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Prologue: The Call

Danny Phantom, Ghost Boy of Amity Park was flying through the cool, night air. It has been months since he got his powers. He remembered it like it was yesterday. He invited his friends at his house to check out his parents' new invention: the Ghost Portal.

After refusing his friends' persistence, he finally gave in and went inside the portal. He put on a spare HAZMAT suit, but not before replacing his dad's face on it with a DP symbol Sam made.

Danny entered the portal, his face filled with awe. While walking inside, he placed a hand on the side of the portal. He accidentally pressed the on button and with a bright flash of light, his entire life changed before his eyes.

Since that day, he became Danny Phantom, Amity Park's own hero. He fought ghosts, learned new powers, gained experience and had good times.

But he also had bad times; people were afraid of him, he had problems at school and his parents wanted to dissect his ghost-half.

Danny was flying home when he suddenly stopped. He grabbed his head as a headache suddenly appeared. Fuzzy images appeared inside his mind before it suddenly vanished.

"What was that about…?" Danny said as he looked behind him. "And why do I suddenly have a bad feeling?"

He'd been having the weird images for days now, though he just thought it was stress from all the ghost business. But lately, he thinks it's a warning.

Danny just shook it away, went home and called it a day. He went in his room then he transformed above his bed, where he landed with a soft plop.

He turned his head and looked at the window, still feeling uneasy.

Okay, prologue over! Next chapter will be the beginning. Hope you guys like it. Well, see you later!