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Chapter 2: The Invasion

As Superman fixed the Batwing with his heat vision, everyone else was gathered around J'onn, listening his explanation. Danny, for one, was still freaked out. He was standing next to great heroes that were admired by many and he met an alien from another planet.

"So, J'onn J'onzz," Diana said, looking at the alien. "You came from Mars to warn us?"

"This is just too weird," Flash commented.

"I've seen stranger things," Green Lantern said.

"We first encountered them a thousand of your earth years ago," J'onn said, his eyes glowing. Suddenly, Danny and everyone found themselves standing on Mars, but it was not barren. It was like a city.

"It was a golden age," J'onn said as Martians were walking around, minding their business. "Our Martian civilization was at the height of its peace and prosperity."

On top of a balcony, two Martian, one male and a female, where happily looking at the city. For some reason, Danny could tell that the male Martian was J'onn.

"And then, they arrived," Suddenly, a dozen blazing meteors came hurtling towards Mars, causing destruction on where they landed.

"From where they came from, no one knew," J'onn continued. "But they were determined to make our planet their own." The image suddenly showed giant white monsters firing at the city, destroying everything. Suddenly, one Martian threw a grenade at one monster, destroying it.

"We Martians were a peaceful race, and the taking of any life was abhorrent to us. But we quickly learned the ways of war."

The image suddenly shifted and showed captured Martians being herded by pale aliens, hitting them with guns and firing at them.

"For centuries, the battle raged on. Every trace of our once great civilization was obliterated. We fought valiantly…but the invaders were parasites who fed our physic energy. They even absorbed our shape-shifting abilities."

Another image showed Martians being trapped in red eggs while the aliens absorbed the Martians' shape-shifting abilities.

"Finally, a small group of Martian survivors planned one final, desperate attack," the image change and they watched as a group of Martians wearing masks and holding guns charging inside the aliens' base. The group managed to kill a few of them, but soon, they were outnumbered. Only one Martian remained. The last Martian then hid behind a wall and pulled out a device, which he activated and threw at the oncoming Invaders.

"Inside their underground stronghold, we unleashed a powerful nerve gas that paralyzed them,"

When the smoke cleared, the Martian walked pass the aliens, who were frozen like statue. The Martian removed his mask, revealing that it was J'onn. He then looked around him and saw that his brethren perished as well.

"The attack was successful, but the cost was dear. I was the only survivor. The last of my kind."

There was another image shift and Danny watched as J'onn closing the entrance of the strong hold, sealing of the Invaders.

"I sealed up their citadel to keep them in a constant state of suspended animation," the image suddenly disappeared and Danny found himself back on Earth. "For years I stood guard over them. But then, while I was in a hibernation cycle, astronauts from Earth unsealed the stronghold and accidentally revive the Invaders."

"Hang on," Danny interrupted, raising his hands. "Those astronauts never said a word about founding life on Mars."

Green Lantern suddenly snorted.

"Some pencil pusher in Washington probably decided it should be classified information," he said.

"With all the Martians gone, the Invaders have nothing left to feed upon," J'onn said, walking towards the group. "So they turned their sights to Earth. I narrowly escaped and came here to warn of the coming danger. While I was being held against my will, the Invaders sent advanced agents to disable Earth's defenses."

"That's why they sabotaged the deep space monitoring network," Batman said. "So we couldn't detect their activities."

"We got to stop them before it's too late!" Green Lantern exclaimed, his eyes glowing green.

"It may already be too late," J'onn said as he looked at the horizon, waiting for something.


In the middle of the city, the military were firing at the alien monsters, doing little damage. Suddenly, as if things couldn't get any worse, the rock where they came from started shaking. Everyone watched in horror as rock crumbled away, revealing black tentacles. The black tentacles then started merging into a giant skyscraper

The skyscraper then started acting like a pump, releasing black smoke into the atmosphere, blocking out the sky.

On the Mountains…

"What was that?" Diana exclaimed as she heard thunder.

"It has began," J'onn said, looking at the dark storm clouds in the horizon. Every looked at the clouds with wide eyes.

"That is one freaky storm," Danny said, breaking the silence.

"What are they doing?" Hawkgirl asked, looking at J'onn.

"The Invaders are nocturnal," J'onn replied. "They want to block out the sun so they can live in perpetual darkness."

"Friends of yours?" Flash asked, looking at Batman.

"This isn't a joke," Batman said.

Flash then walked towards J'onn.

"What's the big problem? Can't you just wipe up another batch of that nerve gas?" he asked.

