Do you believe you are a Dragon? How do you Know? If your reading this, it didn't happen by chance, it was fate that drew you too this document. Have you been experiencing sudden changes in your life, for example has your back started hurting for no good reason, or perhaps you feel a burning sensation in the pit of your stomach! Maybe you've become distant from friends or family, maybe you've taken a liking to meat that is only slightly cooked or even raw! Perhaps you don't feel like you belong in your home maybe you feel your hometown is to crowded, do you suddenly feel eager to run to the Forest, or the darkest cavern you can find, does the ocean call out to you, or do you yearn for the sky! Have you become so solitary that you've begun to horde objects that catch you eyes, has your sense of smell, sight and hearing become so sensitive that being around others makes you sick to your to your stomach. Do you feel as if your not human! Trust me I know how you feel. They say Dragons don't exsist, but history says otherwise. What happened to the Dragons you ask, why its simple, they didn't die out, Dragon are the most powerful beings in the world. Many Dragons were said to have magical powers, to change shape, I am merely saying that dragons changed forms, they've been living amung us for centuries, and there are a small few of us, who are direct decendents of Dragons. If your reading this and all of the above fits your description, feel free to message me, I don't bite...much!