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My mother always told me I was different and at the time I didn't know what she meant I guess now, I do...

I had a good life a nice life, I wasn't popular and I didn't want to be I wasn't rich but I didn't need the money I didn't have a father but I had my mother, I didn't have a lot of friends but that's why I have Daniel, my best friend I could want a better life but I wouldn't change in for anything, I might not have the perfect life but it was good enough for me, and then everything had to changed.

"So...? What did your mom say about Washington" Daniel asked me from his seat next to me on the public bus, neither of us had cars and the bus was the next best thing next to walking so I wasn't going to complain.

I looked up from my book and at my best friend who could never keep his mess of copper hair tame and green eyes that I had known almost my whole life and sighed.

"She said she would think about it" We gave each other a knowing look and he sighed. We both knew what she really meant when she said she would think about it, it meant no way in hell was I going to be going anywhere but this time I wouldn't take no for an answer I would beg and plead and even cry if I had to I would do anything to go. "But don't worry ill take care of it, I need some time away from this place."

"Yeah, you and me both" I gave him a small smile and shoved him in the shoulder; he gave me a sad smile and looked forward. He had been through a lot lately his mom and his dad split up and his dad moved to Washington so he hadn't seen him once in five months and his long time girlfriend broke up with him for no reason what so ever two days ago. I felt for him and I tried to keep his mind off of it but sometimes like now it didn't really work.

"You know she has made the biggest mistake of her life" I told him but really it was a good thing that they broke up I didn't like her anyway, she wasn't the right one for him.

"Yeah I guess your right"

"I'm always right" we laughed and he looked down at his hand before her looked back up again

"I just want to know why she did it we had a good thing I loved her and she just ended it" His voice was a mixture of sadness and anger and he had this determined look on his face, a look I knew all too well as his 'I'm not going to let this go until I find out why' kind of look, I sighed and shook my head.

"You're not going to let this go are you"

"Nope" I rolled my eyes and went back to reading my book, Rebecca was one of my favourite books, I had read it about five times, even though the main character didn't have a name or an age and pissed you off half the time and it took about nineteen chapters for the book to get interesting it was good and there was always some hidden message I didn't see the last time I had read it. I was so lost in the pages and the part I was reading, that I wasn't expecting the elbow it to my ribs from Daniel when we arrived at school. I sighed and put my book away I liked school I just didn't like the people in my school. Even when I was little I would never get along with any of the girls and only really had guy friends hence the fact that my best friend was a guy, and it's not that I didn't try to get along with any of the girls either I did try but they just weren't my type of people but that not saying I didn't have any friends that are girls because I do. Me and Daniel entered the school unnoticed as usual and walked straight to his locker and then mine. I dumped all the books I didn't need and took my jacket off.

"Whoa Ember looking good" I groaned inwardly and leaned my head against my locker , I heard Daniel chuckling from next to me and I wanted to slap him, he didn't have to go through this shit every other day. The person who belonged to that voice was Luke, his had this crush on me since middle school and it wasn't a secret either and it pissed me off to no end, he would stop me in the corridors, send me notes in class, call me, he even went as far as pitching up at my place the one time or follow me to the mall when I hang out with Daniel, and as many time as I've told him to leave me alone and that there would never ever be anything between us he just wouldn't stop, so I try to avoid him as much as I can but how do you avoid someone who looks for you.

"Thanks Luke" I sighed and pushed away from my locker he was standing by us now and I had to turn to look at him. He was good looking with his sandy blonde hair and blue eyes but that wasn't my type, I preferred dark looking guys. And just when I thought my morning couldn't get any better they walked in and by they, I mean the blonde idiots with breasts up to their chest six inch heels, which I'm sure hurt like a bitch, shirts that showed way to much off and skirts that hardly covered anything, every guy basically drooled over them and I'm pretty sure they have had sex with almost every guy in our senior year. Me and Daniel called them the hoe bags, it's not really an original name but it works and we don't care. Kelly the leader of the group spotted us as she walked past and stopped in front of us. This should be good

"Look everyone it's the nerd pack and the tom boy, who can never find anything decent to wear" they all laughed and people stopped to stare. She normally didn't get to me but for some reason what she said just pissed me off more than it normally would. Yeah sure what she said was true I didn't dress like any other girl in this school would, like today I had on black slim leg jeans black combat boots and an old concert shirt that my mom gave me, my hair way in a messy bun on top of my head and I wore heavy black eyeliner, I didn't care how I dressed or what she aid to me about it but at that very second I just got really pissed off.

