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Chapter 17

I couldn't tell you how relived I was when I saw them burst through those doors. I actually let out a little and Seth gave me a strange look. I just laughed again and pushed myself off the floor. Alrick was now standing at his throne and my mom and the other five stood at the top of the stairs, the wolves were spread around the room while I stood in the middle leaning on Seth for support while my healing kicked in. I could feel my broken rib repairing its self and the few bruises that had formed were already gone. I thanked the heavens for my healing and looked around the room at my family.

"So good so see you again Rickie" the unknown guy called from across the room in a mocking voice. He was tall and lean with dark brown hair and storm grey eyes like Emma's. It took me a second to realise he was the unknown guy from my dream and that he was a part of my mother's group of seven. In his right hand he held a beautifully carved throwing blade and I noticed that a few more were strapped to his belt and legs, a bow sat on his back and I could see the tips of the arrows just over his shoulder. He looked lethal standing there dressed in all black and whoever he was I was glad he's on our side.

"Cameron I didn't realise you were still alive. Did you come back for your brother? So sorry for the condition you found him in what was his name again, Caleb right?" Alrick said with an evil glint in his eyes and a smug smile. His word seamed to strike a negative chord in Cameron, I saw him twitch his wrist slightly getting ready to throw the blade my mother gave him a look and he loosened the grip and glare at Alrick instead, he obviously respected my mother's wishes and I finally realised that my mother really was fearless leader who loved her people .The name of Cameron's brother sounded familiar though and then something clicked in my head. Caleb was one of the people I had healed that day in the dungeons.

"It's too bad I healed him then don't you think Alrick" I caught every ones attention in the room and Alrick glared at me "that's right I took away the pain you caused him. Actually I took all the pain away" I smirked at him and stood tall now that my wounds were fully healed. I saw that his clothes were ripped and his lip was cut and I felt a bit of pride in my abilities

"I have underestimated your daughter Natasha. She is quite a strong and powerful child, I will find great joy in making sure she dies tonight and sucking all the power from her" he spoke to my mother and I heard growls go around the room from the wolves while the seven glare at him. "And all her friends too" this time I was the one to growl. I felt my entire body start to shake and my bones started to morph, the potion he had given me had completely worn off and I was able to turn into my wolf again, I felt relieved that I could but at the moment it wasn't my wolf I needed it was my powers so I tried to calm myself by clutching on to Seth's fur, hoping that touching him would help and it did slightly.

"That's the thing Alrick we do not die here tonight but you will" Thomas said and raised a sword I hadn't noticed before and pointed it in Alrick's direction. He looked powerful and sure of himself while he held the sword with a steady strong arm. Like Cameron's blades there where carvings in the metal of the blade and they reminded me of the carvings on the door.

"Thomas, why am I not surprised" he smiled and then looked out the window and at the setting sun and his smiled became broader and confident, he looked back at us like a man who could own the world "I had such high expectations for you, I thought you would be smarter and come willingly to the dark side unlike your twin brother" something in him had changed and I didn't like it. His eyes turned black and his skin had turned impossibly paler. I looked out the window again and noticed the sun had fully set now but more than anything his words had confused me and every other person in the room.

"What are you talking about Alrick" Thomas asked and Alrick just let out a bone chilling laugh. The temperature in the room dropped considerably and I could have sworn I saw the shadows start to move. I looked towards my mother who had also noticed and took a step down. I turned back to Alrick who was now sitting on the throne as confident and cool as ever but something in him had changed, a dark power poured from him as the shadows in the room becomes thicker and darker and started to take on humanistic shapes. I started to back away from him and towards the stairs. Seth saw what I was doing and started to follow. Things had changed so suddenly, at first I was angry and ready to kill him and now I was scared and ready to get the hell out of this place.

"Let me ask you something Natasha" he looked at my mother but his voice had changed. It was no longer his voice but a darker more sinister one. "How does one person change so much over such a short period of time. I know he wasn't the easiest person to love with but come on have a little faith in the person you used to love." He smiled at her

"Stop playing games Alrick" Michael shouted and I saw something rise above his head.

"Michael behind you" I shouted and he turned just in time to see a dark figure bring down an even darker looking blade towards his head and suddenly Michael had a sword of his own, much like Thomas's one, that blocked the blow.

"Finally. I would like you to meet my friends, they are here to kill you" Alrick stated and one by one black figures started to emerge from the shadows and surrounded us. They had no mouths, no nose and no ears but their eyes glowed red and looked like they could suck you soul out of your body if you looked directly into them, just looking at their cold red eyes made my bones turn to ice and my blood freeze in my veins. Seth growled as one moved closer to me and the whole room turned silent. And then they just started attacking without warning or being provoked and without a sound but they didn't touch me. Seth attacked the one closest to us and everyone else moved to attack. They moved fast and with purpose going for the kill instead of just defending themselves. I felt a weight in my hand and looked down to find a sword there and I suddenly with a feeling of purpose I knew what to do. I moved fast and gracefully cutting through the first black figure I saw and watched as it disappeared into nothing and I moved on to the next one. It went on like that for a while and I felt the sweat drip down my back. They just kept coming and coming; I looked around the room and saw my mother fighting alongside Michael. Luka was taking on three at once, Thomas was fighting alongside Sasha and Cameron, the wolves had their own problems as well but the world stopped when I saw Kyle. He had just finished taking on one of the figures when one snuck up behind him and drove the black wispy sword through his chest and heart. I knew we didn't get along but he was still apart my family and it still hurt me to see the life leave his eyes.

