That One afternoon in knothole inside tails hut tails was sleeping peaceful and quite that is untill he heard a knock at the door. Tails sugar it's time to wake up bunnie said 5 more minutes he said. Tails yawns loudly and gets up slowly out of bed two tailed fox walks to the door of his hut and opened it revealed his favorite aunt bunnie rabbot. Good morning aunt bunnie tails said. Morning sugar fox sally girl said she wanted me to wake ya up and give ya a bath bunnie said. Ba ba bath tails stuttered. Yes a bath and she also said you should find something to do today instead of sleep all day she said. Figures tails said now come on we need to give ya bath now darling she said s she went to his bathroom to start running the water. Tails followed behind her and she motioned for him to come in. Tails takes his red sneakers off and his white gloves off. Bunnie shuts the door behind her. Tails then sits in the tub and bunnie grabs the soap and rag and dips it in the water. She the starts scrubbing his back and his arm then bushy tails over and over again then she wrings the rag out and washes the rest of tails soaken wet body. Then she turns the bath water off and helps him out of the tub and cleans the rest of him with a wash cloath. Then he puts his sneakers and gloves back on. Bunnie decides to brake the silence that wasn't so bad was it sugar she asked. Nope not at all aunt bunnie tails said as he gives her a hug. She smiles and returns it as shegives him a kiss on the forhead. Makeing tails blush. She looks at for second and smiles again. Thanks aunt bunnie tails said. No problem sugar she replied. Im going out to play now he said. I'll be sure ta tell sally girl bunnie said. As he gave her another hug with a smile. As he start to leave he said bye aunt bunnie he said Bye sugar she said. As they both leave his hut. The end