Kendra walked to the little statues on the table. "Don't touch those!" Johnny shouted. Kendra was surprised with his sudden out burst. "Sorry" she answered stepping back. She sat on the sofa next to him and pulled a photo album out of her pocket book. "Look at these old family pictures!" Kendra said smiling. She handed the book to Johnny. He took it into his lap and opened the page; the first picture was of a teenager about 16 sitting at a school desk with their hair pulled back into a ponytail.

" that me?" Johnny asked. Kendra shook her head yes. Johnny laughed to himself; " I had a pony tail?" he laughed again. Then he turned the page there was another picture of the same kid playing the guitar. "I played the guitar too!" Johnny was shocked at how little he remembered. The next picture was one of two children obviously Johnny and Kendra playing in the sand at the ocean. They couldn't be any older than 8. At first glimpse Johnny almost thought the kid was squee next door but then he looked closer and noticed a familiar scar on his shin, from when he fell off his bike when he was 5.

Johnny closed the book and handed it back to her. "That's really nice Kendra" Johnny said. He faked a smile and stood up. "Hey, I umm. got to do something, stay up hear ok?" Johnny walked down stairs. He walked into a small room in the basement. There sat a tall thin girl with short blond hair. She wore blue jeans and a black hooded sweet shirt. Johnny talked to her for a while and then left to get an ax.

Kendra walked into the room where she was sleeping, it had grown cold in the small house she grabbed a sweet shirt and pulled in over her head leaving the hood up. She walked down into the basement looking to see if her brother had any heating in his house. She looked at all the corners of the basement in search of a heater.

Johnny stepped out of the room where he was getting his ax when he saw her, the girl from the room. She got out! He raised the ax and ran for her. He dug the ax deep into the girl's shoulders knocking her to her knees. Johnny looked down at the girl and noticed something that made him feel sick to his stomach. There was a blue chunk of hair hanging out from under the black hood. The girl in the room had blond hair. Johnny dropped to his knees and flipped the girl over.

Gasping he saw her face.