"Kyle!" I shouted and ran across the room in blind rage taking down every figure in my path until I got to him; it wasn't even a second after it happened that I was in front of Kyle and cutting the head off the one that had hurt Kyle. I leaned down next to him and felt the tears start to form in my eyes but then I remembered I could heal him and I hoped it would work from bring him back from the brink of death. I placed my hand on the wound and closed my eyes; I sent healing energy towards him and felt all warm and tingly inside. I let out a breath when I felt him breathing again and I let the tears stream down my face. I opened my eyes and stood up his eyes were open now and Shane was standing over us with concern in his large eyes. I smiled at him and nodded letting him know all was good, he did the same and joined the fight again. Kyle got up a second later and looked at me. In that moment we shared an understanding and a certain amount of respect for each other. We weren't the best of friends or even friends but we could work on it now that we didn't hate each other. He joined his brother in the fight and I looked around again. My family was going to die here tonight and I had to somehow stop it. I saw my mother's sword get thrown across the room and Michael was being held to the wall with a figure holding a sword against his throat, Cameron was on his last few blades and arrows and Sasha was trying to take down as many as she could while Cameron shot arrows at those trying to get in a kill shot to those around us.

I wanted it all to end and wanted my family home safe, I wanted my life back, I wanted my old town back and I wanted to be nobody again. Reading books and hanging out with Daniel at my house. Laughing at one of Michael jokes or just generally laughing at him but then I thought about my dad and Seth and Shane and Emma and my whole family and I knew I wouldn't trade that for anything. I loved them more than I ever thought I could and I would do anything for them. I would even die for them if I had to. I would protect them until my last breath. I looked towards the throne and at Alrick who was smiling at the destruction going on around him. I could tell he enjoyed it and I knew what I had to do. I bent to pick up the sword I had dropped and then ran over to Alrick taking down anything in my way.

"Ember don't!" my mother shouted from somewhere behind me but I didn't listen, I just kept running. Alrick saw me and smiled. I lunged at him with full force and he moved with fluid practiced movement and my sword connected with the back of the throne. I turned around quickly and swung again but I missed and it just kept going on like that. My anger was building with every blow I missed and I felt a strange pressure coming from my chest.

"Enough!" I screamed and drove my sword through the ground and as I did a light erupted from my chest and chased every one of the black figures back to the shadows. It was a blinding all-consuming light; it felt alive as it pulsed around the room. And then it contracted back into me and I felt weaker because of it. Everyone looked at me and Alrick looked pissed off.

"No!" my mom screamed again but I reacted too late and Alrick had me in his arms with a blade to my neck. The cold steal stung against my neck and I saw my mom freeze. "don't hurt her Alrick. Take me instead" I saw Cameron with his bow, ready to take down Alrick but he couldn't because I was in the way. I knew that the arrow would kill Alrick the minute it penetrated his heart but I was the one in the way. In the way of my families safety and freedom. I looked at my mom and smiled at her. Sad understanding crossed her eyes but she shook her head. No.

"She is far more powerful than you, than any of us in this room combined apart from me of course." He paused and laughed before continuing "I knew she had power but I never knew she was the white wolf" he caressed my check and then I suddenly knew what the rest of the story was supposed to say but not because I just knew, I saw the words in my mother's head as I was sucked into her childhood memory of her mother telling her the story and her saying that she wanted to be the white wolf. It was her inspiration growing up, the need to protect her family and people.

"She will battle the evil and sacrifice herself to save those she loves and those she does not know" I said in a soft voice and a tear ran down my mother's face, she tried to reach towards me as if she could still save me, hold me safe in her arms one more time. I looked at Seth next and tried to convey the love I had for him. He tilted his head at me confused and then I took a hold of Alrick's arms and tried to move his arms away from me and I got the desired effect. He slid the blade across my throat and I felt the warm liquid run down my body and felt myself fall to the ground. The last thing I heard was the should of screaming and howling and the last thing I saw was an arrow flying towards Alrick's heart and it hit its target perfectly as I hit the ground and everything went black.


I was tired from the fighting and I couldn't tell how many of the things I had killed and they just kept coming and coming, at one point I lost my sword and had to fight with my powers but they didn't seem to do anything to the things. Michael was being held to the wall and was about to be killed when I picked up his sword and cut the demon in half. How the hell Alrick even got a hold of them I would never know and didn't want to know. Michael gave me a thankful look and I nodded my head. I looked around the room and saw Ember running with sword in hand and fury in her eyes towards the throne and towards Alrick.

