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Chapter Two: You x Shindou

l/n = last name f/n = first name h/c = hair colour h/l = hair length e/c= eye color

Grocery shopping

You were walking down the street, a note in your hand. You were going to do some grocery shopping. After all, dinner wasn't going to prepare itself. As you were walking down the streets, you walked past the richer residential area of Inazuma Town. When you walked past a villa, you suddenly stopped in your tracks. You just heard the most beautiful piano piece you've ever heard in your life. It was like you were enchanted. Slowly, you stepped closer towards the villa, letting your body move towards the music. You didn't know what came over you. You just had to follow that music. You followed the path beside the villa and ended up at the side of the massive house. There, you found a large window, which gave you a good look inside the mansion. You saw a big piano. Furthermore, the room was almost empty. You just couldn't see who was sitting behind that piano. Just when you wanted to take a step to the left to discover the secret identity of the piano player, you tripped and fell on the cobble stones on the ground.

''Ouch!'' You yelled out loud and then, you immediately covered your mouth.

The piano music stopped and you quickly tried to get up, but an immense pain flashed through your right ankle, forcing you back down. You gasped and clasped your ankle with both your hands. It didn't take long before you heard footsteps behind you.

''Who are you?'' You heard a familiar voice.

With a jerk, you turned around.

''S-Shindou-san?'' You stammered.

His eyes widened too.

''(L – L/n)-san?'' He exclaimed too.

''Umm, hi. This may look a bit weird,'' You said a bit awkwardly. ''Anyway, I'll leave.''

You tried to stand up again, but the pain in your right ankle once again forced you down.

''Kyaa..'' You exclaimed.

''Ah, you're hurt!'' Shindou said worried.

''I-I'll be fine. Sorry for disturbing you. I'll be taking my leave.''

''There's no way you can walk on that ankle. Come inside. Then I'll treat that ankle of yours.''

That's the point where I realized that this massive villa belonged to none other than Shindou Takuto. The amazing player of Raimon and incredible piano player. No way… could that piano play… belonged to him? You're thoughts got interrupted by a movement you didn't expect. Shindou had wrapped his arm around you.

''Lean on me, (L/n)-san.'' He said.

''A-Ah.'' You replied.

Slowly, you got up, supported by Shindou. You slowly walked towards the entrance, shifting half of your weight on Shindou.

''Sorry for the trouble… Shindou-san.'' You said softly.

Surprisingly, you heard him chuckle.

''Don't worry about me. You're the patient here. Come on, I'll guide you to a couch.''

He led you towards the piano room you earlier heard sound and supported you down on a soft couch.

''Wait here, I'll get some ice.''

Before you knew it, Shindou was gone. Curiously, you let your eyes wander over the piano room. The piano looked expensive and big.

''Is this Shindou's?'' You whispered towards yourself.

In two minutes, Shindou returned with an ice-pack. He helped you take off your shoes and socks and gently placed the ice-pack on your ankle. You hissed in pain.

''Sorry, but it's for the better.'' Shindou replied.

''Shindou… why are you doing all of this for me?'' You asked.

He stared at you in confusion.

''Did you think I would leave you there on the ground?''

''Well… I actually don't know.''

''Come on, don't tell me you think that lowly of me.'' Shindou chuckled.

''I don't think lowly of you at all.'' You whispered.

''What?'' Shindou asked, eyebrows rising.

You blushed like mad.

''N-Nothing. Just some murmuring towards myself.''

Shindou chuckled. Then, he sat down beside me on the couch.

''(L/n), what were you doing around my house?'' He asked curiously.

You blushed once again.

''I just heard this amazing piano music. It was like I got drawn towards it. I just had to find the source. It was so beautiful…''

To your surprise, you saw Shindou blushing.

''So you ended up at my house?'' He asked.

You nodded.

''Shindou… could you be the one who played that music?'' You asked.

Shindou smiled a small smile.

''Could be. Could be not.''

''Awwhh… come on. Tell me.'' You pleaded.

Shindou chuckled.

''All right. All right.''

He stood up and walked towards his piano.

''Is this the piece?'' He asked.

He sat down behind his piano, placed his fingers on the keys and closed his eyes. And then, the melody flowed through the room. You instantly closed your eyes and let your mind get drifted away by the music. This was the exact piece you were looking for! Shindou was the one you were looking for! Why did it had to be him? He's been your crush since… forever. But rumor has it that he and Akane are likely to get together, so you tried to push him out of your mind. You didn't want to steal Akane's precious 'Shin-sama'. That wouldn't be right. When the music stopped, you slowly opened your eyes again.

''Yes… that. That piece was the one I was looking for.''

Shindou smiled.

''It's called 'Hidden Love.' Peculiar, right?''

You blushed.

''Quite.'' You replied.

Shindou went to sit beside you again and looked at you.

''Or maybe it isn't.'' He suddenly said serious.

You frowned a bit.

''What do you mean?''

Then suddenly, you felt how Shindou grabbed your hands.

''Maybe it wasn't an accident that you got lured here by this piano piece. Maybe it was meant to be. Hidden love… between you and me.''

Your face had the color of a tomato now and you blinked twice.

''Eh?'' You exclaimed.

''(L/n)… Or should I say, (F/n), you're my hidden love. Ever since we first met, I've liked you. And I don't know if you believe the rumors about Yamana-san and me, but they're not true. There's one person I love, and that is you, (F/n)-san.''

It took you some time to progress the information that was just given to you.

''S-Shindou, you like me?''

''Please, call me Takuto.'' He said with a small smile.

''T-Takuto-kun,'' You tried again. ''You're in love with me?''

Shindou nodded slowly.

''It's okay if you don't accept my feelings. I just want you to know how I feel.''

''But Takuto, I do accept them.'' You smiled.

This time, it was Shindou who blinked twice.

''Eh?'' He slowly asked.

''Don't you see it? I like you! From the very beginning. I just like everything about you! The music lured me here… for you. I love you.''

Shindou looked shocked at me.

''(F/n)… are you serious?''

You nodded.

''Deadly serious.'' You replied.

Shindou smiled happily and before you knew it, you got pulled into a passionate kiss. It was a kiss you would expect from Shindou. Sweet, tender, kind, lovable and with passion and respect. A true gentleman's kiss. When he let go off you, he smiled a small smile.

''Never thought that this would happen.'' He breathed.

''Me neither,'' You replied. ''But I do like it.''

Shindou grinned.

''Me too.''

And it didn't take long before you're his lips found yours again.

~ The End~

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