Johnny sat on the floor starring blankly at the T.V not really paying attention. "Knock", "knock!" Johnny's attention turned to the door. He stood pushed himself up and answered the door. There stood a tall girl about his age maybe a year or so younger than him, she had blue hair that stuck out all over the place large eyes and a priced nose and lip. She was almost as tall as he was and defiantly as thin, she wore a black red tank top with a blood red pentagram on the front and black pants and steel toe boots.

She looked just like Johnny, every facial detail was the same, and it was like he was looking in the mirror but he saw himself as girl. "Who are you and what do you want?" Johnny asked. "You mean you don't know who I am?" she asked looking confused. "Nope" Johnny replied. "Kendra, your sister dummy!" she said coldly. "Sister? I have a sister?" Johnny asked himself. Kendra pushed past Johnny and dropped her black canvas bag on the floor. "Nice place you got here" kendra said sarcastically.

"So um.. Kendra, what are you doing here?" Johnny raised an eyebrow. "Cant a girl visit her only brother?" kendra replied sappily. "Umm ok" Johnny said sitting down next to her. Johnny noticed kendra's bag moving he studied it carefully until he saw what was making it move. A large brown and black snake slithered out onto the floor. "Oh jasper there you are" kendra walked to the snake and picked it up and put it over her shoulder. "Wanna pet him?" kendra motioned the snake toward Johnny. He stared at the snake over her shoulder, its little eyes stared at him. " No I'm ok" Johnny baked away.

"So really why are you here?" Johnny asked. Kendra sat down on the couch pulling jasper off her shoulder and putting him back into her bag. "Well." she looked over at him and paused. "I don't have much time. but I've done some terrible things Johnny, and I feel like you're the only one who will understand." She looked over at him to make sure he was listening to her. " Uh huh" he motioned for her to go on. "Like I said, I've done some terrible stuff" she repeated. "Like?" he urged her to go on. "I've killed several people." she spit out. He could see she was shaking, she pulled a pack of cigarettes out of her bag and lit one she handed the pack to Johnny but he just tossed them back to her.

"You shouldn't smoke you know" he told her. "I'm already going to hell what's the point?" she sneered. "Hell isn't what you think" he said under his breath. "What was that?" She asked "oh nothing" he sighed.