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Author: R-right...so... *clears throat* This story will be Hogwarts from Harry's 5th year reading the Marauders books. The Marauders 'books' are actually just Fallen Crest's Marauders stories...but they are so amazing that they ARE real! DON'T DENY IT!

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, that's J.K. Rowling's territory! I also don't own the story the characters are reading! That's Fallen Crest's story! (Yes, she gave me permission)

Dolores Umbridge walked down the halls of Hogwarts, making notes on what to change when she became Headmistress. Hmm...guess she would have to take notes on everything the way she saw it.

Before Umbridge could put her quill on the paper to write down another note, she heard something scuffle behind her. She was confused at first, but then she smiled nastily, thinking she might be able to catch a student out of class. She turned around and followed the footsteps, which were loudening.

Umbridge jumped out, wand in hand, looking for the student, only to find nothing but empty space. She blinked, before lowering her wand in slight hesitation. What was that noise? She was hallucinating like Potter, was she?

The Senior Undersecretary of the Prime Minister shivered. No... of course she wasn't...

She kept reassuring herself that she wasn't like Potter over and over again that she didn't even notice a wand under her chin until it was there.

"Stay quiet." a female voice hissed from behind Umbridge. "Stay still."

Umbridge was shocked at first. Someone was trying to threaten her! But this woman took orders from no one. This girl was trying to attack her! Umbridge snarled, pulling out her wand from her pocket and turned it on the...girl...huh?

The toad looked around in confused. There was a girl right there in front of her...where did she go? She was right there! Holding a wand under her chin!

"I told you to stay still."

Umbridge shrieked, only for the girl to put a silencing charm on her. Umbridge glared severely at the girl, pointing her wand directly at the girl's heard. Who did this girl think she was!

"Put your wand down, toad." the girl sounded disgusted. "Or I will take it from you."

Umbridge tried to screech something at the girl, but nothing came out, for she was still under the silencing charm. She waved her wand and jabbed it at the girl, trying to do a silent hex, but nothing happened.

The raised an eyebrow, before raising her hand and snatching the wand from Umbridge's hand. She twirled it in her fingers, grinning at Umbridge's expression. "You should've had a better grip on it. Anyways," she glanced around the empty halls sharply. "Someone's coming. We need to get going."

Umbridge couldn't say anything but she made it look like she wasn't going anywhere. The girl narrowed her eyes, before sighing. "Alright, hold up a number one if you want to be locked in your office unconscious for a while, or hold up a number two if you want to come with me."

Umbridge seethed. How dare she!

"You have 5 seconds before I'm taking you with me." the witch sounded greatly amused by Umbridge's reaction.

Well...since there was no way Umbridge was going to go with this maniac of a witch...she held up a number 1.

The witch grinned wickedly. "I was hoping you'd say that."

That was when Umbridge fell unconscious.

Meanwhile, up in Dumbledore's office, he had received a package by owl and was investigating it. After he was satisfied that it wasn't a trick or anything, he opened the box. Inside the box was some books and a letter. He took out a letter from it and immediately started poring over it.

"Hey Dumbly, me and my friend are sending over books from the Marauders years. Waaaay back from 1971 and onwards! Don't worry, this is not a trick/prank/thing from a Death Eater. It's the truth. Do whatever you must to prove it, cause it will always say that we're telling the truth. I want you to read this out loud to everyone at Hogwarts school, plus a few extras, which I will add at the end of this letter. Dolores Umbridge has been taken care of for the time being so you don't have to deal with her while reading the books. This isn't meant to change the time line or anything, so no need to worry about that. Its only meant to change...a few views on things. A friend. P.S. Please bring Remus Lupin, Alastor Moody, all the Weasleys (Bill, Charlie, Percy, Molly, and Arthur), Amelia Bones, Sirius Black (in Padfoot form please), and Nymphadora Tonks.

To say Dumbledore was shocked was an understatement. He immediately started pulling spells, trying to figure out if these books actually told that truth, or if this really was a prank. True to the letter's word, however, everything was the truth.

Dumbledore smiled, his eyes twinkling. This...would be an interesting experience. He stood up and walked over to his fireplace. It was time to make a few calls before making the announcement to the school.

"All students to the Great Hall, please. I have an important announcement to make."

Harry frowned. Why was Dumbledore making an announcement when they were supposed to be going to class?

"Why do you think Dumbledore's making an announcement?" Hermione questioned from Harry's left.

"I don't care what it's about, really. I'm only glad that it's during Potions." Ron commented from Harry's right, grinning. "We don't have to deal with Snape!"

"That doesn't matter, Ronald." Hermione snapped. "Besides, this is our OWL year, why would Professor Dumbledore make a big announcement during such an important time of year? He knows how important OWLs are."

"Maybe it's about the Order?" Ron said with a questioning tone.

"Shh!" Hermione said, looking around cautiously. "Someone might hear!"

"Guys, how about we just go to the Great Hall?" Harry interrupted.

The Golden Trio walked to the Great Hall with many other students behind and in front of them. They were just as excited as the three 5th years. Why was Dumbledore interrupting their classes for this? Was it that important?

