Hey guys! I am re-writing a few chapters,as I have read back through them and physically cringed at how bad they are (I apologise!) so this is the re-written version of the first chapter. If you're new here, then hey! This is the worst chapter. It gets better, I promise.

I woke up to the sound of my little brother Tony's high pitched screeching echoing off the old walls of our house. Every night since we have moved to lovely, sunny Scotland he had woke up like this, his blonde hair stuck to his forehead with sweat and face twisted in fear. I usually feel sorry for him, but tonight I couldn't give a shit. I started school tomorrow, and the bags under my eyes were bad enough. I groaned, and stuck my head under my pillow. The wimp better not come into my room tonight, or he will face certain death. I heard the muffled whispers of my mom and dad, probably arguing over who was to seen to Tony. I soon fell back into the darkness that was sleep...

-What?where was I?! I could hear the faint sound of foreign chanting, but all I could see was blackness.

"Ab ovo,

"in total,

"nil desperandum,

"sine die e," a man chanted. The thick, foggy darkness was lifting,and I saw a man with slicked back black hair, wearing old aristocratic clothes in deep red and black tones. He was holding up a gold amulet with a ruby stone in the centre. There was a bright flash of lightning and a blinding beam of laser-like amber light shot from the comet next to the moon, and came in contact with the amulet. A round of gasps and praise flew round the people who I had not noticed were there. They were all stood in a triangle formation, with the man with the amulet at the front.

"VAMPIRES!" A man screamed, causing everyone in the group to turn around in surprise. There were screams of horror as the man with a beard jumped off his cart towards the leader, trying to knock the stone out of his grasp. The beard man grabbed his arm in an attempt to stop him, and the stone went flying towards the edge of the cliff. A tall man with long ash-blonde hair jumped after the stone, and went soaring over the cliff with it. A young boy, who was about 15 or 16, looked straight at me, or through me. I cant tell. He had pale, almost grey skin, and high spiked black hair that was shaved at the sides and long at the back, and he had stunning maroon eyes with hint of grey and red. He was so... captivating. I was lost in his eyes. Then, he accidentally shoved me over the cliff, trying to see the man. I heard his screaming mixed with mine, and it all went black. -

I woke up, gasping and in a cold sweat. It was just a dream, Nicole. You're turning into Tony!

"I looked over at my clock and saw that the time was only 3am; far too early to get up. I turned my pillow over, got comfortable and fell back into my peaceful hibernation.