Having a bad day Artemis stepped out to go for a walk. She was tired of hearing of her parents fight. Despite it looking like it was going to rain she just grabbed her sweater and headed out. They wouldn't care or even notice seeing her leave the house.

Once it started to pour, Artemis regretted not grabbing an umbrella. Upset and trying to keep warm, she notices the rain stopped above her, and turns to see a boy covering her with his umbrella. Giving her a smile, turns Artemis's day from bad to good and makes her smile as well.

Blushing slightly, the boy says "Hi I'm Wally, Wally West."

Blushing as well Artemis says, "Hi I'm Artemis, Artemis Crock."

Wally asks why she is walking alone in the rain with no umbrella. She tells him about her parents and how here day was bad. Shocked about telling a stranger about her day, she apologizes and says "I'm sorry you probably wouldn't want to hear about my day"

He tells her that he doesn't mind. "How about we go to a café or something and just talk, and escape this rain" he says with a smile. With excitement Artemis says yes.

As they are walking she asks, "if you don't mind me asking, why are you out walking in the rain?" "Call me crazy" he says,"But I love the rain. It's calming to me, so I figured I should just go walking in it today." "That doesn't seem crazy. If anything that sounds nice." Artemis says smiling to him. Hearing that, Wally then smiles back

Finally reaching the café, they go order coffee, with him buying because she had no money and they just talk. They talk about school, their friends, life and avoid talking about their parents. He learns she just moved here, and how they are going to be in the same school. Throughout their conversation they don't notice how it stopped raining and the sun come out.

Now talking for hours, Wally says "I kinda left out another reason why I went walking in the rain." "Oh, what's the other reason", she asks quiet curiously. "I notices how you were walking alone and figured I could keep you company" he says, blushing now very deeply.

Shocked for a moment, Artemis then starts to smile and pecks Wally on the cheek. "Ah wh-what's that's for?" he asks. "It's for wanting to get to know me and this" pecking him on the mouth "Is for making a bad day to good one" she says smiling and blushing at him. Wally can't help's but smile back.

A café server comes and tells them that they are closing and that the must leave. Once out the café, Wally offers to walk her home. They are quiet walking back, but as they reach her house, Wally asks, "Uhh Artemis, I had a great day with you and I was wonder if maybe-" cutting him of Artemis says, "We can go out sometime? Sure Wally I would love that" she says. Wally then goes to kiss her, with her happily returning the kiss.

They soon part ways, both excited and hoping it rains again tomorrow.

hi this is my first story. so please review. and this story was based of a spitfire picture by kitty-cat-angel on tumblr B)