Once everyone was in the Great Hall and seated, Dumbledore stood up, causing everyone to grow silent.

"I have called you all here to tell you that we're here to read some books that have been given to me through owl post." Dumbledore started, only to be interrupted by a wave of whispering.

"Hey...where's Umbridge?" Harry whispered to Hermione and Ron. "She's not at the Head table."

Ron ignored him, staring at Dumbledore in shock. "He's letting us skip classes to read a book?" he said, awestruck.

"Honestly, Ronald, I can't believe myself." Hermione sighed. "All that precious time we could be using to study for our OWLs!"

Dumbledore shot a few bangs with his wand, earning everyone's attention. "Please, refrain from talking for a little while." he said. "I need to explain a few-"

The opened of the Great Hall doors made Dumbledore stop talking and raise an eyebrow, before nodding in realization. It must be their...guests.

Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks, Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody, Amelia Bones, Molly Weasley, Arthur Weasley, Bill Weasley, Charlie Weasley, Percy Weasley (who looked slightly uncomfortable) and lastly, a big black dog, Sirius Black, aka Padfoot.

"Mom! Dad!" Fred, George, Ron, and Ginny said, surprised.

"Oi, what about us?" Bill and Charlie pouted, causing Percy to roll his eyes at his older siblings.

"It's the Grim!" Lavender screamed, pointing at Padfoot.

"Don't be stupid, Lavender." Hermione snapped. "There's no such thing as the Grim. That's only a dog."

Lavender looked miffed and was about to respond but Remus interrupted their little feud by walking up to Dumbledore.

"Albus, why have you called us here?" he questioned. "You never explained in the letters..."

Before Dumbledore could respond, a white glowing sphere thing above the Head Table and a female voice spoke from it, causing several people to pull out their wands and point it at the sphere.

"Now, now, don't do anything rash. I haven't done anything to you. Anyways, as Dumbledore said, he has received several books from an anonymous person, which is me. Hmm, guess I'm not so anonymous anymore. Whatever. The books that Dumbledore got are about the Marauders years at Hogwarts, and don't look so shocked Remus. Its not that bad."

Remus's wand hand had dipped in shock, his jaw dropping slightly and Padfoot barked happily. Snape sneered, however, but then paled slightly. That would mean...they would know about all his humiliations...

Everyone started mumbling things to themselves. The Marauders? Who were they? Professor Lupin went to school with them?

Fred and George were in shock. The...the Marauders? They got...to learn about them? There years at Hogwarts? All their pranks?

"YES!" the twins screamed, causing several people to jump at their sudden scream. "WE GET TO KNOW WHO THE MARAUDERS ARE!" they excitedly hugged each other "OUR LIFES AMBITION WILL BE COMPLETE!"

The Golden Trio blinked, exchanging confused looks with each other.

"Didn't you tell them?" Hermione whispered to Harry and Ron.

"I thought you told them." Ron whispered back.

"I thought Harry told them."

"I thought Ron told them." Harry replied. "They're his brothers."

A coughing noise came from the white sphere, making everyone look at it. "Thank you, now if everyone could be quiet for a moment." once it was silent, she continued talking. "Alright, now after you read chapter 2 of year 1 I'll have an important announcement to make about one of the people in the books. Remus, Severus, Padfoot, I know this might be tough for you, but remember, it's all in the past."

Everyone looked confused when she said Snape's name. Snape went to Hogwarts the same time as the Marauders? And Remus? And why would the girl say Padfoot? Padfoot's a dog...

"Don't worry kiddies, everything will be answered soon! Just be patient. Oh, Fred and George..." the 2 looked up as she mentioned their names. "Please, when you find out who the Marauders are, refrain your screaming to a minimum."

Fred and George shrugged in response.

"Dumbles, I think you should read first." everyone grinned at the nickname as Dumbledore just looked amused. "Thank you, enjoy reading!"

The white sphere disappeared, leaving a quiet silence in the Great Hall.

"Albus, should we really trust this girl?" McGonagall said. "For all we know, the second we open that book it's a trap."

"I have cast all the charms I know on this book, and they all said it was the truth." Dumbledore explained. "There are no jinxes, hexes, pranks, tricks, Portkeys, or anything dangerous about this book. Now, if you all could sit down, I will start with the first chapter."

Remus, Padfoot, Tonks, and the Weasleys all sat down at the Gryffindor table while Amelia and Mad-Eye sat down at the Head Table.

"Now that we're all settled..." Dumbledore opened the book with the picture of 4 first years in a throw over arm hug, grinning like there's no tomorrow. "I shall start."

Harry grinned at Padfoot, who was sitting under the table by Harry's feet, then up at Remus, who gave a soft smile in return. Remus wasn't as excited about reading about their Hogwarts years as Padfoot was. He remembered all the embarrassing moments he's had at Hogwarts, some of them, he didn't really want to relive.

"Year 1, chapter 1, The Beginning." Dumbledore read.

Author: So yeah...that was sucky beginning, but don't worry! It will get better! ….hopefully