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Jack's POV

It started on a warm summer day. I felt slightly weaker than my normal happy winter state. The heat never bothered me much. Winter just makes me stronger; if that makes any sense.

But that is no excuse for what happened later that day.

I had looked up to see none other than Father Time. He didn't look too happy either.

"What is it this time" I said with a sigh.

I barely had time to figure out what he was doing. I saw him wave his staff. With a forceful blow to my head, I passed out. I didn't do anything to make him that mad; right!?

When I awoke, (Strange; I didn't exactly need sleep) I saw my hands. It took me awhile but I figured out why my hands were back to its strange tan that didn't seem right since the 1700's.

If you hadn't figured out already, Father Time turned me into a human.

And the worst part was that I didn't know why. I mean, sure I have seen him around in the 300 years I was alive, but we never really talked. Nether the less did I manage to do something so bad I needed punishment.

I decided to walk around in the warm summer warmth. It felt so strange. I never felt cold or heat as a spirit. I stepped on the grass only to remember I can be seen. I looked around to make sure there wasn't anyone around and walked over to my lake. The same lake I had always kept frozen.

I flinched; I hope no one goes on it sometime in the near future. I looked at my appearance. The brown hair and eyes would take a while to get used to. It looked better with my old cloak. The tan skin, however, would be the strangest thing. I looked at my usually pale-turned-tan skin with a slight frown.

I shivered. I was being watched.

"Who's there?" I said with a slight smirk. If it wasn't a threat it might be better to look kind. If it was a threat then I was defenseless.

"Jack…?" I recognized the voice. He walked towards me. I was correct.

"Jamie? Good I thought I would go through this alone. Look I ran into Father Time. He turned me human, okay? Help?" I said smirking the whole way, but I said it dryly.

He started laughing mischievously. I saw how big of an influence I had on the boy. But then I realized that he was planning something.

"You could stay with me!" I mentally face palmed myself. Maybe there was nothing after all.

Until he asked, "How old are you again Jack?"

"14, why you asking?"

"That means you have to go to school soon. And wear shoes." So that was his 'master plan.'

"There is no way I am going to wear shoes!"

He gave me a puppy dog face. I could fight it. Could I?

After a minute of staring into his pleading eyes, I gave in.

"YAY! And then I can introduce you to my mom! And we could walk to school together! And, and-"

"Hold on, hold on. We can do all that stuff. We just need to make sure your mom is even okay with a complete stranger staying at her house."

I followed Jamie to his house. It was fairly welcoming. Jamie barged right in and started yelling for his mom.


I couldn't believe what happened after that. His mom said yes! I high-fived Jamie then we walked upstairs to where his mom was currently getting the laundry.

"So, Jack, huh? I'm Emily, Jamie's mom. I'm sure you have met my son Jamie. I think he wants to show you to Sophie. The guest room is beside Jamie's room.

I nodded and followed Jamie to Sophie. I waved and smirked.

"Who are you?" I almost wanted to fall over with laughter at what the little toddler had said.

"Don't you remember me, Sophie? I'm Jack; Jackson Overland Frost. I'm the winter spirit, snow bringer, guardian of fun, prankster. You know the one who 'works' with Bunny?"

Her eyes brightened at the pure mention of Bunny.

Surprisingly, it was Jamie who broke the silence, "You're middle name is Overland? And I thought your name was just Jack and not 'Jackson'. What else have you not told me? Like the brown hair and eyes as a human thing…?"

"Well, the brown hair and eyes is because before I was a spirit, I was a human. When I became a spirit, my hair and eyes changed to what you're used to. Up until the Easter, I had no memories of my past life. I saw my memories and voila! I saw I had a family…"

"What happened to them?"

"Well, I'm not so sure. Like I said, I didn't have my memories until Easter. But I had a sister and a widow for a mom. My dad died a year after my sister was born."

Sophie instantly stopped playing with my hair. "Jack, Sissy look like?"

"She had brown hair that went well past her shoulders. Copper eyes and looked like me. She had side-bangs. Her name was Rosie and she was 7 years old when I… died. Her best friend could have been her identical twin. The only difference was their hair color."

I saw Jamie get worried when he heard that I had died.

"Jack, how did you… um die? And when?"

"It was the year 1712 on the Burgess Pond, and I was ice skating with my sister. She had been pressuring me to go skating since Christmas. So it was December 28 and we thought the lake would be frozen enough to go skating so we rushed on. I showed her some tricks and she had just done a trick in the middle when I realized that the ice was nowhere near as thick as I thought it would be. You see, we had really short winters. There was Rosie, standing in the middle with a web of cracks around her. I took of my skates to try to be lighter to grab her to no avail.

"'Jack I'm scared.' She had said to me. I told her that it would be like playing hopscotch. After some persuading, she had been close enough for me to get my staff and swing her to the edge. It was too bad that the momentum sent me to the middle. I had known I wouldn't survive from when I realized I couldn't get to her but the smile of success she gave me… it made me want to escape. Her smile was the last thing before I fell in. I had drowned in the icy, cold depths of the lake." I had explained

They both walked over to me and hugged me. We all cried silently into each other.