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Chapter Three: You (male) x Fuyuka

l/n = last name f/n = first name h/c = hair colour h/l = hair length e/c= eye color

Cleaning the clubhouse

You just finished soccer practice and was now on your way back towards the dressing room with the others. As you changed, the boys started a topic about girls.

''Hey, don't you all think Tsunami is spending a lot of time with Touko lately?'' Midorikawa grinned.

Everybody laughed and agreed and the surfer boy slowly turned red.

''O-Oi, but what about Fudou and Haruna?'' He quickly changed the topic.

Kidou's eye twitched and the Mohawk boy slowly scratched the back of his head.

''Hehe, Kidou…'' He grinned.

''What have you been doing towards my sister?'' Kidou snapped and Fudou flinched lightly.

You and everybody else started laughing again.

''Now that we're talking about the managers, aren't Aki and Ichinose dating?'' Kazemaru noted.

''Ah, I heard that too.'' Hiroto replied.

You smiled.

''Good for them.'' You said.

''What about Natsumi?'' Gouenji asked.

''Ah, she's calling a lot with that Rococo from Little Gigant.'' Endou replied.

''But what about Fuyuka?'' You wondered out loud.

Secretly, you've been wondering about the purple-haired girl lately. In your eyes, she was a pretty nice girl. So actually, you were curious if she was dating someone or not. But not for your own intentions. Or… was it like that?

''Fuyuppe?'' Endou repeated.

''I think she's still single.'' Fubuki wondered out loud.

''But there are rumors that she's into somebody.'' Fudou said.

''Why the interest, (L/n)-san?'' Tsunami asked grinning.

''N-No reason.'' You quickly replied, averting you eyes.

The group started to grin.

''Sure.'' Midorikawa chuckled.

''Anyway, I'm going.'' You said, as you stood up in your casual clothes.

You wore some dark denim jeans, a white button-up shirt with black accents and white sneakers with black accents. Your sports bag hung over your shoulder. Overall, people thought you were hot with your muscled body, (H/l) (H/c) hair and (E/c) eyes. A lot of girls have been crushing on you. But you never showed interest in one of them.

''See you guys tomorrow at school.'' You said, as you left the dressing room.

''Bye, (L/n)-san.''

''Ja ne, (F/n).''

''See you tomorrow.''

Then, you left the dressing room and walked off the field, when you spotted Fuyuka entering the clubroom with a broom. Your curiosity followed her and you also entered the clubroom.

''Fuyuka-san, what are you doing?'' You asked.

Fuyuka turned around and smiled.

''Oh, (L/n)-kun, I'm going to clean the clubroom. It's messy.'' She replied.

''All by yourself?'' You asked.

Fuyuka blushed a little.

''Well, I like cleaning and I don't want to bother anyone else with it. So, yeah.''

''That's really sweet of you.'' You said with a smile.

Somehow, your words seemed to send a pink blush on the cheeks of the purple-haired girl.

''I-It's nothing, really.'' She replied.

She quickly started sweeping the floor with her broom.

''Should I help you?'' You offered.

The idea suddenly popped into your head. Fuyuka looked up, a nervous glance in her eyes.

''Y-You really don't have to. I'm fine.''

You looked around the clubroom. It was a real mess. Almost like a bomb exploded.

''No, I'm going to help you.'' You said determined.

Fuyuka blushed.

''(L/n)-kun, you don't have to go through such troubled for me.'' She said.

''But I want to.'' You replied with a smile.

''O-Okay.'' The purple-haired manager replied.

You grabbed up a cloth and wetted it underneath the sink.

''Hey, let's put on some music.'' You said with a smile.

You walked over towards the radio and found a nice channel. Then, you started to wash the windows with your wet cloth. You and Fuyuka were talking and laughing, while the clubroom was getting cleaner and cleaner. After a while, you noticed Fuyuka humming along with the current song on the radio. You felt happy that she felt so comfortable. The nervous glance disappeared out of her eyes and she truly looked happy.

''Ne, Fuyuka?'' You asked.

''Hm?'' She asked, looking your way.

''You should smile more often.'' You said.

Fuyuka turned red.

''E-Eh?'' She asked confused.

You laughed, shook your head and went on with your cleaning chores. When you looked up at Fuyuka after a while, she still had a pink tint on her cheeks. It made you smile again. You turned your back at her and slowly made your way backwards, mobbing the floor. Then, your back accidentally hit Fuyuka. The two of you quickly turned around with a blush.