"Sadly, no," J'onn replied, causing Flash to frown. "The gas can only be made by a rare Martian plant. I brought a sample with me, but it was destroyed while I was captured."

"Uh…what's plan B?" Flash asked.

"We have to take out those factories," Diana suggested.

"I agree with Wonder Woman," Danny seconded.

"Wonder Woman?" Diana asked, looking at Danny.

"It was either that or Swimsuit Girl," Danny said, shrugging.

"This is no job for amateurs like you two," Green Lantern said, looking at Danny and Diana.

"We Amazons are warriors born," Wonder Woman said, glaring at Green Lantern. "Want to test me?"

Green Lantern glared at her, walking towards her. Danny quickly walked in and stopped them.

"Easy now," he said, looking at the two. "We have bigger fish to fry."

"He's right," Superman said, walking towards them and putting a hand on Green Lantern's shoulder. "Jon, we're gonna need all the help we can get."

"Fine," Green Lantern said, huffing. "Sorry, your Highness."

Green Lantern walked at the center of the group with a calculative expression.

"Tactically, we'll have multiple objections, so we need to split into teams," he said.

"Dibs on the Amazon!" Flash said as he suddenly appeared beside Wonder Woman, his arm slung on her shoulder. Diana gave an incredulous look, causing Danny to chuckle.


In Egypt, Danny and J'onn and were scouting around the giant factory, looking for openings. They found none.

"Find anything yet?" Danny asked as he regrouped with J'onn.

"I have not," J'onn replied.

The two then flew through the ground and appeared in front of Batman and Wonder Woman.

"We have scouted the outer walls," J'onn said. "There appears to be no openings."

"Then we'll make our own," Wonder Woman said as she flew towards the giant alien monster.

Danny and J'onn tried to follow, but Batman stopped them.

"Wait," he said, looking at Wonder Woman. "Let's see what she can do."

They watched as Wonder Woman grabbed her lasso and flew around the monster's legs, dodging blasters. She threw the lasso at the legs, tied it up.

"Hera! Give me strength!" she said as she pulled. The monster fell towards the factory and hit the wall, making a giant entrance.

"…Wow…" Danny said as the smoke cleared. Wonder Woman was standing victoriously over the hole.

"There's your opening," she said as she flew in.

"Not bad," Batman commented as he fired a grappler at the hole, Danny and J'onn flying ahead of him.

Inside, Wonder Woman was deflecting the blasters the aliens were firing at her. Danny fired at them, scaring them away. The Invaders were very careful not to run through the sunlight.

"They run like cowards!" Wonder Woman exclaimed indignantly. "What are you waiting for?"

With that, she quickly pursued them. Danny and J'onn followed, but Batman looked out from the sky, his eyes narrowing, before he followed them.

They ran, or flew, through the bizarre corridors, looking for the Invaders and their control room.

But as they went pass the halls, Invaders kept appearing, blocking their path and firing at them. Wonder Woman deflected the shots while Danny fired at them. Suddenly, more Invaders appeared behind them.

"They blocked us off again!" Wonder Woman exclaimed.

"It's like they know what were thinking!" Batman said as he threw an explosive batarang.

"Well, they did get that from the Martians, right J'onn?" Danny said as he fired. When the Martian didn't reply, he turned around and saw that J'onn's eyes were glowing. "J'onn?"

"Superman and Hawkgirl are down," J'onn said, lowering his head. "They have failed."

"What?" Wonder Woman exclaimed. "Are you sure?"

J'onn nodded his head, his face void of emotions. Suddenly, more Invaders appeared, firing at them.

"This way!" J'onn said as he flew towards another corridor. They quickly followed him towards an opening on top. They followed him and ran through the corridor. After a few minutes, Wonder Woman looked back and saw that no one was following them.

"We lost them," she said as she flew towards them.

"For the moment," Batman said as he pulled something from his utility belt. It was a brass knuckle. He put it on and electricity started crackling around it.

"Look," J'onn said, getting their attention. "It's the central core."

The room was huge, filled with computer-like devices. On the center, floating inside tube, was a red orb. Invaders were everywhere, making sure the core stays online.

"How do we shut it down?" Batman asked.

"The Ion Matrix Crystal," J'onn replied, pointing at the orb. "If we can remove that, it'll shut down the whole plant. I need a diversion."

"You got it!" Danny exclaimed as he fired at one of the computers. It exploded, blasting the Invaders away.

Batman followed his lead by throwing a batarang, cutting out a pipe, causing oil to pour at the Invaders. Wonder Woman grabbed another pipe and pulled it, causing steam to explode.

