lynette.

"Lynette, now might be the time to use your eyesight." she said. Lynette nodded her head and answered "yes". She focused her eyes on the source of the sound while Minna instructed Sanya to use her Magic Antenna to see if she could detect it.

Lynette gasped. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. She then turned to Minna.

"C-Commander! I spotted the object that we're hearing! Its humanoid shaped, and-and-"

"What? What is it?"

"It's coming here, very fast. I reckon 30 seconds until it gets here!" Lynette yelled out.

Minna turned to Sanya. "Do you think it's a Neuroi?" she asked. Sanya shook her head.

As they continued to stare, the sound got louder and louder, until they were able to see the shape for just 5 seconds before Minna realized that the thing was going to impact them.

"INCOMING!" the shape yelled loudly and they all scrambled.

Suddenly, the shape pulled its legs up and stopped, hovering 5 feet in the air. The shape then proceeded to slowly land on the runway until it touched down. It was then that the squad got a good look at the figure.

The figure was about 5 "4", and had a strange suit on. The helmet on his face was unlike anything they've ever seen before, and there was some sort of emblem on the shoulders. The striker units that the figure was wearing didn't look like any other striker unit. It was sleek, black, and propeller-less.

The figure looked around, taking in the surroundings.

Its supersensitive hearing picked up whispers going around.

"Is that a Neuroi?"

"I don't know.

"Maybe it's a test pilot"

"I doubt it's a test pilot"

"A robot?"

The sound of 2 other striker engines got the group's attention, and then they spotted Mio and another witch trailing behind her. As they landed, the figure walked up to Mio.

Minna tensed up, as did all of the other witches. What was that thing going to do now?

Mio smiled at the figure. "I'm assuming that you didn't crash land?" she asked.

"Affirmative, Major. I got beginners luck on my side this time" wait a minute-

"Not bad for your first try, Blacklight-kun." Mio replied.

Minna, who understood that the honorific '-kun' referred to a boy, walked right up to Mio

"Wait, major, are you saying that this witch here is a boy?" she asked loudly enough for the others to hear. All the other squad members walked up behind Minna, curious if the witch really was a boy.

Mio wore a huge grin on her face. "That's right. You're looking at the only combat-effective male witch in the world" she replied. The squad members gasped in shock about this information.

Eila turned to the 'male' witch, a curious look adorning her face.

"You there, are you really a guy?" she asked the witch. The witch saluted.

"You are correct. United States Air Force colonel Blacklight reporting" he said.

More whispers.

And then Minna looked to Mio with a dark expression.

"Mio, how did you come across this man? You know my policy on this base about men" Minna inquired, agitated by the presence of a man here.

Mio looked at her with hard eye. "Commander, this man here saved my life and those aboard the Akagi. Are you really going to turn away a potential game changer?" she questioned Minna. Minna looked away, avoiding eye contact with Mio and Blacklight.

Blacklight looked at the two, confused by what they meant by 'game changer'. "Major, just what do you mean by me being a 'game changer" he asked.

Mio turned around to look at him. She smiled at him. "Blacklight, if we can refine your flying and fighting capabilities… you may be able to save us all and win the war" she explained to Blacklight. He looked at Minna, who's still looking away.

"Ma'am, if you want, I could apply for a transfer to a different squad-"

"Absolutely not!" Mio roared, startling everybody except Minna and Blacklight.

"Blacklight, when I say you're a part of this squad I mean you're a part of this squad!" she stated, with Minna looking at her in shock.


"We could talk about this all night, but I want everybody to rest up, and that includes you too, Blacklight"

Blacklight nodded.

"But where will I sleep tonight?" he asked.

"You will be sleeping in my room for the night" Mio answered, and everyone's eyes widened. Well, except for Blacklight, who still has his emotionless face on, which still is obscured by his helmet.

"Major, just what are you-"Perrine was cut off by Mio, who hushed her. Then she and Blacklight headed to base.

After a few seconds, Francesca looked at Charlotte.

"So, what now?" she asked.

"Now? Now's the time to hit the hay" Charlotte (Or Shirley, as she likes people to call her) answered as she sauntered towards base along with the rest.

What a long night it has been. And the squaddies now have an interesting year to look forward to.

To Be Continued…

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