"Look here slut just because I don't wear something that practically screams rape me doesn't give you or you're skank friends and anyone else reason to judge me so why don't you run along and leave me the hell alone" It was completely silent, Daniel had shock written all over his face along with everyone else but Kelly on the other had had gone the colour of a bright tomato and I must say the look didn't suit her.

"What did you just say to me" she said after a minute. I could hear the anger dripping off of her words but I could hear the undertone of shock in there to, I smirked at her and said.

"You know exactly what I said or are you hearing compared to" I didn't think it was possible for her to get any angrier, and I was just about to say something else when Daniel cut me off.

"Emder lets go we're going to be late" I looked over to him and I snapped out of it, the anger that was building up towards Kelly disappeared, I don't know what the hell had got in to me, I never ever stood up to her. I shook my head and backed away from her, I shouldn't have let her get to me like that.

"You should listen to your friend over there and another thing I would watch my back if I where you" she flipped her blonde hair over her shoulder and her and her followers left before I could say anything more, everyone else left after that all except Daniel and Luke.

"Damn I don't think she's ever got that pissed before" Luke said as he watched them walk away and around a corner "And I've known her my whole life" Luke had a point, no one ever stood up to her or said anything bad enough to piss her off and now I guess I was the exception.

"What the hell got in to you?" It was Daniel talking now and I turned to him and leaned my back against the lockers, he still looked shocked and I had to sigh I didn't even know what had just happened.

"I don't know I just got really mad" I looked down at the floor "It was like a rush of anger that just appeared out of no were" I heard him move and felt him standing next to me he dumped me in the shoulder and I looked up at him. He had the smile I was so used to seeing on his face.

"Don't get me wrong what you did was awesome-" Luke cut him off before he could finish.

"I'll say I mean did you see her face" Luke was like a little energetic puppy at the moment and I couldn't help but laugh at him, Daniel just shook his head and continued.

"But maybe next time you don't want to openly insult someone who could ruin your high school life" he laughed and pushed away from the lockers I did the same and grabbed my back pack off the floor and slung it over my shoulder we started walking towards home room.

"Not that I have a life to ruin"

"This is true" I gave a fake I'm hurt gasp and he looked at me with a huge grin on his face we burst out laughing as we entered the class room thankfully nothing else happened that day that was worth talking about.

I got home at around five after hanging with Daniel at his house. My mom wasn't home yet so I went straight to my room and started my homework, when I finished an hour had passed and my mom still wasn't home, I sighed and sank in to my pillows and listened to music, I had to figure out a way to get my mom to let me go to Washington, but that was either going to be extremely hard or impossible to do. My mom was very protective of me she never let me out after ten at night she never let me leave our little hometown, even with the school on field trips and I'm pretty sure if it wasn't for Michael she would never let me go out at all. Michael is my mom's best friend and he was basically the father figure in my life with the minor fact that he was gay but I didn't care I still loved him. If it wasn't for him telling my mom that I would be fine and that I wouldn't get myself in to trouble, I wouldn't have a social life at all, maybe if I asked him to talk to her she would let me go. I decided I would do that and then let myself get lost in my music, it was half way through beautiful war by kings of Leon when my mom called me, I could hear male laughter and knew that Michael was with her and I thanked my lucky stars. I jumped off my bed and walked to the kitchen where I could smell pizza. The kitchen table had four boxes of pizza on it; he was sitting at the table while my mom was at the fridge getting something for us to drink.

"Your late" I stopped in the door way and crossed my arms over my chest hopping that I looked disappointed I even went as far as tapping my foot.

"Acting shouldn't be one of your career choices kid, you'd be broke and living with your mom for the rest of your life" Michael said, it looked like my mom was trying to hold back her laughter "Although I don't think your mom would mind that" now I was the one trying to keep back laughter and my mom was sending daggers his way, what was the saying 'if looks could kill'. It was always like this with us always joking picking on each other making fun of each other but we would always have each other's backs no matter what happened even Daniel was like a part of the family.

"Yeah that is true but don't worry acting is on the bottom of my career list" He chuckled and I walked over to the table our kitchen wasn't very big but it had all the essential, a fridge and food in the fridge, counters, a stove, a microwave and so on and a table that could sit four people. It was perfect for our little family and so was the rest of the house which consisted of two bedrooms a lounge and a small bathroom and our kitchen, like I said not very big. "And anyway if I lived here all my life I would have to put up with your shit all the time" he looked offended.