That caught the Invaders attention. As soon as J'onn phased through the ground, the Invaders started firing at the three. Wonder Woman blocked the blasters as Batman jumped down and punched the Invaders with his brass knuckles. Danny charged at the Invaders behind them, blasting them with his Ghost Rays.

Meanwhile, J'onn appeared near the core, grabbing the Invader that was monitoring it and throwing him towards the ground. He grabbed the core from the tube. Suddenly, the entire place started breaking down.

Just as J'onn was about to leave, an Invader blasted him from behind, knocking him out. J'onn and the core fell towards the ground.

"J'onn!" Danny exclaimed as he punched one of the Invaders away from him. He flew towards the Martian and caught him before he reached the ground. Wonder Woman punched her way towards the two, helping J'onn.

"Get him out!" Batman exclaimed as he judo flipped an Invader towards another one. "Now!"

Danny blasted the Invaders that were blocking their path as Wonder Woman carried J'onn. While they were flying towards the exit, one Invader pressed a button, closing the exit. Batman quickly followed them by firing his grappler. As he swung towards the exit, he managed to grab the core.

Danny, Wonder Woman and J'onn managed to go through the exit, but Batman was too slow. Batman tried to punch the exit open with his brass knuckles, but it was like punching Superman with a feather.

"Batman!" Wonder Woman as she and Danny ran back.

"I'll get him!" Danny exclaimed as he flew towards the exit, turning intangible. Suddenly, instead of going through it, he slammed face first. He fell back on the ground, looking surprise.

"I…I can't phased through this thing!" Danny exclaimed as he tried to go through the wall.

Suddenly, before anyone could react, blasters were fired from the other side, bouncing from the walls.

"No!" Wonder Woman exclaimed as she was about to punch the wall.

"Wait!" J'onn exclaimed. "There's nothing more we can do for him."

"Don't tell me he's…" Danny said, looking at J'onn.

"Gone," J'onn said sadly, lowering his head.

Both Danny and Wonder Woman were shocked from the news. Danny suddenly lowered his head as Wonder Woman looked back at the wall.

"Hera…help us…" she said with a sad expression.

"What do we do now?" Danny asked in a defeated tone.

"We must go back and rescue Superman and Hawkgirl," J'onn said. "They are still alive."

"Then we must go," Wonder Woman agreed.

Danny nodded and the three of them flew towards the same was they entered.


Danny landed on a building with Wonder Woman and J'onn beside him. He was looking at the once great city where people were either stealing things or causing more problems.

"So much for the City of Tomorrow," he muttered as he watched a guy spray 'THE END IS HERE' on a building.

"Perhaps mother was right about mankind," Wonder Woman said as she watched the chaos below her. "They're nothing but untamed savages."

"Do not judge them too harshly," J'onn said, causing Wonder Woman to look at her. "They act out of fear."

"Besides," Danny said as he pointed at something down the street. "Not all men are bad."

Wonder Woman looked down and saw two bikers trying to lift up a pile of rubble.

"Hey!" One of the bikers yelled. "There're kids trapped under here! Someone give us a hand!"

"Will this do," a voice said above them. A green beam suddenly hit the rubble. The bikers looked up and saw Green Lantern lifting the rubble away. Once it was gone, the bikers got the kids out off the rubble.

"Thanks, man," the biker said, looking at Green Lantern.

Green Lantern nodded and flew towards Danny, J'onn and Wonder Woman. Below him, a red blur followed him. Green Lantern landed in front of the others as Flash ran up the building and jumped towards the roof.

"Sorry we're late," Green Lantern said. "Had to stop and rescue some civilians."

"What'd you call us back for?" Flash asked.

"Superman and Hawkgirl were captured," Wonder Woman replied, pointing at the factory. "They're trapped somewhere inside there."

"Woah," Flash commented.

"And what about Batman?" Green Lantern asked as he noticed that the Dark Knight was not around.

"He acted heroically to the very end," J'onn said, looking down.

"The Bat's gone?" Flash said with a shocked expression.

"He was a true warrior," Wonder Woman said.

"This is not good," Green Lantern said as he looked at the factory. "Definitely not ggod."

"Gee, why'd you think that?" Danny said sarcastically as he looked at the factory. "So what's the plan?"


The heroes were huddled behind some debris, looking at the factory, which was being guarded by two giant monsters.

"I can't believe we're doing this again," Flash said, looking at Green Lantern.

"If Superman and Hawkgirl are in there, someone's got to rescue them," Green Lantern said, looking at the factory before looking at J'onn. "You are sure they're still in there, aren't you?"