"Ember don't!" I screamed at her but she didn't listen and my attention was taken away from her when one of the things attacked again, luckily Michael got a hold of a few blades that Cameron had thrown and was now fighting with them. At least I didn't have to worry about him at the moment. I snuck a glance at Ember and saw her lung and miss and lung and miss again and again until she just stopped moving. I could see she was breathing heavily.

"Enough!" she finally screamed and drove her sword through the floor and a pure white light exploded from within her. It was strange and blinding and somehow living as it blanketed me in a warm soft feeling of protection. It pulsed around the room and then faded back into her, when I looked around the room again the demons where gone, the light made them shrink back into the shadows from which they came. I looked at Ember and she appeared to be weak from what she had just done. Realising a kind of power like that I'm sure would take a toll on any person especially someone as untrained as she was. I saw Alrick move towards her while she was still down and weak and she didn't even notice.

"no!" I screamed but she was too late. He had her in his arms and a blade to her throat. I could see the fear in her eyes and I wanted to cry. My little girl was in danger and I had no idea what to do "Don't hurt her Alrick. Take me instead" I begged, I would rather he take me than have my daughter. I was always the one he wanted in the first place. Cameron readied his bow and aimed it at Alrick's heart but Ember was in the way and he didn't have a clear shot. I knew Ember knew this as she looked me in the eye and I understood what she was thinking. I shook my head. No.

"She is far more powerful than you, than any of you in this room combined, apart from me of course." He laughed and then continued "I knew she had power but I never knew she was the white wolf." he caressed her check and I wanted to kill him even more but then I remembered a story my mother told me when I was young about a girl who would turn into a white wolf, a girl who would save us all. I wanted to be her but I just thought it was a legend. I saw a spark of understanding in Embers eyes and I let out a breath, she had just seen the story and now knew how it needed to end.

"She will battle the evil and sacrifice herself to save those she loves and those she does not know" she said in a soft voice but loud enough for us to hear, I felt a tear run down my face as I looked at my brave daughter. I reached out to her in an attempt to try remove the blade from his grasp with my powers but nothing happened, she looked at Seth and I could see all the love she held for him. He gave her a confused look and before I could do anything, before I could even blink she grabbed Alrick's arm in an attempt to get the blade away from her throat but instead he just slide it across her olive skin and the blood leaked out of the wound and down her body. I let out a pained scream and Seth howled. Cameron took opportunity my daughter had given him and let one of the blessed arrows lose; it went straight towards Alrick's heart and hit the mark. Ember slide to the floor and landed with a sicking thud. She was gone, my little girl was gone. Embry howled when he saw her just lying there. Alrick fell down next to her lifeless body and I ran down the stairs towards her. I fell to my knees in front of her and held her in my arms, I didn't care about the blood all I cared about was her. I felt Seth next to me and I looked up at him with sad eyes, he nudged her hand with his nose and let out a pained howl that was followed by his brother.

"Natasha!" Michael yelled out in a fearful voice and I turned to see him looking terrified at something in front of me, I looked back and saw what he was looking at and froze. Dark shadows poured out of Alrick's lifeless body and that was never a good thing. It only ever happened when someone was possessed

"It can be" Thomas said from somewhere behind me and I just started at the forming figure in front of me with fear in my eyes. I picked up embers body and dragged it away after a second I felt Thomas take her from me as we stepped carefully down the stairs and away from the blackness.

"We have to go Natasha" Michael said and I nodded in agreement. The wolves growled at the black thing but didn't attack when they saw us shrink back from it "Everyone came now or we leave you hear" Michael yelled out and those of us in the room gather in the middle of it. I looked at the dark figure again felt my fear build again, we defeat one enemy and now another arises.

"Let's go" I shouted at Michael and I grabbed his hand, I let the light envelop us and made sure the spell stretched out towards the others in various parts of the castle making sure to bring along ember three new friends and the ones we had rescued. We arrived in Leah's back yard and when I felt my feet under the soil I fell to my knees, Seth ran off in the tree and the came back out a second later in human form, tears ran down his face and he ran over to Thomas taking ember in his arm and hugging her close to his body as he fell to the ground, he held rocked her and I was surprised he had even managed to phase back at all but I suspected he needed this. I felt my own tears run down my face as I watch him and then felt strong arms wrap around my body and I leaned back into Embry's chest. Daniel and Emma come running out a second later

"What happened" Daniel asked walking towards us but froze when he took in Seth. Emma gasped and yelled out embers name. Daniel held her in his arms as she cried out and kept her from falling to the found. Daniel looked broken in that second and I could tell a piece of his soul was now gone and he wouldn't get it back with her gone. They had been best friends for so long and shared a special kind of bond stronger than any I had ever seen in my life. When they were growing up I didn't notice it but as the years went buy it started to present its self and I didn't understand it at first and I still didn't.

"She's dead" I answered him and Seth let out a heart breaking scream.

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