"I thought you liked putting up with my shit" from the corner of my eye I saw my mom shaking her head, out of the three of us she was the more mature, she kind of balanced everything out. One of the many things we didn't have in common, I didn't look anything like my mom except for her golden green eyes, other than that I think I took over more from my dad than anything, I have tan skin and long raven black hair and I was tall my mother on the other hand, was short had hectic curly fiery red hair and pale skin hence why I think I look like my father.

I gave Michael a mischievous look and smiled "I was acting" we both burst out laughing, even my mom started laughing. She come over and set the coke, three glasses and three plates on the table we pushed the pizza to one side and she sat next to Michael with me sitting facing them. I opened the first box to find peperoni number two was four seasons number three seafood and the fourth was a mystic my favourite. I took one piece of each of the first three and two of the fourth, my mom looked at my plate with worry in her eyes and the she looked at Michael, he had the same look.

"You hungry kid ?" He was also looking at my plate now, I looked down at my plate and realised that I was really, really hungry something that didn't happen very often to me or never happened to me which was strange.

"Yeah starving actually" I smiled at them and took a bite out of the pizza, we ate silently after that and by the time I was done I was still hungry but I didn't go for more because it wasn't like me to ever go for seconds. I wondered what the hell was wrong with me but decided to figure that out later right now I had an important question to ask. I leaned back in to my chair when I was done and starred at them.

"So mom" she looked up from her plate and her one eyebrow rose.

"What do you want" she sighed and put her pizza down, I was considering not asking at all but then thought of Daniel and how much he needed me right now and how much I needed to get out of this place for a while not that I hated it or anything.

"I was thinking about the whole Washington thing and-" she cut me off before I could get my next words out.

"We've spoken about this before and the answer is still no" she looked me dead in the eyes when she said it showing me that she wouldn't change her mind but even the strongest walls have their faults. I looked over at Michael silently asking him to help me with my eyes he caught the message and sighed and I smiled inside.

"It will only be for the summer holidays and I will be with Daniel and his dad the whole time" she didn't look any closer to saying yes I had to pick up my game "come one mom you never let me do anything fun it will only be this one time and how much trouble could I get into anyway" I through a glance over to Michael indicating that it was time for him to help.

"She has a point Tasha" my mother glared at him "I'm just saying, ember is a responsible kid she can take care of herself and like she said it will only be this one time" she was still glaring at him

"How do you know that, sure it will be this one time but what about the next it will only be this one time and what if something happens to her" she was shouting at him now

"What will happen to her" he said it calmly I could tell this was not going to end well.

"You know exactly what could happen to her" I was confused when she said that and it looked like he was about to lose his cool.

"Yes I do and so the hell what?" I was getting more and more confused by the second but I didn't want to stop them and ask whey so I stayed silent and just sat there.

"So the hell what? She could get hurt or worse"

"She won't!" he slammed his fist on the table; I had never seen them so pissed off before and never at each other. My mother turned to me

"Ember go to your room"

"No way I-" She cut me off again and she had this look in her eyes that scared me

"Just do it" I got up and left to go to my room but I didn't instead I crept back to the kitchen I stayed where they wouldn't see or hear me. I heard my mother sigh.

"Natasha you can't keep her safe forever she needs to do things on her own" Michael was calm now and I heard crying and my heart sank, I hated it when my mom cried. All of this felt like it was my fault.

"What if he finds her what then" that got my attention and my guilt was forgotten, who was he, my father maybe?

"His going to find her even if she stays here. She's no safer here than she would be there and I know that not the only reason you don't want her to go" And so the plot thickens, what where they trying so desperately to hid from me "You're scared she'll find him her father" I heard my mother sigh and everything was silent, I was holding my breath and my heart was racing at a million miles per second.

"Fine I'll go talk to her but if anything happens to her it's on your head" I heard my mom push her chair back and I started to panic, that was my cue to leave and then he stopped her which made me stop.

"She's like them, you know in every possible way I can even now see the changes"

"I know that"

"But then she's like us to" I didn't know what he meant by that. Who was them and how the hell was I like them.

"I know and that's what scares me the most" I left after my mom said that I didn't know if they said anything more and I don't think I wanted to because now more than ever I was confused about who I was…

Chapter one is done how awesome, I thought about a lot of ways this would go and it come down to this. Something's in the story are pretty obvious and I have a few questions for you guys to see if noticed them, so question 1) Who is Daniel related to? And .Question 2) Who is Embers father?