J'onn didn't reply. He just stood kneeled there with a stoic expression.

"Are you still in there?" Danny asked, looking at J'onn.

"Yes," J'onn said, raising his head. "Your friends are alive, but we must act quickly. The Imperium is coming."

"The who?" Flash asked.

"The supreme intelligence that controls these Invaders," J'onn explained with a faraway look. "We have met before."

"Are you sure we can trust this space case?" Flash whispered to Green Lantern, pointing at J'onn.

"What choice do we have?" Green Lantern replied.

"Okay, we're going in," Green Lantern said, standing up. "Flash, Phantom, create a diversion. Diana, watch my back."

"You wanna rely on an amateur?" Wonder Woman said with a smirk.

"Ooooh," Danny said, chuckling. "You got burned!"

Green Lantern just glared at them.

"Let's move!" he exclaimed. Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and J'onn flew towards the factory as Flash and Danny charged at the giant monsters. Green Lantern led the others towards the hole Superman made and entered it.

"Hey, ugly!" Danny exclaimed as he fired at the monster. The monster turned around and saw Danny making faces at him. "You can't catch me!"

The monster fired at Danny, but he just split himself in half, causing the beam to go through him. "Is that all you got?"

Before the monster could fire, Danny suddenly disappeared. The monster looked around, searching for the Ghost Boy.

"Pee-ka-boo!" Danny exclaimed as he appeared in front of the monster's eye. He fired at the eye, causing it to explode.

Meanwhile, Flash grabbed a rock and threw it at the other monster. The monster turned around and saw Flash.

"Tag, you're it!" Flash exclaimed, blowing a raspberry at it. The monster fired, but Flash just dodged the blaster. The monster looked around and saw Flash leaning on a giant rock, yawning.

"Not even close!" Flash exclaimed, smirking as he gestured himself. "Come on, slowpoke. I dare ya. Over here!"

The monster walked towards Flash and raised its legs, intending to smash him. Just as the leg was about to hit Flash, he suddenly zipped away. The leg then exploded as it touched mime that was hidden behind the rock.

"Oh! You really stepped on it that time," Flash said as he appeared behind the monster, who lost a leg. The monster then fell on the ground, crashing with a boom.

"Buh-bye," Flash said as he ran towards the factory, followed by Danny.

The two dashed through the corridors and found the others.

"Hope we didn't kept ya waiting," Flash said as he and Danny stopped beside them.

Suddenly, they heard voice ahead of them. They stealthily walked forward and peeked at the corner. There were two Invaders.

"Wait here," J'onn said as he transformed into an Invader.

He ran towards them and said something in their language. The Invaders then ran towards the direction he was pointing at and spotted the others. They aimed their guns at them, not noticing J'onn's hands going through their chest. When J'onn turned solid, the Invaders screamed in pain. When J'onn removed his hands, the Invaders fell, dead.

"Come," J'onn said, looking at the group. Everyone just stared at him.

"Is it just me, or does he creep you out, too?" Flash asked as they started following J'onn.

"I've seen creepier things," Danny said, shrugging.

They followed J'onn through the halls, walking for what felt like hours. After a while, they finally stopped in front of a round door. J'onn then placed his hand on the door.

"I sense that they are somewhere beyond these wall," J'onn said.

Danny tried to use his intangibility, but no luck. Wonder Woman tried to force the door open with her strength, but it was too strong.

"It's no use," Wonder Woman said. "We have to find another way."

"Stand back," Green Lantern said, walking forward. He fired at the door, managing to make a crack.

"We haven't have much time left," J'onn said as Green Lantern was making a doorway.

After a few minutes, the doorway was finally open. The group walked inside and saw Superman and Hawkgirl hanging upside down, their eyes closed.

"Great Hera," Wonder Woman said, shock all over her face.

The others quickly ran to get them down when J'onn suddenly stopped.

"Wait!" he said, suspicious. "Something is not right…"

Suddenly, Superman and Hawkgirl's eyes opened. They were shocked when they saw the their eyes were completely red.

"It's a trap!" Danny exclaimed as the exits suddenly closed.

Suddenly, holes appeared around the walls, spewing yellow gas. Everyone gasped and coughed as they inhaled the gas. They started falling down, slowly losing consciousness.

"Lantern…" Wonder Woman said, coughing. "Your…ring…"

Soon, everyone was knocked out. Green Lantern tried to use his ring, but he couldn't concentrate.

"Can't…focus…" he said before he fainted.

The two fakes walked towards the fallen heroes, smirking before they morphed back into their true, pale look.

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