''S-Sorry.'' You apologized.

''It's nothing.'' She replied.

You looked at her pale face and smile. Wait, what? Pale? You suddenly frowned.

''Fuyuka, are you feeling all right?'' You asked.

The purple-haired girl nodded slowly.

''I'm feeling… absolutely… fine.'' She slowly replied.

Then, she started to stagger on her feet. You caught her with ease. She leaned back in your arms.

''(L/n)… san… I'm sorry…'' She said softly, while her eyes slowly closed.

''Sshh…'' You shushed her. ''It's okay.''

You carried the shy manager in your arms bridal style, while Fuyuka fully fainted. You softly laid her down on a couch in the clubroom and kneeled beside her. After four minutes, Fuyuka started to blink and she slowly came by.

''There you are again.'' You said with a smile.

''(L/n)-san… I'm so sorry.'' She immediately started to apologize.

Again, you shushed her.

''No need to apologize. We all know you faint sometimes. It's okay, Fuyuka.'' You comforted her.

''I-I… I'm such a bother to everyone.'' Fuyuka started to murmur, while tears formed in her eyes.

''Fuyuka, no. That's not what I meant.'' You replied.

''I'm annoying, aren't I? Always fainting, always having those vague memories, always being the weak one. I'm such a bother!''

The tears fell down over the purple-haired her cheeks now and you bend forward to wipe them away with your hands.

''Fuyuka, calm down. It's not like that at all. The whole team is so happy to have you. You're an amazing manager and always so nice. Nobody feels troubled by your problems. It's the opposite; everybody supports you. Just start believing that.'' You said calmly to her with a smile.

Fuyuka slowly calmed down.

''Is… Is that really true?'' She asked.

You nodded.

''Otherwise, I wouldn't be here, right? Then I would have left you all by yourself in this clubroom.''

Fuyuka smiled.

''I'm glad you came.''

''Me too.'' You replied.

The two of you didn't notice that your faces were inching closer, until at the last moment, Fuyuka's cell phone went off. She quickly turned her head away with a red face and fetched her mobile phone from the desk in the clubroom. You also needed to take a breath. What was that? You noticed you had been caught up in a moment. You shook your head. Fuyuka's into someone. Don't interfere. Besides, you don't like her, right? She started to doubt yourself. Right? Then, Fuyuka finished her phone call.

''Oto-san just called. He wants me to come home.'' She said.

You nodded.

''Do I need to escort you home?'' You asked.

The purple-haired girl shook her head with a smile.

''I'll be fine.''

Then, she smiled thankful at you.

''Thanks for helping me out, (F/n).''

You noticed that she had started calling you by your first name.

''Anytime, Fuyuka-chan.'' You replied with a grin.

The purple-haired girl started blushing again and it only made you smile more. Together, the two of you walked towards the door. Over there, the two of you stopped.

''Well, I'll see you tomorrow, I guess.'' Fuyuka said shyly.

''Yeah…'' You replied.

Fuyuka slowly walked away.

''Well, see you tomorrow!''

''Bye.'' You replied.

You watched her retrieving figure and then, this idea came up.

''Wait, Fuyuka! You forgot something!'' You shouted at the purple-haired girl, as she was almost out of sight.

You saw her turn around and making her way back towards you.

''What?'' The sweet manager asked surprised.

''This.'' You said, as you immediately stepped forward and buried your hand in her neck.

You pulled Fuyuka closer and smashed your lips onto hers. You felt her froze, and just when you wanted to let her go, you felt how her own two arms wrapped around your muscled waist and how she pulled you tighter. You growled and bit her under lip, and entrance was given. Two heated minutes later, Fuyuka pulled away, panting.

''I…I really need to get home now. Oto-san will be worried.''

''Yeah, I get it.'' You replied.

She turned around with a flushed face. Then, after she took three steps, she turned around once again, ran to you, gave you a quick peck on your lips and then, ran away again.

''Bye.'' She said shyly.

You grinned.

''Bye.'' You replied.

That girl…

~ The End~

Author Note: Fuyuka x Reader! This story is especially for all those male readers out there. I was requested by my good male friend to write this. So, I hope you're happy! (Yes, you know I'm talking about you. ;D ) Anyway, I hope that the story was satisfying and more Reader x Character stories will be on their way. Lots of love! xoxo